I was nervous that i wouldn’t like this, due to some of the reviews that i read but i actually really like it. I haven’t had any irritation to my skin, and it looks just like the regular fitbit band. I know some noted that they were smaller, but i still got a size small. It fits me fine on the last two hooks. I could have definitely wore the large and just hooked it on a tighter clasp, but i figured the small would work and it does. I like that they send you the little clasp cover, although i don’t use it, it seems like it would work and help those who have lost their fitbits. I just continued to use my little silver fitbit clasp in this band, so i’m not sure how theirs is. The only thing that i can say about this band is that the screen that shows the dots is just a little off, so it doesn’t fully line up right. I can still read my numbers fine though, so i gave it 5 stars.

This is really excellent for the price. Even at a good price point compared to other offerings, this delivers a product superior to the manufacturer’s own. In particular, the little slidy thing that keeps the buckle from coming open is a significant improvement over the original. I’m writing this review mostly so i can warn people that the deet in mosquito repellent sprays can damage the nice finish on these. That’s unfortunate, because it seems like usage of bug spray goes hand-in-hand with a product like this. The damage isn’t fatal, it doesn’t seem to affect the actual usability of the band at all, but the surface of my band is now spotted with shiny areas.

These bands a good buy for the money. They fit (and feel) just like the original flex band when worn and they each come with closures, which is nice to have. The colors aren’t quite as bright as the ones shown (see photo), which is why i gave four stars instead of five, but i still liked these so much, i bought an extra set for my best friend’s birthday.

My original fitbit band wore down within a few months and already started tearing, so i purchased these as a cheap alternative to the more expensive official versions. These are pretty close to the real thing, although the differences are certainly noticeable. The ‘screen’ part has a greenish tint versus the originals on the all black versions i purchased, and the clasps don’t seem to hold quite as well and feel a little loose (although i haven’t had issues with it becoming undone or anything). It’s also a little wider and i have slightly more difficulty getting the fitbit sensor out to charge it then with the original. That said, the price is excellent and the feel of the actual wrist band is basically the same as the originals and most of the differences are just in looks opposed to functionality. Hard to beat the price/quality for those trying to save some money or get some additional colors for their fitbit.

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The quality of the material seems very similar to the original band that came with my fitbit flex. The safety sleeve fits nicely over the connecting clasp to keep the band from accidentally coming apart. This is a big improvement over the band that fitbit ships with flex. My original band from fitbit came undone while removing my jacket at airport screening. With the i-smile band, that has never happened. Fitbit should have thought of this in designing its band. However, the i-smile replacement bands that i received were both a little tighter in grasping the tracker than the original fitbit bands were. This snugness made it more difficult to pull out the tracker for charging, requiring me to bend the band more than normal. Both bands consequently wore out faster than the fitbit ones. So while the material used is good quality, the design could be tweaked for improvement.

The bands i got feel more sturdy than the ones that came with my fit bit. I also love the band that ensures the wrist snap does not come undone. I’ve had that happen a few times with my original fitbit wrist band. If i hadn’t been paying attention, i would have lost it because it just slipped right off of my wrist. I have not had this problem with the i-smile replacement bands. If you are a large wrist, the i-smile large is slightly smaller than the fitbit wrist band, i would say by about 3-4 slats smaller (the small spaces where the metal clasps snap in). I wear the large size but i purchased the floral print replacements bands. They fit me just fine but if someone had much larger wrists, they might have trouble. (i’m about an 8inch wrist and standards women’s bracelets are tight on my wrists). I think these are absolutely worth their value and they arrived sooner than the shipping stated.

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These dis colored a bit over time, especially on the edges. I can’t tell if this was caused by a reaction to my skin/perspiration, or if they were rubbing on other surfaces, or what. Aside from that, they did the job just fine. I appreciated having some neutral bands to wear with more professional outfits. I view fitbit bands as replaceable items, as neither the fitbit branded ones nor the knockoffs last for a terribly long time before cracking. I greatly appreciated that these came with additional metal clasps and really great (wide) silicone safety bands. My first fitbit fell off and was lost on a multi-day mountain hike because the clasp wasn’t secure enough. Since purchasing these, i’ve found another knock-off brand that features a proper watch-style buckle clasp. That is more secure yet, and so i probably won’t ever go back to this style, but they were good for what they were.

Fantastic and very inexpensive. I bought the lime green and black combo. They do run a tad bit small in size compared to authentic fitbit bands but it’s not much of a difference. The material feels exactly like real fitbit wristband. Keep in mind shipping can take about a month since it ships from overseas, but luckily for me it only took two weeks for them to arriveupdate: 4 months later and one of the two bands has broken. My original fitbit band broke after about a year, so i’d imagine they’re just not designed to last long in general. Every time you take the bit out of the band to charge it, the band stretches just a little bit and given enough time, the two plastic pieces connected to the see-through window will separate. Downgrading my vote from 5 stars to 4 stars. If it were an authentic fitbit band i’d give it a worse score because direct from fitbit they are incredibly expensive, but from this vendor they are so inexpensive that it’s not a big deal to me. If the other breaks i’ll continue to buy them here because of the good price and variety of color/design options.

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I ordered these because my fit bit original bands were starting to crack from frequent use. I read the reviews and was a little nervous about the reviews that said they were not as sturdy as the originals and could open at the clasp. I haven’t found this to be true. I received my order quickly and with the metal snaps that keeps the wrist band in place. True to the reviews the size is a bit smaller than the original. I wear the small size about half way in the original and more toward the end of the band for this brand. The part i like best about these bands is that they come with a safety clasp that slips over the snap. It fits snugly over the opening for added security that the band will not open unless you slide it out of place. I can’t feel any difference on my wrist but have notice when i take it off to recharge that it is securely in place.

Here are the specifications for the I-SMILE 2pcs Replacement Bands:

  • Free size fit your wrist depend on button site you place. Comfortable for sporting time,Look good no matter what you are wearing.
  • Silicon Fastener Ring For Free – designed specially for fitbit flex to protect the clasp loose and band fall off.
  • Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with this brand new color choices.
  • Free size wristband accessory, High quality and Replacement for lost or damaged Bands.
  • NOTE:No Tracker or other parts! For Fitbit Flex Band only! Not for Fitbit one or other Models! Replacement Rubber Bands with Clasps Only.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Work great, but not as bright as shown.
  • Fantastic and very inexpensive
  • I read the reviews and was a little nervous about the reviews that said they were not as sturdy as the originals and could open

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