I’m liking these better than the original bands. The have a watchband closure and are easier to close. The little dots line uo perfectly. I’d have given 5 stars but they are more difficult to get the little fitbit thing in, but i dont have to worry about it coming out.

Updated review: i have had these bands for 4 months now and of the 2 that i have been wearing, the design is wearing off. It’s not super noticeable to others unless they look closely and the bands are still more comfortable than the original fit bit band but i am very disappointed that the design is worn off on them. I am not sure now if i would recommend like i did in my first review. I guess you get what you pay for but i will say that they are way more comfortable than the original band. I was thinking of ordering a solid color but it seems that the base layer of these bands is white so no matter what color you buy, the color is going to wear off.

The magenta is not as bright as shown in the picture, and they are rather large (the description says they fit 5. 2”(15cm-21cm) wrists which is true) but other than that i like them. The lights shine through with no trouble. 99, it isn’t worth sending them back, but i wish they were smaller.

Updated post on january 31, 2017:nice outcome. The seller contacted me and sent 3 replacement bands (pictured, forgive my 1-handed photos). They actually listened to the customer feedback and made improvements to the bands’ manufacturing process. So that now the lights are clearly visible. The flex 2 fits snugly within these bands. I’m very pleased with the outcome of this transaction and have upgraded my rating to reflect this update. Original post on january 7, 2017:unfortunately the fitbit flex 2 indicator lights are not visible at all with 2 out of 3 of the bands. And only barely visible on the 3rd band. (perhaps an alignment issue or bands too opaque) totally defeats the ability to gain visual feedback.

These bands are better than the one that came with my fitbit flex 2 tracker and the price is very reasonable. They are stylish and very sturdy. The tracker is very secure in this band. I would definitely consider buying more in other colors and designs.

I love the feel of these bands. They are softer than the original band that came with my fitbit flex. I prefer the watchband closure over the original band closure. I find i figit with the original closure more. I have received many compliments on the bands. If i stay on track with this fitbit i will definitely consider purchasing more like these in different colors.

I bought these for my girlfriend’s fitbit flex 2 & she absolutely loves them & loves how she can mix & match the different patterns with different outfits. They fit her well and, as of thus far, have been pretty durable.

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These bands are very vibrant, very soft, and very comfortable. I also like that their bands clasp like a watch instead of the way the fitbit bands clasp. It lets me attach it tighter, which is what i prefer. The portion of the band that holds the fitbit is a little loose, but i haven’t had any issues with it coming out.

  • Visibility of the Flex 2 indicator lights
  • Nice Flex 2 Bands
  • Design wearing off

Huishang Flex 2 Accessory Bands for Fitbit Flex 2 / Fit bit flex2, with Chrome Claspor Soft Silicone Fitness Bracelet Strap, Adjustable Replacement Wrist Band for Fitbit Flex 2 Smart Watch

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatibility: ONLY Compatible with Fitbit flex2 and Perfectly fits for fitbit flex 2. Please note that tracker is NOT included. Bands Only.
  • High Quality Material: Soft and Smooth silicone material drapes elegantly across your wrist and feels comfortable next to your skin.
  • Adjustable Size for most people. Free size band by adjusting chrome clasp, fits for 5.9” – 8.2”(15cm-21cm). Just stick and lock your watch band easily. Choose the most comfortable size for your wrist and daily life.
  • Unique and Special Design: Each combination are designed differently. The style of every band was designed to fit for different occasions and mood, both men and women user can find the most suitable bands for your fitbit flex 2
  • An Active Lifestyle: Stylish wrist band to match your daily style. Different colors or style fo fit your outfits and mood, enhance your taste. And suitable for most occasions, especially for sports.Could be a good present for Christmas. But Please note that $ 8.99/$9.99 for three bands; $21.99 for 12bands

These are okay but no different in size from the ankle ones. If i ordered the ones for my ankle i could have saved money but they are pretty.

I received these pretty quickly. I like the feel of them and the buckle is not bad. The designs are fun and cordinate with outfits. The picture is very misleading. I was not sure if i was getting the top three or all of the ones shown. I think they need to display what you are actually goign to get. I realize for the price that would have been a lot of bands. I am glad the bands were good quality however and do not think the price is out of line for three high quality bands.

I bought these for more stylish fitbit flex 2 options and i love them. Fitbit fits in them well, but in daylight it’s hard to see the 5 dots. The quality is great, not too flimsy but not too stiff that they’re not comfortable. The traditional watchband-style clasp is well made, doesn’t seem like it will break anytime soon. If i was looking for another color, i’d definitely buy this brand again. Arrived quickly, i’m very happy with purchase.

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I am loving these bracelets. I have a small wrist and were able to trim the bracelet toa perfect fit for me. I love the fitbit flex 2 because i am wearing my fitbit and it lookslike a real bracelet. I like wearing my own watches and did not want my fitbit to be a watch. I would definitely recommend these. Keeping track of my activities while being stylist, a win win for me.

The set of three bands in the black variety look like the picture. I did have to pop out the little dots/holes for viewing the lights on the fitbit, but that was done easily with the buckle from the band. I find these are bulky compared to the original fitbit band, and whatever they are made of is not as comfortable as the original fitbit band, caused itching on my wrist. It holds the fitbit securely. I wear a small fitbit band, and i find these are very long, so there’s a lot of extra band after the buckle. I bought the vancle replacement bands and they are great.

I absolutely love these huishang flex 2 accessory bands for fitbit. Product arrived on time and works well for changing up the style each day. If you like to change things up, then additional bands are a must.

Purchased these as an accessory to a fitbit flex 2 i purchased as a gift. These are very well made an an exact fit for the unit itself. These units make it easy to change colors. In my opinion these are better made than the one which comes with the fitbit flex 2 in the box.

I like that i’m able to wear it like a watch. But i’m allergic to this band type i’m getting a bad rash on my wrist. I would of gave it five stars but i can’t for this reason.

The bands are pretty and i feel i am less likely to lose my fitbit with the actual clasp style. I wear the small fitbit band and these are plenty long with enough holes to accommodate my wrist. In other words if your wrist is larger you should not have an issue with fit.

The company has agreed to replace the broken one. And the others have not broken. The 1st one i wore broke when i tried to unbuckle it the strap broke or ripped a part. Which is sad because i was excited to have so many colors but they are completely useless if they break the 1st time you take one off.

My fitbit band was a real pain it was stiff and it had a prong clasp that i had to use my teeth to pull it apart. I saw these bands and i initially was drawn to them by the band designs which were pretty and that it was like a watch band. I thought i was getting just one band but there were actually 3 which was a nice surprise because i liked all the bands in the set. I really really like these bands the material is soft and pliable the clasp is easy to close and has 2 loops to hold the extra band length. I’ve been wearing the owl band for a couple of weeks i forget i’m even wearing it. I highly recommend these bands for your fitbit flex.

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These bands are very comfortable and nice. However, the silver design on the black and silver one has started to wear already and they are only a few months old. Also, the black with gold one has the word, “barbie” on it. Its subtle, but its still there and not what i’d like on my wrist. However, they are a nice change of pace out of the ordinary bands, and they are very comfortable and match a wide variety of outfits.

Got these bands so i could wear my tracker through a mud run. These are easy to put on and take off. Taking the tracker out isn’t very hard. Sometimes the sliding pieces that hold the extra length slide off and then you have extra piece flapping around. But all in all great wristband.

I feel like the colors are a little bit darker than the picture the pink and purple are definitely darker. I do kind of notice them more than the other style of bracelet i don’t know if that’s because there is metal on them idk probably but i’d still recommend them.

My fitbit fell out when i was taking off a coat and the band twisted. It lasted for about a month before this happened. I could not find the fitbit afterwards so that stinks. It got the job done, but you have to be careful.

Thank you so much this helps me stay fashionable while still working on my fitness and feels so comfortable sometimes i forget that i’m even wearing it until someone notices it and asks what is that.

Cute bands worn two of them so far holding up really well i am in water quite a bit with them take out my flex and dry it off and the tracker every time i go in the pool really prefer this type of enclosure vs the one that come with tracker have had my old fitbit flex have that open on its own fall off.

Attractive wristbands that fit the flex 2 perfectly–can see all the lights on the display with no problem. These are about an inch longer (including the buckle) than the shorter of the bands that came with the flex, and they adjust to fit my smallish wrist very well.

I love the design of these bands soo much. The only thing i’m not a huge fan of is that having to open and close it like a watch every few days when you have to charge your fitbit can get annoying. Other than that, the material seems really strong and durable.

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