My daughter’s fitbit bank recently peeled away from the watch, making it unusable. I found this band and thought i would give it a try. There are no replacement instructions, but a search in youtube produced a quick and easy replacement video. The band fits nicely, looks good, and my daughter is happy with the new color.

Perfect for my daughters broken band.

The product does not come with instructions. There are instructions on the amazon page, but they are not helpful. I thought i could just figure it out myself, but you really need instructions. I felt like i was on the verge of breaking my fitbit, so i stopped. I came to the amazon page and read people’s comments and saw a bunch of people broke their fitbits and a few mentioned watching videos on youtube. So i went to youtube and searched ‘replace fitbit charge band’ and found a pretty good one by someone named domingo that’s about 7 minutes long. His video is technically about a charge hr, but it still works for a regular old original charge. Changing the band is surprisingly easy–if you know how to do it, which you won’t unless you go search for a video. I do like the band, i just wish it came with good instructions. (but that’s fitbit’s fault).

It’s now the only band i wear.

I don’t know why people can’t figure this out. Sure, there’s no instructions but it’s not rocket science. Use the screwdriver it comes w to loosen the screws, use the guitar pick looking thing to pop the “brains” out of your old strap, put it in the new strap and tighten the screws. The fitbit charge fits perfectly. The only problem i have with it and why it’s not getting five stars is it pops open/off my wrist easier than the original band.

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I like that it plugs directly to a usb instead of a really short cord like fitbit.

The snap comes undone easily.

Something fitbit needed to sell. The original bands deteriorate way too quickly and this extends the life of your device. It was easy to do and is good quality.

It works well, looks pretty much like the original. You must watch some videos though, the replacement is not very obvious and you’ll feel like you’re gonna break your fitbit if you’re not careful.

Wish it came with instructions. Videos online were deceiving and we ended up messing up the fitbit trying to change the band.

Here are the specifications for the I-SMILE Fitbit Charge Bands:

  • Replacement wristband with Metal Clasp band style closure to keep your Fitbit Charge on your wrist.
  • Size: Large for 6.5″ – 7.9″(165mm-200mm) wrist, Small for 5.5″ – 6.5″(140mm-165mm) wrist. Available Colors: Black/Navy/Plum/Teal/Red/lavender.
  • Package included: Fitbit Charge strap and Tools.It is easier to replace your old straps and looks like a new watch after replaced, meanwhile it is saved a lot of your costs. Warranty:30 days of free money-back & 12-months of free replaced.(For the replacement Band)
  • Delighted varied color fits your mood and outfits in daily life. Not only sporty but also fashionable accessories,Creates a strong statement for yourself.
  • The Fitbit accessories band are specifically designed for the Fitbit Charge. All are for Fitbit Charge only! (Note: Fitbit Charge Fitness Activity Trackers and other parts are not included)

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fits the charge well, EASY TO INSTALL, but pops open easier
  • Fits nicely and looks good. Made an old Fitbit usable again.
  • My daughters broken Fitbit band no longer needs duct tape
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