Fits perfect and tools included is a huge plus.

I read the other reviews about these not being durable and not having a good life. So, i have held off for a few weeks before doing a review. So here is my feedback:#1: the straps are nice and pliable, with enough give to conform easily to the wrist, but without being ‘rubbery’ or ‘stretchy’. #2: the keepers: these are a softer more easily torn material, hence why i think people are complaining about them. If you get the tail of the strap caught on something the keeper will tear. But, they send you 2 in the package. 🙂 (honestly i would rather the keeper fails if i get the strap caught on something rather than my entire strap gets destroyed)#3: the tools: the tools are perfectly usable and worked perfect on my fenix3. Just make sure the drive is seated completely into the screw and you are set. Overall i am very please with these straps and will re-order them if i end up destroying these somehow.

Good manufacturing, although they seem more rigid than the original one, but it is a good buy.

They are made of a little stiffer material than the original band from garmin.

I received two grey wristbands instead of one black and one grey.

They’re not the same width as the original. They’re also harder type of silicone than the original band. I believe you get what you pay for.

Exactly as described and easy to install.

My husband really likes it, and we haven’t seen any damage yet (about 3 months in).

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Greatly recommend this product to anyone, good quality.

Just like the band that comes with it. The securing band for the strap will probably be the first to go on this, but that’s how it was for the original too. Overall definitely worth the price.

Works very well and is a great replacement for the original band. My original band broke after 6 months of spartan races and military training. This product has maintained itself throughout more trials than the original band. As an added benefit, the band is softer and more flexible than the original band. Definitely a worthy upgrade at minimal cost.

Would be better if included tbar/ pins.

So far the band has held up great. It is truly a little thicker than the oem, but at $10 you can’t complain too much. However, the grey color is not grey, but almost white. That was a disappointment since i expected a grey band to arrive and that was the only i was going to put on watch.

Not the best maretial quality but its ok.

Nice bands, easy to install and soft touch. I have had them for like a month and wear it during the shower and for swimming. They continue to look perfect.

HWHMH Colorful Replacement Silicone Bands With Pin Removal Tools For Garmin Fenix 3 (No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only) (Black&Grey) :