I got these after going through two different fitbit zip clips where the metal prong broke through the rubber. The advantage to these is that nothing has broken after a couple months of use. Using a magnetic clip makes a lot of sense. I wear mine on the pocket of my blue jeans, and it holds pretty well. It’s come off a few times, but less than the original clip did. And when this comes off, it falls inside my pocket, unlike the original, which would get caught on stuff like a seatbelt and be gone before i noticed. The disadvantage of wearing a magnet outside my pants is that it likes to jump off onto nearby metal objects. I’m learning to be especially careful around the laundry dryer door and metal auditorium seats. Overall, i’d recommend this as a replacement if you’ve had trouble with the original case breaking, although i wish the magnet was just a little stronger.

Still using the first one after 2 months. Can’t beat it for the price.

The clip on the back comes loose when i put it on and exposes the metal underneath. I’m disappointed that it’s not more stable and just hope it doesn’t fall apart.

If you need to replace your fitbit zip clip, this is the one you want. It actually works better than the one my fitbit zip came with when i bought it.

I was surprised that fitbit didn’t have replacements but i was delighted to find a two pack. I love my little fitty bitty.

Great product exactly what i hoped for.

I didn’t realize it was a knockoff when i bought it, but pleased to report that it seems to be holding up well. Just not as tight a grip as the official one, which means it’s easier to get on, but i do check a lot throughout the day to make sure i still have it.

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Not a name brand replacement clip but very good quality and price.

  • Good Replacement Option
  • affordable replacement!
  • Glad I got it

HWHMH 2pcs Replacement Clip for Fitbit Zip Only (No Tracker)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fitbit Zip Clip – 2pcs Replacement Clip – No tracker.
  • The clip end is improved to be sturdier and more durable.
  • Clip your loved Fitbit Zip tracker back to your pocket, belt or bra and other clothing.
  • The clip perfectly fits every Fitbit Zip and holds it nice and tight.
  • This is third party accessory, not official replacement clip.

These look just like what came with original but the quality is poor when you use it everyday after a couple weeks use the metal clip broke through the rubber, original did that but last 3 years before it happened.

It fit my zip perfectly and works great. I love the lime green color.

Ok, they are not real fitbit holders – they work but after only a weeks of use it is coming apart, i don’t expect it to last as long as the real deal – which didn’t last very long to begin with.

I love these, will buy again in other colors.

I have no problems with this. My fit bit brand one fell apart, but no problems with this after 2mo use.

This clip is as advertised and a good replacement for the original clip that broke it’s tip off within 3 months of daily use. I have been using this for a couple of months and it goes onto clothes more easily and appears as good as new. Lost one star due to a slightly looser fit for the fitbit into the holder which i fixed by using a 3m sticky dot attached to the back of the fitbit that keeps it in place in the holder.

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Just as good as the real thing from fitbit.

Great replacement for my fitbit zip clip. Love that it comes in a pack of 2. Only had it for about a month so i can’t speak to durability yet. But, if you don’t see this review amended then that means it is still holding up. Affordable- amazon, as always came through.

Needed to replace my original fitbit cover.

Finally they updated the clip with re-enforced tabs.

Tiny bit thinner than original that came with fitbit but see no difference in wear. Clips to waist just as well as original too. Great price for what you get.

I thought i would try these out to replace the original fitbit zip case that i received when i purchased it. One thing that got my attention was the fact that i received 2 of these clips for less than the price of one original replacement clip from the actual fitbit company. My orginal case was green, and this color is pretty close, thought just a bit lighter. You see in the photo that the sizes are pretty exact. While i wish the material was slightly thicker like the original, it does seem to do a great job of holding my tracker in place. The tip is fairly sturdy, which was my concern, and so far has held up nicely. I’ve been able to wear my tracker with the clip facing both in and out, and haven’t had any issues with them. I’ll have to give it some more time, but i think these are going to work out just fine.

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Very happy with these fitbit zip clips. Much better than the one that came with it. Glides onto clothes very smoothly.

Work great, just as described.

So far has lasted longer than fitbit brand.

It came quickly and i love the color.

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