These bands are great and fit very well. My only complaint is that the clasps that connect the band to the fitbit are stiff and hard to work. I’m hoping in time they will become a little easier to connect. But i really love the bands and colors and you can’t beat the price.

I had a hard time figuring out how to get the band off because i didn’t want to break it. The company followed through and send me pictures on how to use a key, and it works like a charm. I get a lot of compliments on my new bands. I would do business with this company anytime.

Arrived a week earlier than projected from china. They are very similar to the factory bands except a few things. The strap holder is a thinner/softer material which has the ‘nub’ that holds it in place. The bands have a nice slightly rubbery/soft texture but does not collect lint. Its very similar to the factory band yet a tad bit stiffer/smoother. I think i prefer the feel of these bands over the more rubbery factory bands. They seem well constructed but do have tiny flaws in finish/color compare to factory. The light pink band has some bright pink blemishes. The mounting hardware is shaped differently and is somewhat harder to place on/remove than factory bands. It snaps on much tighter which removes the wiggle/play that the factory bands have at the expense of being a little harder to remove.

Loving all the bands, i only have to take them from time to time, i have a little allergy to the material, so if you have allergies to ramdon things as me, yous be aware that they can give you a little rush sometimes. It has the right little clip to hold the bands together as the original band.

So far i love these products. The colors are really nice and you can’t beat the price. Slight trouble with getting them off, but after moving the metal around a bit (like making it a well oiled machine) from multiple uses, it’s now a lot easier to work with. I will see how long these last, as i know my last one from fitbit itself only lasted 6 months (i kept bumping it into things while getting used to the new size, in it’s defense).

I was so bummed when i broke the strap to my fitbit. I saw this product and wasnt sure if the price was too good to be true. The colors are great and they fit perfectly on my fitbit charge 2.

Humenn Bands Compatible for Fitbit Charge 2, Replacement Accessory Sport Band for Fitbit Charge 2 HR, 12-Pack

  • Accessories bands for Fitbit Charge 2 is made of flexible and durable elastomer material with surgical-grade stainless steel buckle, Size: Small ( 5.5″-6.7″ ), Large ( 6.7″-8.1″ )
  • Waterproof classic replacement bands for Fitbit Charge 2 hr are sweat,rain, splash, water resistant, intended for high intensity workouts and sleep tracking
  • Transform your Fitibt Charge 2 with our replacement accessories bands to create a quintessentially classic look, which conforms to ergonomics, Great wearing experience
  • 10-Pack replacement bands for Fitbit Charge 2, more choice to match your daily outfit. Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 ONLY
  • Replacement Bands for Fitbit Charge 2 come with 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty

I was surprised at the quality. The texture of the bands look exactly like the fitbit branded ones. I actually found it difficult at first to put my watch face on these bands because the spring that holds it in place is stronger than the spring on the fitbit ones. I have to use a pen to push the lever on the back to be able to put the band on- but as a result i have no concerns whatsoever about the band coming off of the watch. I will never need more than 10 bands, but i would consider buying this for someone else as a gift.

They fit well and look great at first glance but after just one wear, the bands discolor. As much as i would like these to work, i’m returning them. Not worth the $40 to have them look dirty and crappy. Humenn issued a full refund without return. Even though the bands weren’t exactly what i expected, i’ll definitely purchase from the seller again.

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I loved these bands, but they will need to be replaced after a while. Even with cleaning them daily as i wear them, the lighter colors started showing wear pretty quickly. I’ve tried cleaning them with several different products, but to no avail. They’re not too expensive that they can’t be replaced after a while – i trade out the colors daily with what i’m wearing so they’re only worn so often. They connect well and the slider that holds the band down clicks into place which is very good.

Lots of fun colors for a great price. The quality seems to be as good as the original fitbit brand, although they are a bit stiffer at first. Takes a little practice to change the bands, and the mechanism is a little stiff, but it is super secure, so it is a small trade off. I am really glad i got these and change the band often to match my outfit or my mood.

Just got these in and changed the band – easy and looks great. I’ve only changed one band but i don’t imagine i’ll have any issues. The bands are great colors and you certainly can’t beat the price. It takes a little while to get here but worth it.

At first i was skeptical because of how inexpensive these were when i bought them. But they are so easy to switch out. No cracking on the bands yet and i wear my pink one all the time. The band does pick up colors easily and tends to look dirty around the edges.

I thought the replacement bands would be cheap but functional replacement for the original band. The new bands feel as sturdy and durable as the one that came with the fitbit. And since the design improvements on the new charge 2 hr make sealing the bands so easy, i can change the color as often as i like. I immediately liked the new bands but i waited to see if they would last before writing this review.

Loved the variety of colors in this pack. The bands are a little difficult to change – but no more so than the band that came with the fitbit. The bands are a little stiff as well, but again, no different than the one that came with the product from fitbit.

They are a little less flexible that the real fitbit bands but they work awesome. Fit great and the colors are pretty true. I would like to see red, green, and regular blue ones, but that is fine. I got exactly what i ordered. The shipping was a little long but i didn’t realize it was coming from china.

I wish it included a green band and possibly a yellow, too, but the quality is very good. They seem to be identical to the original from fitbit.

I bought these to replace a broken original band. This band fit perfectly and seems to be an exact match for the original one. Feel- the band feels very close to the original in softness and flexibility. If anything it isn’t quite as flexible, but that could be that the old band was broken in and this one needs a bit of time. Colors-pink is a hot pink,blue is like a robin’s egg blue, bordering on tealorange- isn’t as bright as i thought it was going to be, more of a burnt orangepurple- very close to the fitbit brand colorlight pink- this one surprised me, it is more of a peach than on the pink scaletan- more of a mushroom/brown colornavy, black, white, gray- no surprises in these colorsi’d buy this again and get the 10 pack.

Humenn Bands Compatible for Fitbit Charge 2, Replacement Accessory Sport Band for Fitbit Charge 2 HR, 12-Pack : Purchased these because my original band was already bubbling/separating near the face of the fitbit. I also wanted to have some alternate color options to wear. They arrived quickly and the colors are great. They are a bit more difficult to change out than the original band that comes with the fitbit, but once i changed them out a few times, it got easier. They fit perfectly and i have already worn almost all of them and have had no issues. Excellent and affordable purchase.

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My original band broke where it connects to the device so i had to replace. You can’t beat this deal with getting so many bands for such a low price. Initial observations: bands are stiffer than original but still easy to fasten. I assume they will relax with wear. Lots of colors which is going to fun. Locking mechanism to fitbit is a bit stubborn but i had no issues changing in and out. Just be sure and hold the tab down very firmly. Locks tight which i really like. Regarding color rubbing off as some reviewers have written, these are too new to offer opinion on that but will update if i have that issue. Delivery was super fast and on schedule.

I love the color selections. However, i ordered the small bands and they run a bit big. My watch is a small so i thought the smalls would fit perfectly. I have to wear them on the very last notch or else they are too big. Perhaps they were actually mediums?. The bag is clearly marked small, so i have no idea why they are so big. I can wear them, barely, so i won’t be returning them but buyer beware if you select the smalls.

This is a cheap way to get some variety with the fitbit charge 2 hr. About half the colors are ‘pukey’ – i. , ugly and gross; but the other half are great, and for the price of what you’d pay fitbit for one, this is a great bargain. They attach and function just like a ‘real’ band.

Update: i contacted amazon, and the customer service person said i could return all the bands for a refund or just receive a partial refund for the defective band. I chose a partial refund for the one defective band, and did not have to send the band back. I have changed my rating from 3 stars to 4 because the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. Tip: if the large or small sizes of these replacement bands do not fit (too large or too small), you can buy two sets (large and small) and attach either the buckle or the adjustment hole section of the large band to one side of the fitbit and the buckle or adjustment hole section of the small band to the other side to get an overall medium fit. The large band is approximately 3/4-inch longer on each side (1 1/2-inches total) and has more adjustment holes/slots as well. ———–the plum-colored band was missing it’s buckle when it arrived (see photo). All the others in the set have their buckles. Otherwise the quality of the bands seem to be very good and almost identical to the original fitbit band (including the nub for securing the band). I received the bands two days after purchasing (prime shipping). Although they do seem to run a bit smaller than i expected, perhaps this is good for children or those with very small wrists. With a total of 10 adjustment holes, i use the 4th from the end. I will be contacting the seller to ask for a replacement for the band with the missing buckle. If this is resolved i will increase my rating.

An excellent selection of colours on bands which, although a little longer than the original, still fit very comfortably. I have used them almost exclusively since purchasing them approximately a month ago. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Very pleased with my purchase. Price-wise it seems to be quite a deal–10 bands for roughly $30. I’ve only worn one band so far—it’s been on my wrist all week, even while sleeping, with no problems of reactions to the band or the metal clasp. Highly recommend these bands.

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They do get dirty much easier than the original, however, for the price and having options, i don’t mind. The orange is more of a burnt orange, which was very disappointing for me as i was hoping for the bright coral from the photo, but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

The colors are really nice but they fade really quickly. I don’t like how the material appears dingy only after a few wears. My original fitbit charge 2 charge band has not change colors and is very easy to clear. There is no cleaning this material.

These bands are great and look just like the official fitbit brand wristbands. It’s easy to switch them, and having additional fun colors is nice. No failure or breakage as of yet, and i’ve worn nearly all of them at some point.

I love having a selection of colors to put on my fitbit. The only drawback is the difficulty in being able to remove the bands from the device. I’m not sure what i would recommend doing to fix this, as i wouldn’t want them so loose they would just fall off. Maybe if they came with a tool so you don’t continuously scrape your thumb nail-bed when taking them off the device would be awesome.

This was an amazing buy for the charge 2. I needed to replace my original band since randomly the bands won’t click in. For the price, i thought it was worth it for the variety. They fit perfectly, you definitely hear the ‘click’ sound so you know it’s secure. I would recommend to buy; the small size works fine – i originally bought the large fitbit but it was too loose so i’m glad i could purchase these.

These 10 different color bands are excellent. The bands are a little hard to get off but i am glad of that because they will not just come apart while on your arm. Like to change out to different colors. 10 bands for the price i thought was great.

This band fits tighter than the original, and seems substantially more secure. The original had to be replaced as it would no longer stay attached. The multiple color options are nice, but once attached this band is not as quick to change out as the standard fitbit bands. Be advised that the notches to secure it on your wrist are cut slightly differently than the original, and it may not sit quite the same.

I was skeptical at first because of the low price. However, after reading many positive reviews i figured it was worth a shot. The bands arrived today and they are great. You can’t beat the value and all 10 bands arrived in perfect condition. They are slightly harder to change out in comparison to the fitbit brand band but still clip in nicely and fit perfectly and i actually think these bands are more comfortable. I would buy from this seller again.

I am very pleased with my order and the quality is great. Thank you the wait was worth it.

I like to change the bands to coordinate with outfits. As others have stated, they are difficult to change out, but have found a small needle nose pliers helps (picture attached). The lighter colors do get dirty and i have yet to find anything to clean them.

Perfect and almost exact replica of the original band that came with my fitbit. After reading other reviews about the tightness of the fit i carefully depressed the release lever when i installed the bands. They are stiff, as others have mentioned. I feel like this is a good thing, it means the bands aren’t coming off easily. Depressing the lever allowed me to install them with easy.

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