Nice comfy watch band for that sporty look at the gym or casual use. I always use this one rather than the grey one that came with my versa. Easily can size to your wrist with the holes. I personally don’t like the quick band removal option of the watch itself but does make for quick band change if you want to change to the stock band or another color. I have black and grey and red and black. Only concern i had was that through sweating at work or at play the area where the watch pins into the band for sizing i started to get an itch which would turn to a small red rash. This was during the first month or so of wearing the band. Afterwards, i haven’t had this issue. Perhaps try cleaning and disinfecting the bands before using as there could be something in the material that causes rash. Like i say, i don’t get it anymore but did in the first month or so.

I really like these bands, they are very comfortable i had one for my charge 2, so i decided to get one for my versa, only downside i have right now is that it was hard to connect to the tracker.

You don’t have to clean as often compared to other wristbands. The color matches with the photo. Stays on my wrist without a problem. Haven’t had any reaction to the plastic materials.

I bought this band because i liked the additional detail from the plain grey band that came with my versa. I wear this almost daily, and it stays put on my wrist. It is cute and sporty, and i don’t have any issues with it staying clasped.

For some reason the rubber band that came with my versa was giving me a rash, i bought this one and the rash went away immediately. The sporty look is fun and it’s super easy to clean if the white gets dirty.

I like that there are plenty of size options for putting the band on my wrist. It does take some work to get it onto the versa, but that’s more about the design of the versa than anything else. The colors were exactly what i expected. I’d definitely buy this again and i’d recommend it.

Key specs for Humenn Bands Compatible for Fitbit Versa, Accessory Breathable Sport Bands Air Holes Compatible Fitbit Versa Smartwatch:

  • Fashion Special design of air holes two-toned Fitbit versa band, not only further reduce the weight, but also improve the permeability, providing comfortable wearing experience.
  • Band for Fitbit versa are made from the durable, lightweight fluoroelastomer,softly and asthetically conforms to ergonomics.
  • Sweat and water resistant material with breathable holes,Perfect for sports, intended for high intensity workouts and sleep tracking.
  • Size Available: Small ( 5.5″-7.1″ ), Large ( 7.1″-8.7″ ), Select size per your needs
  • One year Warranty, replacement or full refund without return.
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Comments from buyers

“comfortable and stylish sporty bands
, Very comfortable
, best versa band!

I emailed them with photos and without hesitation they sent me a new one. The color is great and it’s perfect for swimming. Nice and strong and it’s easy to put on.

I literally only take my watch off to charge it every 3-4 days. I’ve really loved this band. The band that came with my fitbit didn’t breathe very well and it left a rash/irritation on my wrist. I haven’t have a problem with this one at all and i’ve had t for 2 months.

Comfortable and easy to put on. Has held up well with no discoloration.

For under ten bucks i didn’t expect much. But after nearly a year of having it, it’s held up to some brutal abuse at the gym and in life. For the price, you can’t beat it. And in my opinion it is way better than the one that comes with the versa.

I needed a white band for school. Fairly easy to put on, soft, and stays puti was worried that it wouldn’t be secure enough. I have 3 kids, nursing school, work in a hospital and am very active. It never comes loose and doesn’t trap air under it. The original band that it came with would make my wrist sweaty and i didn’t like that. I recommend this band if you need a white one.

I absolutely love this band. It’s comfortable, breathable, easy to adjust and install looks great, and i love the feature to tuck the band back under itself. At such a great price, why wouldn’t you buy it?.

This was a great band for my versa. It was softer than the oem band. Durability was great until i played a game of basketball in it, and that was all it took for it to be broken at he pin bar portion of the band. The other issue i had was the metal used for he clasp started to irritate my skin. I’m have far from sensitive skin and i normally take my watch off every day.

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It is so comfortable and easy to use. I have used it every day since i bought it. I may even buy it in other colors. It is very easily adjustable and stays clasped well. I have never had an issue of it coming off while wearing it.

He was getting heat rash under the original band so we bought a sports band. It’s flexible and breathable. I’d definitely recommend this item.

I have several other bands for my fitbit versa, but this one is my favorite. It is very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust the fit. I wear it all the time (sleeping, exercising, swimming) and it always feels good. Plus, the black and grey colors look great with my silver fitbit.

The band is really comfortable and to my surprise the end stays tucked all day. The color is not as bright as it is in the picture.

If your not carful overtime water gets trapped under the band and can cause a rash.

Easy to put on and take off the versa. Very soft and comfortable, i forget i have a watch on. The color is not as depicted but it’s ok (it’s the plum/pink). I’ve only worn it a few days so time will tell how well it holds up. It is easy to put this strap on my wrist. I just put it around my wrist and snap the peg in the location i want, then i tuck the end of the band into the slot. If you try to tuck first, it will be much harder to get the band adjusted for a a comfortable fit.

I like the color, but the large band does not fit the larger wrist comfortably. It’s hard to put on, there’s not much room to pull it tight and snap it closed.

I have had my doubts on the watch band but so far i have been wearing it a month and love it. The only issue i have is that with it being rubber dirt and dust stick to it and i have to wash it off other then that it is nice.

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Great fit with adjustable pin/hole placement.

As frustrating as it was changing the band on the versa (it’s the versa and not the band) it’s a nice band, been using it for a couple months, no issues.

I appreciate the color options that this versa watch band provides. I also love the fact that this style truly is far, far cooler than the included ‘non-vented’ watch band that came with the watch.

Product was as advertised and arrived on time. The white band seemed to stain quicker than other white bands i’ve had, so it didn’t last long for me.

Just got my versa and this is one of the first bands i purchased. This is also one of the best bands i’ve ever purchased for fitbit and i’ve had three. I love the way you can adjust it and the strap tucks under so you never notice it and it never gets caught on anything. Very comfortable and i’m looking to buy others in other colors.

The humenn band came on time. I didn’t have alot of trouble putting on this band. It was pretty easy to put on my wrist.

The band looks good overall but the color wasn’t quite what i expected. It also ended up giving my wrist a rash due to the way the clasp connects. I’ve never had that issue with other bands.

Giving it a 4 because i like the style of the band but the medal clasp broke within a week. I need to reorder another one.

I bought this band for my wife and she is a chef and the durable and flexible silicone helps get her through her busy days without irritating her wrist, and the holes in the band help he wrist breathe. Also, she looks good doing it. I definitely recommend this for people are fairly active either at work or otherwise.

I have trouble finding bands that fit me well. I end up being between two notches, so that it’s either too loose or too tight. But this band fits perfect and i love that the end tucks within the band versus that annoying loop that slides around.

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