This is a great charger for my fitbit hr. When traveling and no computer handy, just plug in the charger where ever there is an electric socket. The cable that comes with the fitbit is short and you can only use a usb port to charge your fitbit. So i recoment that people should buy this item as it works great.

It has worked well for the month i’ve used it. I received a fitbit charge hr from a friend, but it did not come with the charger so i bought this charger. It charges the fitbit just fine. I like the cord length because i can plug it into a powerstrip on the floor and place the watch on the table nearby while it’s charging. The charging seems to be very quick at the lower levels and then slows down as it approaches 100%. I haven’t timed how long it takes to charge, but it seems to be around 30 minutes total, maybe less. The time it takes isn’t a problem. You do have to place the end in the right direction, but that’s easy enough. If you try to plug it in the wrong way, it just won’t connected.

Having a longer cable (and one that can be plugged into the wall) to charge my fitbit charge hr is wonderful. Works just as great as the original; i just got irritated with the short lengthy of the original one because i couldn’t even plug in into my desktop to charge without the device coming lose half the time.

Very good longer cable that came with it is the best since the original was so short had trouble plug in any where because of the cable this one is long enough to plug in no problem.

I left my fitbit charge hr’s charging cord at home while on a trip. I thought i would pop in to the local electronics store and grab one. I could not believe the price they were asking for the cord and the plug-in wall adapter. I was able to purchase this and have it overnighted (my fitbit could hold a charge long enough to wait) much cheaper than what the local store was asking. The quality on it is not as solid as say the more expensive fitbit brand one –¬†fitbit charge hr, charging cable¬†. But i have had no problems with it. And have also used it to charge other items with no problems. If you need a cheap replacement in a hurry, i recommend this product.

And there’s a little light on the marshmallow to let you know that it’s plugged in and working.

Fantastic price on the east. They have performed just as well as the oem charger which costs twice as much.

Much more convenient than the short cord that came with the fitbit. Didn’t seem to fit at first but once it connected i didn’t have any problems.

  • Better than the original
  • great charger
  • Very pleased! Used it for over a month with excellent success. Cord nice length.
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Hotodeal USB Charging Cable with Wall Adapter for Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Band, 3.3 Feet

I don’t have to plug it into a usb port to charge, i can use the wall. The best part about it is the long cord. The one that comes with the fitbit hd is so short. This one also has a nice tight connection, whereas the original is lose.

Why is the actual fitbit charger only like 3″ long and doesn’t lock into your fitbit like this off brand one does?. This thing is superior in literally every way that matters to the original thing. If i know anyone that’s purchasing a fitbit in the future i’m going to tell them to get this along with their fitbit right off the bat. It’s not worth the hassle of dealing with the tiny little charger that comes with the product.

I was tired of my fitbit hanging off my wall at perfect cat pawing height, so i bought this longer cable. Everything works well and the charger brick is convenient in size. The fitbit ends fits just find into my hr charge model.

My mom gave me her charge hr that she no longer wanted, but she wasn’t sure where the charger was. I ordered this, and was a little scared it wouldn’t fit, as some reviews have stated. And it fits just fine– perhaps some customers were sent the wrong item. It charges my fitbit quickly and has given me no problems at all.

Product matched description, pricing is great, ease of purchase and quick delivery. Will recommend to all of my family and friends.

Great replacement cord that works just fine for my mom’s fitbit.

I had to replace my fit bit hr charging cord after my original mysteriously disappeared during airport screening. I settled on this one because of the long cord. The little shorty that came with the device was a real pain. Because of it’s length the device could only hang awkwardly when charging unless you found something to prop it on. The original cord also did not fit snugly into the device so you had to take special care that it did not fall out while charging. It fits securely into the device. It comes with an outlet adapter. It is reasonably priced and seems like it even charges faster.

I love this charger and cable. I’ve had other fitbit chargers and they did not work as well as this one. Having the long cable is very helpful, and the charger is compact enough to fit into wall sockets easily. I would definitely buy this charger again.

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Item arrived at time estimated and is as advertised. I use laptop computer and not convenient to have fitbit plugged attached. Unit works great, much easier to use than short cable that came with fitbit.

Just what i wanted at a great price. I lost my fitbit cord and went to a local store to buy a replacement. 00 for the regular 6 inch cord. So i checked on amazon and found this cord with a wall plug in for much less.

My other charges i have to plug into my computer. I do not always have my computer around so i like that i can just put this plug up in my room and let it charge while taking a shower. It fits perfectly, works great and is just what i needed.

Great cable for a great price when i lost my original fitbit charge hr cable. I swear that it charges faster than the original cable, although i can’t be sure. The length of the cord and the adapter is also a bonus. The connector end seems a bit wider that the original, so fits snugger. But since the little metal piece on the fitbit (that has the opening the connector fits into) already came off once and i had reattached with super glue, after a couple of times snapping the new connector in that piece came off again, this time permanently. So, without that metal piece the connector doesn’t snap in. I use a hair elastic to hold the connector in until my fitbit is charged. A pain but i blame fitbit’s deficiencies, not the new cable.

I was a more secure connection than i ever had with the original cable that came with the fitbit, also getting a wall adapter was a plus – especially at a lower cost than ordering from the fitbit website.

Works perfectly with my fitbit charge hr. I was tired of having to leave my computer on all the time just to charge my fitbit. Having a wall charger is so easy. It appears to charge my fibit at the same rate as the computer charged it — so it takes about the same amount of time to get a full charge on the fitbit. Extremely happy with the purchase.

Great alternate to short cord. The other reviewers were correct. I can now charge my fitbit hr on my bedside table, alongside my phone. It also stays connected to the device much better than the standard charge cord. Have already recommended to my friends with the hr fitbit.

The connection seems a little wiggly, but it charges ok. Why fitbit made their charging cord so friggin short is beyond me. No i can charge the fitbit like a normal person.

Works great for charging fitbit and especially useful if you have limited usb ports on your computer or turn off your computer when not in use.

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My fitbit charge hr charges so much quicker after buying this instead of trying to charge it through a computer or what not.

I love my new charger and wall plug. I bought one for my daughter and we are both rocking our fitbits. This is great for those on vacation or who don’t have a computer/laptop or even misplaced your original charger. It also arrived a day earlier than projected.

The part that gets plugged into an outlet came broken. Thankfully i have a base i can plug the cord into but i bought this one specifically because it came with the extra base that i needed.

Like the extra length of this charging cable. The one that came with my fitbit is super short so that you can’t lay it anywhere except at the edge on top of my laptop while it’s charging. Which is a problem if you want to use your laptop while charging the unit. Only problem is the connection end that connect to the fitbit is kind of difficult to get it connect in the port. Takes me several tries to get it in. Almost like the cable end is a tad too big for the small connection port.

This works really well and comes with a small plastic, sealable package to store it nicely in a drawer. I am glad to be able to charge my fitbit quickly, in about an hour, using this wall charger. It was a hassle to have to use my computer and took longer.

I was gifted a used fitbit without a charger, so off to amazon i went looking for a replacement. I have zero problems with it charging, and usually it does so pretty quickly. The cord is not very long, that’s not an issue at all for me. I’m glad i took a chance with a non-fitbit charger, because i’m pleased with it and i saved $10.

This charger is better than the original because (1) the cord is longer; (2) an a/c plug is included so you can plug it into any outlet; and (3) it snaps into the fitbit and stays. The original cord was short and dud not fit in securely so i would find that i had thought the fitbit was being charged when it was not.

I bought this as a gift for my dad for fathers day and he was amazed. For whatever reason, fitbit only makes it’s chargers a few inches long and it can be really awkward when you plug it into the wall socket and the watch is just hanging by the chord. This replacement usb charger can packaged well and works as described. If you buy this product, you won’t be sorry.