Really pleased with this purchase. Great way to dress up my fitbit– great for everyday wear, easy to adjust- always get the perfect fit. Magnet is strong and holds placement without being too difficult to move when needed. It has pulled my arm hair a tiny bit the first few days of wear and got snagged on a sleeve hem, easily remedied by folding the sleeve cuff, but otherwise has been unobtrusive and i love it.

This band is ideal for my fitbit charge 2. My only concern is the magnet sometimes catches other magnetic objects but it does not happen frequently enough to be bothersome. I especially like not having to totally undo the band to remove it. I slide the magnet until the opening is large enough for me to slide over my hand. I almost did not order this band because i ordered a ‘like’ band from another vendor but returned it because the sides of the band had not been finished and snagged my clothes. I have not had that issue with this vendor. I am considering ordering another in a different color.

Felt like a bracelet and was heavier than i thought. Think for what it is, the slippage was very minimal. But coming from silicone bands, it moved just too much for my taste so i had to return. If you are ok with a little movement, then i think this one was pretty well made.

This is a replacement for a similar item. I say similar because i’ve no idea of the manufacturer of the band that this replaced. The magnet on that band swelled up to the point that it would not fit through the slot. I have no clue but it was the second band that failed this way. We really like the bands so we purchased replacements. Stay tuned and i’ll report on the longevity of this one. It appears to be well made and of good quality. I’ve only had it on my wrist about a week at this point.

Love this wristband – it is attractive, comfortable, super easy to use. I haven’t run into any issues it snagging (as some have mentioned). I hated the rubber wristband that came with the fitbit – it pinched my skin every time i buckled it, and buckling is a real chore with it – this magnet wrist band avoids all those issues. I got the small size – for a petite woman or a child, this is probably the right size. If you are bigger, get the large. Super easy to ‘install’, and no more pinching of my wrist skinit is a magnet, so metal things will stick to it – just be aware.

When the original band of my wife’s fitbit failed – the band would just come off – i purchased two of these bands, one silver, one black, for her. The metal bands give the fitbit a little more elegance especially with the added jewels. The connections to the watch are very tight so the band will not easily come loose. The adjusted band is held in place with a very strong magnet. My initial concern was that this could fail and the watch could drop off. There is no cause for worry: if the magnet were to fail, the watch would not fall off since the band cannot completely open. My wife is very satisfied with these bands.

I ordered this to wear with dressy outfits and it looks very professional and classy. However, as a nurse i wear scrubs on a daily basis and this band is not good for that environment. It turns for fitbit into more of a watch and doesn’t keep it held in place very well. It doesn’t breathe as well on the skin as some of my other bands. The magnet on it holds very well and it’s easy to interchange with other bands. Overall, it’s a great band but doesn’t work for my daily needs.

Have had this fitbit band for but a very short time, so my comments may be pre-mature. That said, i love this band. It is rather comfortable to wear, even on the hot and humid days we’ve been experiencing here lately. (i was looking for something that wouldn’t ‘gather’ perspiration beneath it in this kind of weather, such as the band that came with my fitbit did. )in addition, i was always frustrated trying to close or open the ‘catch’ on the original band; and the magnetic ‘keeper’ on this band is very easy to use, both when putting the band on and when taking it off — i simply lift the magnetic ‘catch’ and place it accordingly, whether i want to loosen the band or tighten it. So far, this catch has never come loose on its own. And lastly, i love the blue color of this band. It is very elegant looking, though not too ‘formal’. (when my wife saw it, she so ‘loved’ the color that i immediately ordered one for her – and she takes it off only to sleep.

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I’m an adult woman with a wrist that measures just over 5 inches. The metal pieces where the band meet the tracker make it not fit flush against my wrist. I think that is more the design of the tracker but still disappointing. I’d hoped the band would make it fit sleeker. With the shipping cost there’s no point in returning. The design is great and the infinite adjustability of the magnetic band is fantastic. *edit* 5 stars for customer service. After writing my review, i received a message from the seller offering me a full refund. I will decline because i think it’s truly more my wrist size and not a defective product. If you have more average wrists i think this will be great for you.

Finally a fitbit band that you can easily adjust. I hated having to fiddle around with my original black band, when my hands swell up a little, or at night when you want it looser. This magnet closure works like a charm, and it stays put. It looks great too, makes my fitbit look like an expensive watch all of a sudden. Amazing band for the price – highly recommendable.

I feel like i got a new piece of jewelry. My only hope is that it stays looking this good and doesn’t tarnish.

I get a lot of compliments when i wear one of these bands. I have a few now that i interchange. I love that they are easily adjusted with the magnetic closure. I have never had a problem with it coming undone or falling off. I would like to have every color since i now wear my fitbit in place of a watch.

I’m surprised that these fake diamonds improve the appearance of the fitbit as much as they do. Four stars because i don’t think any band could make me love the looks of a fitbit, but i do like this band more than the three others i’ve tried (a silicone band, a ‘silver’ link band with ‘diamonds’ and one like this but without ‘diamonds’). Also, it is very easy to attach the band to the watch/tracker and very easy to get an exact fit to your wrist. Strong magnet so i have no fear of it falling off. However, there have been funny incidents, for instance, where at dinner, my wrist came too close to my fork, which then hung in mid-air from my watch band as if part of a corny magic show. Here are the specifications for the hooroor Compatible Bands Replacement:

  • Unique magnet clasp design, no buckle needed, just easily stick and lock your watch band, fits wrist length Small 5.3″ – 7.5″ Large 6.6″ – 9.0″
  • Top woven stainless steel mesh loop with adjustable strong magnetic closure, very comfortable to wear and easy to install.
  • Strong magnetic clasp, convenient for you to adjust the size; Ensure your watch in steady and secure, no problem for most sports.
  • The replacement milanese band for Fitbit Charge 2 elevates your style for every occasion.
  • One year warranty, Order With Confidence. If you have any problems whatsoever with your purchase, simply contact us and we will take care of it.

Great band, easy to adjust and assemble. Love the rose gold color and it stays on great at my busy job where i use my hands a lot. Overall this is a great buy, excellent seller.

I was concerned about the appearance before i purchased this band. But i am absolutely pleased. Much more comfortable than the band that came with my fitbit charge 2, and the bonus is that it is so pretty. I’ve only had it for a few days so i can’t say how long it will hold up but it appears to be very well made. O only remove for showers and don’t notice it’s on the rest of the time. Haven’t had any trouble with it not keeping the fitbit in the right spot to monitor heart rate either, which is something i struggled with using the original band. Thank you to the sellers for a great product at a very reasonable price.

Works great and i love the style. I liked another magnetic clasp band that turned out to contain nickel which i’m allergic to so i’m trying this one that says it’s stainless steel. I’ve been wearing for a week now with no rash or itching so i think it’s going to work out.

I ordered the rose gold band to replace the lavender band that failed on my rose gold charge 2. I was bummed that i couldn’t find the same band to replace the broken one, but i figured it was for the best since the band lasted only a year (almost exactly), and set to find a new one that i liked. Well, it arrived yesterday, so i can’t vouch for its ability to clean the oven or take out the trash or bathe the dog, but i love this thing. The magnetic clasp is oddly fascinating in its simplicity and the elegant design looks fantastic with my fitbit. I took it for a run today, and it stayed put. The easy adjustment, too, will make for a much more pleasant experience while exercising, as those minor adjustments weren’t possible on the fly with the original band.

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This is a beautiful band and is very comfortable to wear. However, the edge is a bit rough and snags on my sleeve. This band is far more comfortable than the plastic band that came with my fitbit so i continue to wear it. It is very easy to adjust the fit, as i like to wear it a little looser when i go to bed. The rough edge is only noticeable when it catches my sleeve. I’m not sure how to solve the rough edge snags. If that could be fixed i would give this band a 5 star rating. After wearing this band for sometime i have retired it. I wore it on a rather vigorous hike and sweated a lot and it tarnished.

She resisted the idea at first and now she is a believer. She gets constant compliments at her work and here and there. I did measure her wrist and got the right size for her. Magnets are very strong and keep the band where she wants it. She has golden brown skin and this color fits her style. Color wise – i don’t know – each person will be different. Great find and value for the fit bit charge 2.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best FitBit band out there!
  • Pleasantly surprised. Comfortable band and the rose gold color is very similar to Fitbit.
  • Comfortable, adjusts easy, looks good, doesn’t snag on clothes

I was worried that the magnet band would not hold, but no problem, it holds better than the buckle one, and it has a better closer fit. I receive compliments on it all the time. I highly recommend this product. It was very easy to put on my fit bit charge 2. Love it andi had trouble getting my previous one buckled. Very easy to use even if you have stiff fingers like i do.

Actually more comfortable than the silicone band that came with the fitbit. Adjusts with a strong magnet.

I’m surprised how much i like it. First off i hardly notice i’m wearing it. My old band was the original plastic that came with my fitbit. It was stiff, hard to adjust, and kept snagging my sweaters. This new silver band is very smooth and form fitting. It keeps the face piece in place and it doesn’t flop around on my wrist. The magnetic clasp is super easy to adjust and remove. And silver matches practically everything. The only drawback so far is when i’m at the gym, it doesn’t breathe really well. I did find my wrist feeling more sweaty than usual and i was fiddling with it.

I ordered this for my wife and she loves it. I got the rose pink and it’s much more feminine looking than the silicone band the fitbit came with. It’s also much more comfortable. She could never track her sleep with it before, because the old band wasn’t comfortable to sleep with. This one doesn’t bother her at all at night. It also hasn’t snagged anything like clothes or hair, and overall seems to be pretty well made.

The only thing i don’t care fore is the magnetic closure gets caught on my jacket and the band comes undone. I am concerned it may slip off my arm at some point, however so far, so good.

Easy to snap on and off and so comfortable. Not stiff like the plastic bands i enjoy being able to change from black to silver.

This is the most comfortable wristband i’ve had. I like it better than the silicon and leather bands i’ve ordered in the past. I’ve never used my fitbit during sleep before, because the bands were too bulky and the buckles were uncomfortable. I accidentally slept with this on last night- i completely forgot i even had it on because it is so easy to wear.

Rarely do i write reviews, but this was noteworthy. I bought 3 different bands from fitbit and they all eventually broke. Decided to try this one off amazon and this was by far the best, for a third the price of a ‘genuine ‘ fitbit band. I ordered the rose gold band to match my fitbit. The color isn’t a perfect match, but so close it’s hard to tell. The magnet is strong and keeps the band in place all day. I love how it breathes and doesn’t smell, like my plastic and leather fitbit bands do when wearing them. I’ve had it for about 2 months now and the color tarnished a bit, but for the price, this is well worth it.

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Great product and very good value. I can’t believe how it refined the look of my fitbit tracker. The product was well packaged in a nice box suitable for gifting. The magnet is very strong (it will stick to anything metal while wearing it).

It looks great and blends in with all my other jewelry. I do change it back to the rubber band when i exercise but that’s just to keep this one looking good. There’s no danger of it falling off. I was a little concerned before purchasing when i read other reviews about how easily it gets scratched, but i’ve had it for about 3 weeks now and no scratches or discoloration yet.

The magnetic feature of this band makes this a superior buy and a superior fit. For someone who has a really small wrist size, this is the perfect band for me. The band is easily adjustable to any size wrist big or small. It is strong, it fastens to the face of your fitbit easily/securely, and the design is beautiful. I feel like i am more inclined to wear my fitbit on a daily basis because it doesn’t retain as much moisture or look clunky against professional attire.

I like this watch band more than the original plastic material. It is comfortable and fashionable. It is easy to take off and put on, the magnetic closure works wonderfully. It also came with two wipes for cleaning. I would definitely order from this company again.

I bought this for my girl and she loves it. It is so much nicer than the plastic strap that comes with the fitbit. It does not pinch the skin and the magnet is really strong. I recommend this so much i ordered the black one (without the diamond look) for myself.

I have a really small wrist and was having trouble with the standard fitbit bands because one hole is too small and the next is too big. They were also uncomfortable for me at night. This adds a little weight but is so easy to adjust and get the perfect fit. Great quality and great price.

I have sensitive skin and the original band was making my wrist break out. I love the lightweight material of this band and how well made it is it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. The design is so girly love the cz accent. I bought a size sm and it fit perfectly on my wrist, the band itself is magnetic and strong. One of my favorite buys from amazon.

Dresses up the fitbit, looks nice, powerful magnet, good design, flexible fit, easy to put on. Magnet holds well and band does not fall off even if you should knock it loose. I find it more comfortable than the band that came with the fitbit.

The fitbit strap i received is attractive (silver) and fits well. I have a large wrist and was skeptic it would not fit. I am happy to say it was not a problem the price was right. My only negative, if you can call it that, is that sometimes the ban connects to another magnetic attraction and need to pull it apart. It’s really no big deal and would definitely order from this company again.

The magnet is strong so that i never have to adjust the strap during the day and the strap doesn’t get damaged during regular hand washing or sweaty at the gym. I like that it is very easy to remove without having to unbuckle anything. It makes my fitbit look less like a fitness device and more like a classy watch.

It looks great with my fitbit and most of all. It is so easy to take on and off.

It’s a beautiful color and very comfortable. It never pinched my skin or pulled my hair or clothes. I only wore the band for 3 days. It loosened enough that i had to tighten it 2 or 3 times. On the 3rd day, i switched the band for a workout. After the workout, this band would not snap back onto my fitbit. The band was great until then. I received great customer service. I received my refund within 24 hours of mailing back the band.

I ordered this band in the rose gold size small. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. I have the rose gold fitbit and this band color matched it really well. I haven’t yet gotten magnetized to things as some had mentioned : ) the band won’t slip off the fitbit since the end piece is slightly larger than the opening. So even is the magnetic closure popped open, it would simply be hanging loosely on your wrist. It’s a nice change and a little dressier than the original band.

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