I was looking for something that would allow me to use my fitbit alta during workouts that did not engage my upper body. This clip has been the perfect solution. I clip it to my shorts or shoelace while on the stationary bike or the treadmill with a steep incline. Now i don’t know if it will be 100% accurate but it’s nice to be able to just record active minutes. I have not used the clip outdoors yet but the magnet is quite strong so i feel it will stay put unless it is tugged on with some force. So i try to be mindful of that because i love my alta & don’t want to have to purchase a replacement. I purchased a second clip to keep in my gym bag and have one for use on my home machines. I most definitely recommend it.

After using the clip now now for about a week, i do find it is much more convenient than having my alta on my wrist. I also think i get more accurate step results. My only complaint is i’m not sure how sturdy the material is. Maybe it was just on mine, but i noticed after putting my alta in the clip that a small rip had started. It doesn’t seem like it’s gotten any worse yet, we’ll see. Otherwise, the magnet is pretty strong and i haven’t had to worry about it falling off.

This clip is perfect for my fitbit alta hr. It slips onto my bra with ease and stays put. I had a the fitbit one and it came with a clip and this clip is actually better.

The magnet seems weak, but i haven’t had any trouble with it slipping. . Then again i’m a little paranoid about losing the tracker, so it goes inside. I think it’ll help protect against sweat if worn inside a sports bra as i do. It also seems pretty accurate hanging from this clip despite what the fitbit folks seem to think, although it seems less likely to call strenuous exercise “strenuous”.

I really like this fitbit holder. I recently got an apple watch and didn’t wan’t to wear something on both wrists. Word of caution: if you work in a place with a lot of metal doors the clip will want to stick to those doors more than you. I compensate by attaching it to a double pocket in my cargo pants.

The clip is just as described by the seller. I purchased the regular clip instead of the magnetic clip because of previous reviews saying that the magnetic clip has a tendency to fall off. From my short experience with the regular clip it seems to stay in place well and it has not slipped off at all. My only issue with it is that it is pretty difficult to put the fitbit into the holder and once it’s in there it is very difficult to get it out. I purchased this product because i want to be able to use my regular watches when i go out while clipping the fitbit to my clothing and then putting the fitbit back on my wrist while i’m home. I can easily see myself getting frustrated taking the fitbit in and out of the clip everyday so i probably will not be using it much at all. The fitbit also sticks out quite a bit when inside the clip. It could definitely get scratched if you clip it with the fitbit facing out. I gave it four stars because the product does what it’s meant to do, but you still need to be careful to not rub up against surfaces that could scratch the face of the fitbit.

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Henoda Magnetic Clip Holder for Fitbit Alta

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  • Fitbit Alta Clip Holder Accessory Henoda
  • Personalize Stylish Clip Holder to Match Your Daily Style with This Clip New Color Choices, For Fitbit Alta Only!
  • This is Henoda Accessory, Not Official Fitbit Alta Replacement Clip
  • Clip your loved Fitbit Alta tracker Back to Your Pocket, Belt or Bra.
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The clip stays on without a problem. For some reason they designed it where the tip of the clip part comes off. If there is a purpose i have no clue, but the tip would constantly come off. I finally had to tape it while at work one day.

This fits snugly on the fitbit alta. It’s tricky to take off and put on, but holds the device well and clamps tightly to waistband or pockets. I had no worries that the alta would fall out of this clip. However i noticed that my alta recorded a bunch of “sleep” when i am at my desk at work. I found it annoying to keep deleting these. I don’t think the holder is at fault here. The alta does not seem to function well as a clip on tracker. I would recommend a screen film when using this to keep the alta screen from getting scratched up in pockets.

I love my fitbit, but when i go out, i don’t want to wear it on my wrist. I’m not one of ‘those’ people who feel the need to constantly show off their step counter. Especially in a work or dressy environment. And if you are someone who works with your hands all day, you may be unable to wear a banded type of tracker because it may get caught on something. Fitbit used to make the fitbit one which was designed to do exactly what this holder does. Not sure why they stopped making it because the zip requires a battery change every couple weeks. But this holder allows me to wear my alta discreetly. I found it accurately counts steps when clipped to the center front of my bra, with my fitbit facing my body. There are two reasons i face it inward. 1) the alta display lights up at times and it looks a little odd if your bra is suddenly lighting up through your clothes.

My fitbit alta fits very securely inside the case. The magnet seems to hold well but it’s a little flimsy and it hangs the way it wants to, it will not stay the way you orient it. I only wore it on a shirt have not tried it thru pants, i was afraid i might lose my fitbit. But it is good when you are tired of having it on your arm. I might try the necklace one too.

It doesn’t easily slide onto your waistband, etc. But that is how it is able to clip and stay on your waistband without falling off. Even through workouts and sleep, it doesn’t budge. It’s easy to put the fitbit in but a little more difficult to take it out. But again, it should be snug to prevent the fitbit from falling out.

One of the best purchases i have made. When i go to the store and push a shopping cart or push a baby cart my alta would not count the steps. With this i’m able to change it over from my wrist to connecting it to either my pocket or are usually attach it to my bra. The magnet is very strong and it is a very secure clip. Absolutely love this i tell all my friends that have an alta to get one.

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With all the problems after the last ios update, my one really wasn’t working. Knowing fitbit discontinued the one, i decided to get another tracker. I do like the fitbit company, their customer service is great.With the one discontinued, how long until they stop supporting it?. I bit the bullet and bought an alta hr. The only problem is the other trackers all are wrist trackers. I knew there would be some great choices out on amazon and i’m so glad to come across these.I have been wearing it all week at work.

I like this clip as an alternative of wearing my fitbit on my wrist. I prefer wearing this when i go for walks because i don’t like the band getting all sweaty. For everyday use, i have other watches that i enjoy wearing so using this allows me to track throughout the day without having the sport band on with business attire. I will warn you that the magnet is strong and i have had it get attached to other metal object when its clipped in my pants pocket. Once it attached to the side of my car as i was getting out of my car. Another time it attached to a buckle on my purse.

Easy alternative to a wrist strap. The fitbit easily fits into the pocket and the magnet is strong. I switch back and forth from clip holder to wrist straps in less than 30 seconds.

Oh people are upset with fitbit for discontinuing the one tracker. My one is still working for now, but to be prepared, i thought i’d try out my son’s alta in this 3rd party clip as an option. I felt like this held the device in place quite securely (my one has slipped out of it’s holder over the years. I don’t think this will as the two end pieces lodge in tight) and felt like it stayed clipped. I tried it on my torso (on my bra) and on my pants pocket and was satisfied that it was secure. It’s also my humble opinion that the alta is more accurate when worn on the torso (even though fitbit doesn’t advocate that). When my one does bite the dust, i’ll be buying an alta (as i gave my son’s back to him after my experiment was over). I did a little blog post where i posted my numbers (comparing the one with the alta with a wrist worn chargehr).

I little tough getting in and out. I wouldn’t take it out everyday, but good alternative for the wrist if you need to. I used during soccer and softball without any issue.

Henoda Magnetic Clip Holder for Fitbit Alta : This is the perfect accessory for going to the gym with my alta. It helps my step count stay accurate when using the elliptical.

Love this for my fitbit alta. Now i have a choice of wearing it on my wrist or not. The magnet is really strong and stays in place. For me it’s perfectupdate: after using this product for a week having it on all of the time except for showering the silicone reacted with my skin and i had to stop using it. I still think it’s a good product but just do’t let it lay against your skin all of the time.

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I found out that my fit bit alta was not tracking steps when pushing a stroller since my wrist wasn’t moving. I bought this to clip onto my pants so i would get a more accurate count. Haven’t had any issues since i got it.

Bought this for my alta for the days i don’t want to wear it on my wrist. The magnet is strong but if it gets caught on something it could fall off. Alta fits in the holder nicely and is easy to get in and out, without fear of it falling out.

This handy little holder functions just like my old zip did. Step 1 – stick my alta pebble in the holderstep 2 – attach holder to brastep 3 – walkit’s that easy. And the best part — i can wear a bracelet or regular watch without anyone knowing i’m tracking steps.

I’ve used it several times at the gym for when i’m doing exercises where i’m not necessarily moving my hands, like using the elliptical. It takes a little time to get used to it flopping around but you can tuck it between your lace folds if that bothers you. After one particularly energetic kick boxing class i noticed that it slipped out a little from the casing so keep an eye on it so you don’t loose your fitbit.

I lost my old fitbit one that i clipped discretely on bra or waistband and was sad to hear they are discontinued. I have a variety of watches that i wear for different occasions, and i like to always wear my fitbit. I was happy to find a clip that allows me to attach to bra, waistband, or put in pocket. I now have options on how to wear my alta hr great product.

Love this clip for the extra flexibility to wear my fitbit alta in side my pocket, etc. Fit was perfect and it seems like a sturdy well built product so i expect it will wear well.

The magnet doesn’t really hold the clip very well. It falls off and i don’t use it because i am afraid i will lose my fitbit.

I lost my original fitbit one (which, i loved) and had to replace it with the fitbit alta since they don’t make the one any more. ) i really dislike wearing wrist bands so when i saw that i could snap it off the wrist band and use this i was delighted. Yes, perfectly, like a glove. Would the magnet be strong enough to hold in place?. Attach it to my bra and works like a charm. So if you’re on the fence about buying this, just go for it. It really works and you can take your wrist product and turn it into a clip product that you can hide.

I had wanted a magnetic clip so it was more flexible. This one is a stiff hard metal clip inside the silicon material, and i am so thankful i ordered it. It holds onto my clothing very well, i don’t have to worry about it popping off like i’m afraid the magnetic one would have. My curious toddler found it interesting and tried his hardest to pick and pull it off of my pocket and he lost; the clip woni’m very happy with my purchase. It holds onto my alta tightly, and tracks every step.