Nice that it comes with the little tools for installation, but the little peg in the plastic band that secures the extra wrist band is significantly weaker than the original. As a result, the extra wrist band is almost always flopping out and flapping about loose. Definitely not as high quality as the manufacturer’s wrist band, but certainly great value. The red on the back is significantly brighter in color than the muted maroon color from the manufacturer’s original band, but it looks fine. Additionally, the perforated design is triangular vice the circles from the original. Again, no effect on functionality and a fine product for the low price.

I’m using this strap with a garmin 230. The replacement strap seems to use a lower quality material than the original. There’s much more stretch to it, so it doesn’t sit quite as securely as the original. I don’t think it will be as durable in the long term as the original either, and the retaining band tends to slide off where the original never does. With those things said, i still think it’s a pretty nice band. It fits comfortably and hasn’t caused any irritation. Given that it’s a fraction of the price of a garmin band, i’ll overlook the concerns listed. Btw, the tools included with my band worked just fine. Update 6/12/17 – i had to order another band because my cat decided to use the one i had previously bought as a chew toy. I’m happy to report that the new one *does* have the retaining bump, so the band stays in place as it should.

Was looking only for the extra band loop, that broke. It includes that and other useful parts.

Have been using this for about a weel. It actually fits me better and is more comfortable than the garmin straps. Updating after 14 months- straps still perfect with daily watch and running wear. Has held up way better then my original garmin straps.

The band quality is good for the price but there is one important flaw that affects the garmin 235 model. Due to the design, the buckle presses again the wrist if you need to wear it really tight to get the hrm to work properly, see my uploaded picture. Since the bands are the same size, i can reuse the old buckle. If you have the other model like 220/230 then it is not a concern. The new strap is too soft so it does not stay locked as some reviewers haved mention and i have to recycle the old one too. I also don’t like the crinkle finish of the black that makes the band looks dull. I have been wearing it for a couple days and there is not skin reaction and it keeps the watch in place as the original does. I doubted about the complaints about the tools until i received mine. One of them is defective and spins freely so i have to wait for another week to get the replacement. Why didn’t the seller do a quick check before shipping out?.

They look just as vibrant as the picture although the colors are slightly different. (if you specifically want red, this one looks more like orange. And the forest green is lighter and smokier. Otherwise the colors match well. ) if it bothers you to have things not match completely, the colors of the little connector things aren’t the same as the band’s. Only white, black, hot pink, and purple match. I also love the patterned one.

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I have a garmin 235, the piece that holds the band down broke so i had to get a replacement. I have the black and red garmin so i decided to get the red band to try out. The color is more of an orange than a red. I ended up just taking the piece that i needed and put the original band back on.

I replaced my original band with this one and it’s still going strong. I definitely recommend this strap if you are looking for a replacement. Plus, it was easy to replace.

  • Nice band overall (now a little better)
  • Good if you know how to recycle the original buckle and strap.
  • Acceptable product for the price

HWHMH 1PC Replacement Silicone Bands with 2PCS Pin Removal Tools for Garmin Forerunner 220/230/235/620/630 (No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1PC Silicone Replacement Band With 2PCS Pin Removal Tools for Garmin Forerunner 220/230/235/620/630
  • Come with screws drivers, made it easier to replace the Garmin Forerunner 220/230/235/620/630 band
  • A good replacement for your old and broken strap
  • Adjustable band for Garmin Forerunner 220/230/235/620/630. Softness is moderate, wear very comfortable
  • Note: For Garmin Forerunner 220/230/235/620/630 Only!!! Not for other models!!! Replacement Strap Band!!!!

Texture is slightly softer than standard band so it has a sort of more flat finish than the original band. Feel is pretty good and it does not have the jelly like feel or stretch of typical silicone products. Red color is brighter than the burgundy of original band, but it is not noticeable at all when on your wrist. Tools worked just fine and i could remove the bolts on my own, but be careful you don’t strip the bolts or stab yourself. Might be best to have someone else hold down the watch while you operate bolts from opposite ends.

The small bands were not all the same color/tone as the large bands, i expected the small bands/clasps to be the exact same color/tone as the large bands. You can see by the picture that the green band is not the same color/tone as the small clasp – but i didn’t notice that when originally looking at the photo and ordering them.

The bands fit and look great on my fr235. Only flaw that i have found is that the small wrap to keep the watch strap down moves easily. I find the strap flopping around during a run or regular workout and be obnoxious.

This is a great replacement band for my garmin, but it’s definitely not as sturdy as the original band. When your original band inevitably breaks, this is good enough to keep you up and running.

Great replacement at a fraction of the cost of a garmin brand band. The design is a bit different than the oem band, and it appears to be solid. My only gripe is the lack of hardware included – i dropped a nut when i removed my old band, and it took a few minutes to find.

No problems with shipping or packaging. The product arrived just as expected. Installation was easy and now my garmin has a nice new band. The straps are soft with plenty of differing lengths to fit most any wrist and the buckle fastens securely. The nuisance i have experienced is that the small piece that is intended to restrain the excess strap after buckling. It is too flimsy to get a snug hold of the strap and the same goes for the too-small-peg which should lock into a wristband notch to hold it in place. This results in the strap flying free, getting caught on clothing or other things, and being a touch annoying as i am seemingly constantly adjusting the wrist strap. Use it or ignore it – the ball is in your court.

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This band is nice and soft and flexible. It feels like the original band that came with the watch. Also i love the color of it. However i found that the part that holds the strap slides off way too easily. I think the little nub that goes in to the holes on the band is not long enough to hold it in place. So i am afraid that one of these days i’m going to lose my watch because of this band. Other than that i love how it looks.

Band is less stiff than factory band making it more comfortable. I love that it came with tool to remove the old band and install the new one.

I am so happy that i ordered them. I bought 3 sets 2 in a size small and one in a size large, both sets were true to size. The fitbit flex bands look just like the ones that come with your fitbit. I would even say that i like this set even more than the standard black set that is included in the original fitbit box when you buy your fitbit. This set of fitbit flex band has wonderful colors and has extra support that the original bands do not come with. I also like that you can wear one color band and a different color support.

I was skeptical, but i prefer this band over the band that came with my original watch. This replacement band is more flexible, more supple, and softer than the original band. It included all of the pieces i needed to easily replace the old band.

The reason i am only giving this 3 stars is that the black piece does not hold the extra band very well. It slips out multiple times a day. I liked the older band much better, but after three years it finally broke. I make do with this one, i just wish it would stay put better.

I am glad i purchased this band. I was skeptical at first because of the reviews but i love it. I had to get my husband to help me unscrew my old band. The screws are tricky you have to add pressure. We put this band on together teamwork makes it work easier.

Excellent band for my garmin forerunner watch. Aqua color matches exactly with the aqua/black version of the watch. Included tools allowed me to replace band easily. Material looks and feels like the original. This band has seen it all in the last few months and so far, no rashes and no deterioration noticed. This is a nice alternative for those that want a less striking and more reserved looking watch band but still like the aqua color.

. But i kinda wish i had put the $7 towards a better/different band. This one is made out of very flexible soft material which causes it to flop around and get caught on things when doing normal tasks. The part that is supposed to hold the extra bit of the band down slips around and does not stay in place also. Compared to the manufactures band and the prior replacement band i had, this is is not ventilated well and water and sweat stay under the band causing it to be uncomfortable. I would not buy this band again.

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I picked this up because i didn’t want a purple band (but i got a stellar price on the purple/white one). This band is more soft/supple than the original and more comfortable. It is very nice that it comes with the tools to change the bands out. I definitely recommend these.

And it was nice that it came with the tools we needed to fix it up. Have had this for a little while now and wearing it every day with no issues.

These straps work well and we have purchased them before, great value.

I ordered on tuesday and received on sunday. They seem to look just like the fitbit bands. The only difference seems to be the window is black in these and not the color of the band. I just wish that the package came with a wide and narrow band sleeves and a few extra clips.

My forerunner 235 came with the standard black band and the one i bought is the red band. While functionality is obviously the same, the band materials and the feel of the replacement red band is much softer than the standard band – and the standard band already feels great to begin with. Took me all of 3 minutes to replace the band. I’m planning on buying other colors.

These are pretty easy to install and fit the forerunner 230 perfectly. The material is a bit thinner/more flexible than the original band, so it might feel flimsy to you but i have not had any issues or cracks within the past 6 months or so, wearing it daily.

These bands are awesome for the price. I have enjoyed being able to match them up with whatever i’m wearing that day. I have had no issue with the plastic being too thick or non-bendable or breaking (the common complaints). They are true to size with the original fitbit bands but at a significant discounti even gave 2 away to a friend because his original fitbit band was all super glued and falling to pieces.

Actually i am using this strap for garmin forerunner 225. The only thing i don’t like in forerunner 225 is it’s original strap. This one works like a charm. Technically i am having forerunner 225 with forerunner 235 band. I strongly recommend for all 225 owners who hate’s their original strap.

I replaced my teal band with this black because teal stands out so much that i couldn’t wear the watch when dressing up. This was easy to install and fits good, and the black made my sports watch more universal.

It came quickly and as expected. I loved the price and wasn’t disappointed. I would say the only thing i had to do when i received it was look up on youtube how to replace the band but other than that, this was great.

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