I ordered this wristband because i wanted a band with the traditional buckle. It has the same feel and texture as the band that comes with it. It was easy to exchange the bands but i am a bit concerned that it doesn’t attach to the fitbit quite as tightly as the original. When playing in the yard with my dog, one side of the band detached from the unit and fell to the ground. Not a deal breaker but i will be aware when doing anything that may pull on the band.

I just throw them out now when i change them. These serve my purpose for that.

I like this replacement band; it has a clasp on the back which is a big improvement over the strap that the original fitbit has. However, the polka dots started rubbing off on the back of the strap within a few days. The dots on either side of the face of the fitbit are still visible, but on the sides they’re wearing off and on the back they’re almost gone. I’ve had it for less than two months. I didn’t expect it to be super long-lasting considering the price, but thought it would look good longer than it has.

I have these in many colors now. Note that a couple of the colors (tangerine, rose) are actually much darker in tone than pictured on amazon. The prints on white background are adorable but they get to looking dirty fast so not suitable for round-the-clock wear. Of course it takes less than 10 seconds to switch them out, so that’s not really a problem – more like a great excuse to buy even more colors.

The first one corroded and broke at the attach clip after 13 months. Not bad since it is a $6 item and i live in sweaty south florida. Four stars because this one is shorter than the original. Understand, i simply found my prior order and bought another one, same size and color. But this one is half an inch shorter. I am unable to set it very loosely (loose enough to spin freely) and have enough of a tag end left to fit under the keeper or loop. I like the very loose option for working out so the band doesn’t bind against my wrist when i lift weights. But this is minor since i can still adjust it to fit comfortably for every day wear.

I am happy with this purchase. It’s nice to be able to switch my fitbit bands. I like that the bands are like watch bands which makes it easier to put on & off. Although i am now used to the band the fitbit came with, these add color and ease of use. I would recommend these items.

The band attached easily – will have to see if it retains its color.

Key specs for I-SMILE Newest Replacement Wristband with Secure Clasps for Fitbit Alta/Fitbit Alta HR Only(No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Replacement wristband with secure watchband-style closure to keep your Fitbit alta on your wrist.
  • Made of high quality TPE + TPU Rubber. Comfortable, durable and waterproof.
  • The Fitbit accessory is a one size fits most wrists, Designed to fit most wrists (size: 5.5 inch – 8.9 inch).
  • Delighted varied color fits your mood and outfits in daily life. Not only sporty but also fashionable accessories,Creates a strong statement for yourself.
  • The Fitbit accessory band is specifically designed for the Fitbit Alta. No Tracker or other parts! For Fitbit Alta Band only!(Not for For Fitbit flex, blaze, Force or other models(Note: Fitbit Alta Fitness Activity Tracker is not included)

Comments from buyers

“This replacement band is super easy to secure
, Better than the Original
, You Will Not Be Disappointed!

These are great and so much better with traditional watch clasp versus snaps on original band. Bought theses in order to have some color choices for clothing. I have also purchased a brown leather one from amazon, which is great. However leather not so good when you sweat.Highly recommend these bands.

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They do tend to wear out every few months so they need to be replaced, but they look great and keeps your fitbit on your wrist since it has the buckle.

It is so much more secure than the band that cones with the alta. The design was so cute but has not held up to daily use. My husband bought a solid band from the same seller and it is great.

These fit bit replacement bands work great and look good. They allow me the option to change out my bands every day if i want to. They align perfectly with the fit bit and i really like the buckle as opposed to the snap closure. They should fit most size wrists and i love the leopard.

I was ready to get rid of my fitbit because i could never get it on. The strap it came with was too hard for me to strap on. I have artheritis in my hands and it was literally impossible. I took a change and ordered these bands. They were not expensive at all and i just took a chance. When i got them i was so surprised. They are made almost exactly like the one i have except the belted strap which is exactly what i wanted. It was soooooo easy to change the band and the band fits perfectly. It would fit the smallest to the largest wrist with no problems. I love it and it saved my fitbit.

These are the bands that fitbit should ship with. I lost my prior fitbit in under a year because of their stupid closure system. I would not have bought another if it weren’t for the availability of a proper band. These were inexpensive and definitely do the job. I don’t know why fitbit doesn’t step up and make a band that ensures you won’t lose it. My sister also lost hers in under a year. My nephew wanted one and we didn’t want to get one until we discovered the after market bands. I guess they think they will sell more that way but we were adamant we would not buy another until we saw these.

I just received this adorable animal print band in the mail yesterday. I was a little worried it might look cheap considering the great price, but no worries there. It has a matte finish, not shiny, and is super cute. The material is similar to the original fitbit alta band, but without the ridges and with a little more flexibility. 5 inches) it fits me great with 3 extra holes to spare. In case your wrist is smaller.

Really cute when i first got it and it fit pretty well too. The only reason i took it down to 3 stars is because i’ve only had it for 2 months and the design (the white dots) has come completely off on one side of the band. A bit disappointed at the quality since a fitbit is meant to be worn everyday.

This is the second time i’ve order these as my wife really likes this blue color band and its texture. It looks great but the clasps keep breaking as they are thin plastic. Seem to last only several months so there is a danger of losing the fitbit if you’re not careful. And she is very careful with it.

The large bands replace the original large bands fitbit provides with your tracker. The lines on the new bands are more pronounced than the original band, but provide a nice clean look. I bought 3 different colored replacement bands after almost losing my whole tracker due to one of the sides being loose on the original black band. After having that scare i was out $100, i went on the hunt for replacements. I was thinking of best buy to get ‘reliable’ bands or an actual replacement, but i am glad i held off on doing that. These bands have a better lock than the original that you would push through. They fit securely, feel identical to the original and provide the same look as the original. The tracker fits right against the band, with no gap in between. After testing out all 3 new replacement bands, all fit great. If you’re looking for a replacement, don’t spend the extra, just to get the name ‘fitbit’ stamped on the bands.

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These fit my fitbit alta perfectly. These make it much easier to get the fitbit alta on/off your wrist. The stock strap is a real pain. They come with an extra loop, which i use to keep the excess strap in check. This strap feels quite similar to the original strap. I’ve been wearing mine for several weeks and have no issues with wearing it. It’s easy to clean and i haven’t had any issues with the strap coming off.

Attaches well to the fit bit and there were no major problems. However, for people with smaller wrists, the wristbands may a bit too long. I prefer not seeing so much of the end of the strap. Also if you’re wearing the gray wristband 24/7, every week, it will get dirty easily, obviously since it’s a lighter color. Besides that the wristband is still holding up.

As a brown skinned woman i am ecstatic about finding a band that is closer to my skin color than anything else i’ve found within the fitness tracker accessory market. Having had to replace my fitbit charge 3 times over a 2-yr period (at their expense), i reluctantly bit the bullet and bought another fitbit tracker (they gave me a 25% discount) since the charge is obviously garbage. Having read lots of reviews from the fitbit community message board i knew that the bands were subject to unclasping itself easily (same problem existed with the charge). The same day i ordered the alta i went to amazon to order replacement bands and clasp ring loops so that i would have additional protection from losing the tracker when used with the factory band. However, now that i’ve replaced the factory band with the i-smile band i may never ever use the original band again. There’s a security when wearing it that i never experienced with any of the fitbit factory bands and their crazy clasp system. I wore it everyday just hoping i could get through the day without losing it. I’ve also ordered one that i plan to use for more dressy occasions (from another company), but for my everyday go-to this band has far exceeded my expectation.

They fit around the alta very snugly and i don’t feel like i am going to loose my device. I had to contact customer service about an issue, and they worked quickly and competently to get it fixed. I would definitely buy from this company again.

Its a lot better than the original band. I struggled with the original band trying to close it. I will be buying more of these. I would have liked two eggplants instead of black and eggplant. I am getting quite of few compliments on this tracker.

The original band that comes with the fit bit does not have a buckle like this one. That makes it so much easier for it to fall off. With this product it helps keep it stay in place and ensure that i won’t fall off your wrist.

I just got the band in the mail today and i put it on right away. So much better than the band that came with it , which i actually had a hard time fastening. This band is pretty and easy to fasten.

Love the music note design however since it’s plastic i should have just worn it on the occasions that i’m playing, i was so pleased when i got it that i wore it constantly and now it’s discolored in places and i don’t know how to clean it. Besides soap, i tried both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. I would have given it 5 stars if not for the discoloration. Since the price is so reasonable, i’ve decided to order another one for special occasions.

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You really can’t see the floral details in this band from the picture, but they are so pretty. I feel like a little girl with a new pair of shoes–i just keep looking at my band and twisting my wrist to see it from all angles. It’s sweet and feminine, and it turns my fitbit into my fitbit. I ordered some other bands at the same time so i could change them up, but after seeing this i wonder how much use they’ll get. I can see myself wearing this one every day.

We all got new fitbit altas in our house, but guess what?. We both had such an incredibly difficult time fastening the band that we knew if we had any intention on keeping these things, we needed to change the band. We didn’t want to get bands that were too much different from the one supplied with each of our altas, so we were really hoping that the i-smile replacement wristband with secure clasps would be a great replacement. Let me start out by telling you that my husband was not disappointed. This replacement band is super easy to secure, is very solidly made, of great quality and you would never know it wasn’t the one that actually came with the alta if he didn’t turn my wrist over. I really, really, really love the buckle feature and we are both happy with this style of band. The color (plum) is perfect for him and he’s happy he took a chance on this band. 99, you can’t go wrong either, we both plan to buy several other colors (so i can have them to match work outfits for me).

Like many other alta purchasers, i struggled with the band that came with it. This replacement band is super easy to secure. And, i actually like the shade of blue it is better than the blue band that came with my alta. It took mere seconds to change out the bands. Highly recommend this product.

Band looks great, comfortable and easy to install. Big downfall is: short longevity, plastic insert for area that clips onto watch breaks in a couple of weeks after usage. Inner plastic piece needs to be metal or improved material type. You get what you pay for on this item.

Don’t let the cheap price fool you, these are great. It is easy to change out one band for another. I have had mine several months and they still look new. No stretching or discoloration.

Much cheaper than actually fitbit brand and do the job just as good. I have many in different colors to match everything.

This pack is a good value for the money – lots of colors to make the fitbit look a bit more fun without paying an arm and a leg for them. One note of caution for anyone with an especially small wrist. I wear a small band in probably around he middle position. Making it as small as it goes, it fits my wrist. If you are on the small side of a small band, these might be too big for you.

Product fits perfectly on fitbit alta. It was a little long, but a pair of scissors and a meticulous ‘cutter’ took care of that problem. It is millions of times easier to attach than the original band that came with the alta.