It’s compac and totally serves my needs. In addition to being my favorite color red.

Comes with wrist cord, detachable belt holster, or just carry the device in your pocket. Small and simple to use, just what i needed and hoped for.

It took a couple of test walks to fully learn how to use it. Now that i figured out how it works it is very good. I have it set to count my steps. Then i can calculate my total distance walked.

It’s a fun way to boost my activity level. The multi-function does more than i need, but it is easy to clip on and forget about it. No more trying to track how many minutes i was active each day.

This is the best pedometer i’ve owned and used. It comes with a wrist strap which gives me added security because i loop it through a belt loop. Plus it has a belt/pocket clip.

It was rather inexpensive, so i really wasn’t expecting much, but i have been pleasantly surprised at how well it is made, and how well it works. Don’t know about all of the features, as i purchased it only to measure the steps i make in a day. It does this quite satisfactorily.

  • I recommend this podmeter if your not expecting super accuracy
  • Simple and Easy to Use Pedometer
  • Step by Step keeping pace with me

It works, but you can just shake it and add steps so you have to be careful. It works for one walk or so, but i don’t think it’s that accurate for all day wearing.

I read good and bad about this monitor. I wear it every day, and can only say good things about it. It is very accurate, and very easy to use and read. I got my self an extra one, but, will probably end up giving it to a friend. I will say, the clip and lanyard are best worn together. My monitor fell off, in the mall, but wasn’t damaged. One account said the buttons, can get accidentally pushed. It has never happened to me.

I bought this pedometer because i was curious about the number of steps i was taking per day but did not want to invest in a fitbit or other fancy device. I have been incredibly happy so far. It clips easily to my belt and only turns on when moving. It also comes with a battery- a major plus. I bought another for my boyfriend so that we can compete. Note: it takes 10 consecutive steps before the pedometer starts counting. This feature is great because it ensures that random movements don’t count as steps. However, if you work in an environment where fewer than 10 steps are needed to get from one place to another, your reading will not be as accurate.

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Minus a half star for poorly written setup instructions. I stumbled throught them but it should have been easier. Minus a star for being 10-11% inaccurate in measuring the distance traveled. You have to substract (use 10%) from what it says you walked. In other words if your goal is 5 miles do 5-1/2. My error by not changing my stride from the default setting of 30′ to 24′ which is what mine actually is. Now the distance i actually travel is very accurately displayed. So my new any improved rating should be 4 stars.

Perhaps i’m a bit long in the tooth, it took me awhile to figure it out. I got it to work to my satisfaction. All i wanted was a simple step counter.

Features of Pedusa PE-771 Tri-Axis Multi-Function Pocket Pedometer – Red With Holster/Belt Clip

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3D Tri-Axis Sensor Allows it to Record Activity In Pocket, Purse or Anywhere.
  • Multifunctional – Steps /Distance / Calories/ 7 Day Memory / Goal Setting / Clock
  • Active Time – The cumulative time of health and fitness beneficial body movement
  • False Step Elimination / Power Save Mode / Low Battery Indicator
  • High Accuracy Rating.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I love this pedometer and own more than one. It includes the current time, miles walked, calories burned, total steps and steps for an individual hike, everything that i desire. It clips easily to my pants or a belt buckle and is simple to reset. I have worn two at once and both came up with similar readings so i assume they’re fairly accurate. It takes a small bit of programming to set up a person’s particular stride length but nothing onerous. Small and simple with all the necessary features.

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More accurate if used in case and attached to waistband. Not practical if you don’t have pockets or are in a position to clip to your waist.

I measured 10 paces and moved the decimal point one place to the left and entered it where requested. Love the clip to hold the peometer inside my pocket.

I really like this little thing. It is easy to set up and use. Holds daily data for at least a week (as long as i have tried). Would recommend it for anybody.

Light weight; i didn’t even notice it clipped to my belt the first day. Easy to understand (granted if you have trouble setting a stopwatch, then you may have trouble). Takes a 5 second hold to reset; i’ve not accidentally lost my count yet.

I bought 2 so i’ve only used one, but have a little trouble setting it; directions are not so clear.

3D Tri-Axis Sensor Allows it to Record Activity In Pocket, Purse or Anywhere.

Bought this as a gift for a friend who wants to count steps (goal of 10,000 steps a day), to date she is pleased with this pedometer, it fits well on her work uniform, and provides her with the daily number of steps, she likes the color and it works as expected. The only reason i did not give 5 stars is because i am writing this review based on the feedback i got.

Got a pair of these for my fiance and i, we compete on most steps. The memory is cool, you can look back for 7 days and see how many steps you’ve done.

This is the first pedometer that ever worked correctly for me. I actually read the directions before using this one for a change, however. It was very accurate with my estimation on my walking distance during a trip in june. It is also very light and easy to clip on your pants or to put in your bag, or wherever.

Super great product, easy to use, and more importantly, very accurate. This was a second try, i ordered another highly rated product but upon receipt, when i tested it, i realized that was adding 30 steps to each hundred. I returned that and i gave the pedusa a try. Upon receipt, i tested it and i immediately saw it was reliable, accurate. I use it daily, it is important to me to get an accurate reading on distance, steps and calories. This one is great, i highly recommend it.

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I clip it on my waistband or put in my pocket everyday. Keeps track of how far i am really walking.

Very useful, seems to be quite accurate and works pretty easily.

Multifunctional –

A little vague to set up initially, but highly useful once set up is finished. Easy transaction works great.

Has many features (miles, km, steps, time, etc. Only negative is that the ‘set-up’ directions are almost impossible to understand. I took it to the sporting goods store and they set it for me.

My husband broke the previous one he had and felt he missed not knowing how many steps he took in a day. I purchased 4 more just in case he breaks these as well. He likes the simple function. I have a garmin which tracks miles and a million other things but he is not interested in all that data so this is his choice.

I still haven’t been able to master the proper settings maybe it’s just me. I think i would have liked something a little less complicated but i would recommend it to others.

I got this for my hubby for christmas and he loves it. This is accurate and is calibrated to your stride length. It keeps track of amount of time you spent walking, the number of steps and distance, calories burned and more.

The operation and accuracy are both very good, but the instructions and methods for the settings are frustratingly incomplete. This results in a lengthy period of trial and error manipulation of the device.

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. In fact, my only complaint is that the belt clip is bulky and uncomfortable. Fortunately, it fits comfortably in my front pocket (so much so that i often forget i am carrying it). For workouts i wear it on a lanyard around my neck.

Active Time –

False Step Elimination / Power Save Mode / Low Battery Indicator

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