I am beyond happy that i purchased these. I mean, in store it is 10 bucks for 1 strap, but i got 10 straps all different colors (that are definitely not obnoxious colors either) for 15. You can’t beat this bundle, and colors are better in person even. I won’t need to change for a long while. Didn’t have any issue changing the straps, and couldn’t be happier with the colors i can interchange.

Great summer fitness band, great price. I had to cut band – the one size had too much flap for my small wrist.

 i wanted to replace the original band on my fitbit charge 2 because i wanted some different color choices that still had some texture to them. They come in 10 bands and the colors are great. I like being able to change the color of the band to coordinate with what i’m wearing. They are pretty much exactly like a fitbit brand band and even has the little notch that helps secure the excess band in place. The feel of the rubber is as soft as the band my fitbit charge 2 came with. The only difference is there is no “fitbit” stamped on the band loop. I have no problem in snapping these band on and off. For the price, highly recommended.

After changing the band i realized that i liked the fitbit charge 2 much better. The original band was uncomfortable. I like having the holes for breathability and i also like how easy it is to remove the fitbit without needing a contortionist’s flexibility.

As other reviewers stated before, it is near impossible to take these bands off from the fitbit unit with your fingers only. I used a pair of smooth pliers and was able to get the band off with no issues. These will not released unless fully depressed. Nice to have multiple colors to choose from, but the difficulty of changing the bands due to the need for an extra apparatus cause me to not change them out as frequently as i’d like.

I like the color and it has the same feel as the other band i have. It’s a bit more difficult to attach and it’s a little bit large but it looks great and feels the same.

Awesome tpu replacement bands for the fitbit charge 2 hr. Its thinner than the original ones but fits and works just the same. For the price, it is well worth it. I now have multiple colors to swap with. Though for a man, its kinda limited in colors (we need a batch for manly colors). But this was for my girl, so she can use all the girly pinks, purple, fuschia and green’s she wants to.

It’s even better than the band that the fitbit comes with. It’s soft but durable and very comfortable to wear. The holes in it allow for air to get to your wrist.

  • They come in 10 bands and the colors are great. I like being able to change the color
  • I’m really happy with this product
  • bit darker green but this still works and I like the part where I can adjust the buckle as
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Hotodeal Compatible Charge 2 Band, Classic Soft TPU Adjustable Replacement Accessory Bands Fitness Breathable Sport Strap Small Large

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ▶Superior Material: Made of high performance TPU, durable and flexible,eco-friendly and safe for human skin, waterproof & sweat resistant , bring you comfortable wearing experience when you exercise or sleep. 【Please see “Special Offers” on this page for special discount and gift! Don’t forget to use the code! 】
  • ▶Perforations’ Trick: Breathable and hybrid design, made by unique two color injection molding technology, never fade or dim. If you are a sports enthusiast, it would be an ideal accessory for your Charge 2.
  • ▶Connectors & Buckle Design: this Replacement bands for Charge 2 comes with Connectors on both ends, which locks onto the Charge 2 tracker precisely and securely, with stainless steel Buckle and Notch, No worry about fall-off when running, hiking, exercising,etc.
  • ▶Wrist Size: 5.5″ -8.1″ cover official size, it is designed for most people,no matter men, women, teenagers or the aged. Precise alternative holes allow you adjust the suitable size,with comfortable touch feeling on your wrist.
  • ▶180 Days Warranty: Replacement or full refund and lifetime friendly customer service. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us via Email.

Colors match the pictures, and they are good quality bands. My only complaint is that they are extremely difficult to get on and off the fitbit as they are very stiff.

For the price and variety of colors, i am quite pleased. They have a nice look and feel. It’s difficult to tell them apart from the fitbit brand band though they are not quite as flexible, even after wearing for a week. I have not yet had a problem with my bands coming off as some customers have. They snap in place quite snugly, but remove easily when you want them to.

These are perfect if you are looking for a variety of colors to go with your charge 2. I bought these for my son who particularly liked the brown color. The first time trying to remove one was a bit frustrating, but once you figure out how the clasp works, it’s fairly simple. We’ve only had them for a few days, so i can’t comment on the durability. They seem really similar to the original fitbit band.

I’ve been wearing the dark purple for 2 1/2 months now. The official fitbit band broke the exact same way because the pieces that hold it onto the tracker are plastic. I’m still giving this 4 stars because it looks good, i’ve had no skin reaction and i got 10 for $13. Fitbit charges $30 for one replacement band.

I like the texture of the band, the many colors , but most of all i can get the bands on and off my fitbit. The last bands i hadwe’re practically impossible to change they wouldn’t come undone.

I’m really happy with this product. 5 months because i wanted to see how it held up before i officially wrote a review. When i first received the band, i was a bit upset about the size because it was just so long compared to my ‘small’ band my fitbit came with. Occasionally the clasp will come up and i’ll have a bit of band flailing around (which i hate). I’d much prefer if these were available in small and large instead of just ‘regular’ (which seems to be l or xl size). Otherwise, i’m completely thrilled. It looks just a beautiful as pictures. The pink does tend to get dirty pretty quickly since it’s a light color, but it’s important to just remember to frequently wash your band (probably once a week to once every other week).

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These are fantastic bands i highly recommend them. They good quality, great price and you get 10 in a package all different colors. What more could you ask for if i need more i will defiantly be buying them again.

Green and black are my favorite colors, so this was a no brainer since my old one fell apart. Fits well for the most part, but i do have very, very thin wrists so even a small is a tiny bit big. Not enough to bother me tho. The silicone feels smooth and strong. Price is great and i’m very happy with it.

They are good quality and you get several color options. I like having colors that i can wear with different outfits and i really like these colors. Changing the bands was a little challenging at first becuase my fingers were not strong enoung to release the clips but i used a flat head screw driver to release the band and it worked like a charm. Im glad i made this purchase.

Band looks nice, very comfortable, fit the fit-bit just as good as the original band. Well worth the money & would definitely order another.

I love it, right price, good looks, sturdy, good quality. Used it all summer, still as good as it was.

They are so easy to get off and on, much like the original fitbit bands are. I bought a different set and they were so hard to get off, i dread using them. And i love the heavy vinyl zip bag they come in. I can keep them together in that bag when night in use. I’ll be ordering these again.

When i originally got my packet the order was wrong, and i posted a review expressing my dissatisfaction. Within hours this company reached out to me and made sure that i received exactly what i had ordered. I run everyday and they are perfect to just change it up every now and them. Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make sure you met and exceeded my expectations.

I love my fitbit charge2 band. I got the black and pink one. It is thinner then the other one i purchased which keeps my watch from being bulky. I also love the ventilation on my band. Due to wearing it all the time, my wrist got irritated and i was unable to wear my fitbit for a day. I have 6 different bands and i swear by this one.

My original fitbit charge 2 band began to just ‘pop off’. If i turned my wrist in a certain position the band would just ‘pop off’. This new band fit securely immediately and i don’t feel as though it will ‘pop off’. It’s very comfortable, sometimes i forget i have it on. I have it in pink and black and get tons of compliments. The ‘one size’ should accommodate both small and large wrists. It looks as though it can be ‘trimmed’ if needed. I am very happy with my purchase and will order again.

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This band, one of three, fits better than the band that came with the fitbit. I’ve only had it a couple days and it feels better. More holes available for a better fit.

These are by far the best generic bands i have ever purchased for my fitbit. And it’s nearly impossible to impress me but these have made me a believer. The bands are nice and thick and the clasp is sturdy and the little rubber loop that keeps the tail of the strap secured to the band stays in place so you’re not constantly having to readjust it all day. I will definitely purchase again. My only critique would be for them to make the variety better in the 3 packs.

Easy to clean, easy to change out bands.

Super comfortable & easy to change out. That being said, one of my three bands was broken. The screw and metal clasp piece came off today when attempting to change the band out.

It is much softer and more flexible than the fitbit standard band. The only problem is the length. Since my wrist is small, it wraps around and the end tab sticks out. I actually trimmed off part of the band and that seems to be working fine. I like the gray color & green holes much better than the plain black fitbit band.

Best deal i’ve gotten since using amazon. Just wish that the color red was in there.

I was hoping for little bit darker green but this still works and i like the part where i can adjust the buckle as far as i can unlike the original band. After i lost about 40 lbs, it was really loose and can’t make it more tighter. I also like that it has breathable holes whatever you called that since my fitbit can feel sweaty after my workout when i used to use the original band.

It’s a great package of replacement bands. They were easy to attach and detach. They fit comfortably and the colors are really nice as well. From the picture in had to expected the colors to be brighter, none the less i am more than be satisfied.

This band arrived in a timely manner and i love the dual colors. It’s ideal for more active users bc of the material of the band.

I purchased these for my daughter who only had a black band. The colors are fun, she now matches them to her outfit for the day. They are made well, she had a little trouble unhooking it at first to put on a nother color. I like that it means it’s secure.