These things have worked wonderfully- much better than the official holder. After only two weeks of use, the original holder that came with the fitbit zip began to fail: the metal clip ripped through the back of the holder. At first i could still use the holder if i was very careful when clipping it on my clothing, but after a few more weeks, the original holder had ripped so badly that it was unusable. I decided to give these a try- originally i chose this seller because i could get a pack of 2 for a cheap price. I figured that if the holders were going to fail in a month or 2, i might as well buy multiples now so that i’d have spares. It has now been several months since i bought these holders and i haven’t had to use the second one at all- the first one is still in perfect condition. There’s no sign of the clip ripping through the holder, and the clip itself is still tight enough to clip securely to my clothing. I am very impressed and pleased.

These work great and i was so happy to find them on amazon. I still like this kind of fitbit better than the watch ones.

These work better than other replacement clip holders i have purchased. The little end piece is staying firmly attached.

Fit my fitbit zip perfectly. The end cap didn’t bust off after the first week like my fitbit brand clip did so i’m already happy with the quality. I’ve been using the new clip for over a month and it’s still holding together strong.

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The only thing i didn’t like is behind the clip part that attaches to you clothes eventually splits and does not hold and has to be replaced. Other than that no problems.

Feels very sturdy and well made – even better than the fitbit version. I have used it for several weeks and there is no wear or tear on it.

Super fast shipping, great product and great price.

Key specs for Huadea Compatible Clip Holder Replacement for Fitbit Zip (Black & Navy):

  • Get Huadea’s 2 replacement clips in black & navy for your Fitbit zip. They fit your Fitbit Zip perfect .
  • Clips easily to pocket , belt and bra to track your activity .
  • Made from durable material to keep your FITBIT ZIP tracker safe . NO MORE WORRY about lost your tracker.
  • Two colors fit most occasions
  • BRAND garantee: Huadea customer service team will help you with any problem and welcome any suggestion . JUST GET IT .

Comments from buyers

“Perfect replacement
, Never can have too many spare holders!
, All is Well

Will have to see about durability.

Works just as good as the fitbit brand.

Arrived sooner than expected – as good as the original.

I needed to buy a new cover because the tip had come off my old one revealing metal and hard to clip on. With the first use, the tip came off. Luckily, i noticed it and had super glue in hand.

It’s superior to the original clip. Only used for a few days so i cannot comment on durability.

I purchased this product to replace the case which came with my fitbit zip. It is a great replacement and the price was reasonable. Very happy with the purchase.

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This fits my fitbit mini perfectly. With cooler weather coming on, i’ll be wearing more denim and black this winter, so these will blend in perfectly.

Fits perfect and comes prime in 2 days unlike the actual fit bit replacement.

The clip is not sprung quite as tight as the original but that makes for better ease of use. The original holder failed after about 8 months when the metal from the clip ripped through the holder cover so i’ll have to see what the durability is for these huadea versions. Getting 2 huadea holders for the price of one fitbit holder appears to be a good deal now but only time will tell if that is true.

The fitbit fits snugly in the case but the case has fallen off my clothing many times (unlike the original fitbit case). I am worried about losing the fitbit since i may not always be aware of when it falls off.

Original fitbit zip holder has stretched out (from taking it out of the holder to replace batteries) and i didn’t want to loose the fitbit. (note: it took several years for the holder to stretch out of shape). I’m good for a few more years until i change fitbits.

Just as good as the original at a better price.

I needed new ones because the plastic point on the clip feel of my original one. This one feel off after 2 weeks. I fixed with superglue and its holding for about a month. Just disappointed it didn’t hold up better.

These fit perfectly and have served as a great replacement for my broken original clip holder.

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I liked that this was a 2-pack so the next time the hard tip breaks, i won’t have to tape it while i wait for a replacement.

It was fast and those zip clip holder replacement are really good. Absolutely gonna recommend to my friends.

The cap on the clip came off of mine so i needed a replacement. The twofer was a better deal.

Great product excellent quality.

Was so pleased – fits my fitbit perfectly.

More flexithan the plastic one that came with.

These are a great replacement.

High quality and much cheaper than the brand name ones.

I have been using this clip for a few months and agree with other reviewers about usability. It is easy to clip to clothing, yet stays firmly attached. The tracker also stays put within the holder, which is a plus. Where my experience is different is with the plastic tip that covers the end of the clip. Mine is already gone and that leaves exposed prongs to deal with. If not for this, i would rate this item higher.