I bought style 2: rose gold about a year ago, and i still love it. The polish on the surface isn’t great anymore, but i’ve worn this literally every single day since i bought it, so i’d be surprised if it hadn’t come off. It came with a device to adjust the band size, which was an added bonus. Super comfortable (once i got used to the weight), great quality. I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments from random people. One person even said “damn, that looks expensive”. So of course i had to tell them how affordable it really was.

I got a new alta after having a flex for several years. I had collected a number of different bands for my flex and was hoping to find the same for the alta. I was very happy to find these bands. The mechanism to attach them appears to be just as good quality as the original alta band. One thing to note about this one is that it has a buckle type closure which has a more sporty look, in my opinion. However, the buckle is easier to fasten than the usual fitbit “pegs” and is very secure. I’m looking forward to purchasing some additional colors as well.

I love the looks of this band and it’s very comfortable. The only reason it does not get a 5 is because the magnet clasp could be slightly stronger. It stays in place most of the time, but you have to be careful reaching into things as any tug of the band knocks the magnet loose. It has not fallen off though, because the magnet would not slide easily through at the band attachment.

These feel better on my wrists than the snap bands. I think these are much easier to get on and off than the snap band. I can also make the band as tight or as loose as i want wit one hand, as opposed to two with the snap bands. These will also stay on more securly than the snap band – much harder to snag off of a wrist or come undone in a parking lot. Lots of color variations too.

I have super tiny wrists (as in i usually get watches from the kids section) so expected a little extra slack. I do have to put it on the tightest notch so the extra slack is a bit of a pain and gets hung up, even with the little piece that holds it down. I thought about cutting it but i think that will mess with the style and look obvious that i had to cut it. The colors are exactly what i wanted and the material seems to hold very well.

I lost my fitbit the first week i got it because the two prong clasp got snagged on something and it fell off my wrist. Luckily, my coworker found it and i immediately ordered these bands. They are a bit too long for me (i use the first hole so there’s quite a bit of band hanging off, but that just means people with all wrist sizes can use these bands.

I definitely ordered the rose gold and got regular gold. But it’s still looks pretty nice. I love that it came with that little device to adjust the links.

Work great, beautiful colors. I most likely will never use the band that came with my alta ever again. I only wish i thought to look for something like this sooner. Goodbye silicone locking bands.

  • Dont need to look any furthur, these are it.
  • Awesome bands
  • these bands are great! the watch style closure it nice

I-SMILE 3PCS Newest Version Colorful Replacement Wristband with Secure Clasps for Fitbit Alta Only(No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Replacement wristband with secure watchband-style closure to keep your Fitbit alta on your wrist.
  • Made of high quality TPE + TPU Rubber. Comfortable, durable.
  • The Fitbit accessory is a one size fits most wrists, Designed to fit most wrists (size: 5.5 inch – 8.9 inch).
  • Delighted varied color fits your mood and outfits in daily life. Not only sporty but also fashionable accessories,Creates a strong statement for yourself.
  • The Fitbit accessory band is specifically designed for the Fitbit Alta. No Tracker or other parts! For Fitbit Alta Band only!(Not for For Fitbit flex, blaze, Force or other models(Note: Fitbit Alta Fitness Activity Tracker is not included)

Compared to the band that comes with the alta, these are not perfect, but they are really good. I posted a photo of the tiny (and insignificant) detail that makes them less than perfect. On one side of my alta the seam is not totally gosh, but close. I tried swapping the sides it’s attached on, didn’t help. But they’re still great, and frankly, for the price they’re much better than i expected. I give them 5 stars because they don’t feel cheap (comparable to oem band), the colors are as shown, they’re comfy, and they seem durable. I’ve been wearing the gray 24/7 for about two weeks and no issues what so ever yet. I’d venture these will stand the test of time, and they are seriously affordable.

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Since my fitbit band finally bit the dust i decided to go online and find a new replacement and these bands are perfect. I have tiny wrists and they fit me perfectly. They feel great and fit into the alta wonderfully. I also like the easily adjustable bands since i have small wrists. The three colors are fun and convenient. I would recommend this product to anyone.

The watch style closure it nice, although the band will be a little long if you have small wrists. Other than the closure, they’re just like the original fit bit bands.

They are so cute for springtime. Very comfortable and stylish and affordable. I am very rough on them working with my hands and going to the gym and doing yardwork daily and they have held up quite well. I have gotten so many compliments. Will definitely be buying more for the changing seasons.

They fit great and the colors are spot on. Highly recommend to those with an alta who like to change it up and not just wear black all the time. The alta locks in nice and tight so you don’t have to worry about it popping out like with other bands. I would order again and again.

The wristband arrived on time and in good condition, but i’m not happy with the fit. To fit my wrist, i had to take out many of the links, and then to keep it from flopping up and down on my wrist and for it to enter the accurate amount of steps it had to fit snuggly which made it hard to open and close the clasp. I guess what i needed was some kind of stretch band, like a twist-o-flex they used to make for watches. I’m not complaining, i recieved what i ordered. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

I feel far more secure using these that the one that came with my fitbit alta. I lost my last fitbit when it fell off my arm and it angered me that i spent $100 to get a flimsy band. Makes no sense that a third party offers more security for my fitbit device than fitbit themselves. I no longer fear losing my fitbit aannndd i haven’t gotten a rash on my arm with these bands. Fitbit needs to start taking some notes from these guys.

I purchased the three pack (gray, navy blue, and black). This product is exactly what i saw online. I would say that the navy blue is really not a true navy, however i would still wear all three bands. I like that these brands are like a regular watch band and they fit my wrist perfectly.

First of, these seem to sit quite secure in the tracker, just like the original. The thing i was worried about the most, is how secure these would really be. The colors are just as shown for my selection if the grey, blue and black ones. Very similar in design and feel to the original band. The only thing different is the closing. Honestly, my closing clasp from the original started falling apart and it was holding a disgusting amount of dirt that i cleaned at least once a week. This is like a watch closing and seems less flimsy than i thought for the price. If the little band that you put up to lock the end of the band in place holds up, then this is a steal. The only thing i don’t like so far is that the end of the band stands off a little bit (bands aren’t tight together) which is a given from the design. The other thing is this is a one size fits all.

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These are a little long – i have a small wrist and the tail goes almost around to the other side. I have not tried cutting off the excess because the edge is slightly beveled and i think it wouldn’t look right if trimmed. That said, the blue porcelain design is adorable and i get a lot of compliments on it. Also the width of the band is slightly wider than i would prefer – it’s the same width as the fitbit itself – it doesn’t taper in to be more delicate on a small wrist, but the width does allow more of the print design to show. It attaches easily to the fitbit and is easily interchanged with the other bands. I’m very happy with how it wears and looks and wear this more often than my other stash of bands.

I have some flex bands that have buckles. But i also have a lot (close to 30) bands that have that little clasp that can, and does, open too easily. These rings slide over the clasp and prevent that from happening. They’re not easy to slide into place or to slide away making them a perfect safety measure for the fitbit flex wearers.

Multiple options for wearing her fitbit alta with variety of outfits. She has gotten positive compliments from friends when she has worn these wristbands.

I definitely like the clasp on these bands better than the original band from fitbit. It looks slightly less like a fitness device which the watch-like closure. That being said, it’s not going to hold up with prolonged use. I have favored the gray band heavily (it goes with everything) and it’s no longer gray. The raised texture is now black. Additionally, the bands make a strange random clicking noise when i move my wrist. I have no idea where the clicking is coming from. Overall, i won’t be buying more of these bands–i’ll be looking for something more durable.

I’m fairly pleased with these. Original band that came with my fitbit kept falling off. I was getting frustrated with it. These solve that problem so i’m not going to lose my tracker anymore.

I bought these for my wife who has very small wrists. The color, rubber quality, and design as expected. When installed, the seam between the fitbit and band are slightly off on one side, but this is not a deal breaker at this price point. The metal locking tabs stick out a little further than the original band, but these could probably be bent inward if needed. First impression, i’m happy with my purchase. We will see how they hold up with use. I’ll update my review as needed.

Work perfectly and fast to put on. Even with the little silicone doodads to keep it on, my fitbit was always coming unsnapped. Forty eight hours in not even a slip with thesd. Definitely buying more because i can see the owl one i’m wearing already getting dirty. Fyi they fit a huge range of sizes of that’s a concern.

I am very pleased with how well these work with my fitbit alta. I personally didn’t have any problems with the original band of my alta, though it did take a few days for me to figure out how to put the band on my wrist. My original one just has gotten really dirty and gross looking. These black ones look very nice & since they have the watch band buckle, it’s easy to put on & take off.

They fit great and work well. Much easier to work with then the standard ones that come with the alta. However, they get dirty very very easily. I’ve had mine on for a few weeks and my gray one is turning black all over. I do not have a very dirty either so i’m not sure if it is from clothing or whatever dirt and dust i am coming into contact with. At some point i will buy a leather one, but in the mean time this works. I will probably switch to the black so it doesn’t look so bad.

These wristband covers are the greatest invention since kool-aid. I was getting so bored with one color all the time. Now it’s fun again – they are pretty. They are so easy to interchange too.

I have purchased three replacement bands from this company, the pretty link looking one, and the two pack watch type (black and turquoise). I love every single one of them. They fit perfect, feel secure, and are super comfortable. I was worried with the linked one as it looked really small but it actually fits perfect with a little wiggle room (i got bigger wrists swollen from pregnancy). I highly recommend his brand and i will be ordering more. Inexpensive and worth it for those on a budget.

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This is my second time ordering from this seller. The bands fit the alta perfectly and the watch clasp is much easier to put on and take off and is much more secure than the snap clasps. The colors are fun and bright. Only draw back is the white and the light pink do pick up color from my blue jeans. For the price though i’ll order again when i get tired of the colors i currently own.

My son had ordered another type and it had came apart and he actually thought he had lost his fibitbut searching he did find it so i ordered these for him and he loves themthey are nice looking and seem to be durable i would recommend them.

I love the look of this band. It feels just like a watch band. The only problem is that after wearing it for a few months, the metal started turning my wrist green. I could see it starting to deteriorate on the inside of the band. I’ve never submerged it into water. The only moisture it got on it was just my sweat, which isn’t a lot. I would say it’s okay for occasional wear, but not everyday wear, which is how i like to wear my fitbit.

Thought it was brushed finish but shiny is okay too. Just doesn’t match the fitbit as well. No instructions for removing links but found a video online that was helpful. Easy to change size if too large. Looks great and i would buy another. Shipping through usps was one day later than promised. Which has happened every single time i order from amazon lately. What a nuisance if you are expecting it a certain day, which i was hoping to get this before my trip.

I have purchased replacement bands that did not have the little notch under the band that fits in the clasp holes and then the end of the band would work it’s way out. These bands have that little notch and i love that. The prints are so pretty and the fact that they are rubber does not make them hot to wear. My wrists are small and they can be sized to fit perfectly.

There honestly isnt a bad thing i can say about these bands. Just as good as the fitbit bands, if not better. I personally like the closing on these better, as my original fitbit band got undone on quite a few occasions. I have tiny wrists and wear it on the third from last hole, so the bands have plenty of room for a variety of sizes of wrists.

I’ve been wanting an adjustable band (not the one with the 2 little holes) just to make sure my fitbit was secure and came across this seller. Great color options, and again, great price. They were delivered within 5 days (i chose the “normal” shipping too). So far no color has worn off or anything. When i need to update my accessories i will definitely be coming back to here to buy more bands.

This is what should have been included with the fitbit alta when it was sold. My beloved garmin vivosmart bit the dust and after having problems with other garmin smart trackers, i bought an alta. The vivosmart had a similar clasping mechanism but included a sleeve to keep it from being pulled off. The package included the black bands, but also a bright blue and a grey one.

A band that allows your fitbit to blend in. There are so many styles to choose from and the ones i did choose are excellent quality. They look just like the pictures and have a sturdy fit and feel. Not to mention the clasp is much easier to adjust and put on over the original band that comes with the fitbit. These were for my mom whom has arthritis is her fingers, so this clasp has been much easier for her to manage).

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