I used these as replacements for the garmin vívofit jr. They seemed to have the same quality as the original bands. My kids were rough on them (same as the original) so they ripped as well.

Love the color choices – who wants to wear the same thing on their wrist day after day. And it is easier to change out the vivofit3 with these bands than the band it came with. I have to pry it into the stock band.

These are a good deal for the price. The only problem is the band loop. On two of the wristbands, the loop broke and so the wristband can no longer be used. Be gentle with these and they will last a long time.

Although the band is cute and fit well, it felt really sweaty and uncomfortable during a workout. Not as good as wearing the original band.

Fit really good & such great colors.

Can change to match any outfit. Easy to switch, had more of a buckle for wearing, i like them better then the band that came with my tracker.

Great value, cute colors, soft and flexible and comforable. Perfect for my kids ages 10 and 14. They also fit me, a small woman. These stay on better than the original garmin band because they have a traditional buckle style watch band. My kids both have garmin vivofit 3 and shared the package. This would work with both vivofit 3 and vivofit jr.

Key specs for I-SMILE Replacement Wristband with Secure Clasps for Garmin Vivofit 3 Only(No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • For Garmin Vivofit 3 Gen Only: Perfectly replacement wristband for your Garmin Vivofit 5 Generation fitness tracker, not for any other models
  • Watch band with Super Soft silicone,durable and soft silicone guarantee you a comfortable wearing experience when doing sport,working or outdoor
  • Compare with other clasp design bands, this replacement bands has a watch buckle which makes quick and easy to put on wristband also solve the fall off problem on the clasps,you have no fear of losing your Garmin Vivofit 3
  • Precise multiple holes design, let you adjust to suitable length. Fit 6.0″-9.0″ (152mm-230mm) wrist, you don’t have to worry about improper size
  • This durable and waterproof wrist strap is made from high quality silicone, which is very safe material and won’t irritate your skin even when you sleep
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Comments from buyers

“More colors, please!
, Cute and functional!!
, Fun to Wear!

I love the different colored bands. I change them out based on the colors i wear. These bands work great with the garmin vivofit3 i own.

I really enjoy the bands which wear like a watch. I have found it to be more comfortable if the tracker is on the inside of my wrist and the buckle is on top (anatomically, it makes sense).

I purchased the ten braided assorted colors bands and i love them. The color doesn’t wear off like the printed ones and i get many compliments on them. I did find that i had to wash them before wearing them for the first time because of my sensitive skin but after i figured that out i haven’t had any issues.I’m glad i went ahead and bought the big pack so i can change the color with my mood.

Bought for my garmin vivofit 3 and it was a good fit. Felt comfortable on my wrist.

I was worried they would be cheap feeling and they are not. They are very flexible and soft. And we all love having the option to change our band daily.

My 12 yr old wanted other colors for his vivofit. He loves the colors, he isn’t big on the old fashion band style. He really prefers the locking band that came with his vivofit.

These are exactly what i needed for my garmin vivofit 3. They fit great, i love the metal closure so much more than the one on the original garmin bands. And the colors, oh the colors. Bright, vibrant shades that allow me to mix and match depending on my clothes and my mood. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase, and highly recommend for a garmin vivofit 3.

This wristband has great style and functionality. The colors are vivid and stands out a bit. However, after a few days of wear, the design starts to fade, which makes it look a little tacky. I would give it 5 stars if the design/ print didn’t start wearing away after only a few days.

These wristbands are very comfortable and durable. They have a nice soft feel to them yet they hold the vivofit 3 device securely. The clasp is smaller, which i like, but sturdy. No trouble with it on in the shower, while sleeping, and during the day. I have sensitive skin and these didn’t bother my skin at all. My only complaint is that they don’t have enough colors. They need to partner with crayola and have these bands that run the gambit of colors. I’d wear a different color every dayadvice: make sure you line up the arrow on the vivofit with the arrow on the inside of the band. The vivofit only goes in one way.

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The bands have been working well except for the black band. It broke the first time i wore it.

Just as advertised and i love the color selection and fit of these bands way better than the band my vivofit came with.

But i forgot to see what size it was when ordering. Once of the bands clasps broke of within a week of putting it on. I bought another better band. I will use these as back up.

Nice wristbands, but they are girly colors. The blue is a light blue, the green is a light teal and the “rose red” is pink. I ended up giving them to my girlfriends.

Bought these for the kids garmin and they worked great for my 9 year old niece. Highly recommend these if you need an adjustable, larger band :).

Bought as gifts and they were well liked.

This was a great investment. I am able to be stylish with the colors. The wristband stays on without any trouble. I lost my last garmin tracker because the wristband that came with it did not stay secure. One thing i have noticed is that the ‘flap’ holder moves around and sometimes the flap gets in the way. I would still buy these again if i needed more. Good price for the amount of wristbands you and in a variety of colors you get.

I love the bands, the only problem i have that stopped me giving 5 stars was the design has already wore off on the edges and i have only worn it for a week. I wear it 24/7 and use my hands alot. If i had known the design would rub off i would have ordered the solid colors. The band it’s self is very durable and comfortable.

Been using the normal set of 13 since january. I bought a bunch because other reviews said they break/tear easily. I’ve been using the purple wristband for three months already and it’s still sturdy. What am i going to do with the other bands?. The strap is pretty long so i snipped off an inch or two. Only complaint is that the band that holds the strap down moves around a lot so i have to adjust it at least once a day to keep the strap in place.

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These are great for the price. The rubber that holds the straps slips a lot, but the band always stays secure on my wrist.

Bought these for my son who asked for them. He loves them and says “they are very comfortable, but the wearer might need a few days to get used to the thicker band”.

The bands look just like the picture. I needed a new band because my wrists are little and the band that came with the vivofit often came open. These bands fit better than the original one. The downside is that the design rubs off. I got the bands in the fall, they lasted until the beginning of summer.

Easily move the tracker from band to band. Holds the tracker very securely. Good size for my 9 year old daughter (avg build) with plenty of room to grow.

I wear them when i go to play golf and i can match colors with my clothes. Much better than the original band.

I really enjoy being able to color coordinate my band to my work clothes or workout outfit. I’ve had people comment on my bands and even a man asked me about them.

My daughter and son each have a vivo fit 3 and they were able to pick their favorite colors from this package. The quality of the bands are great and the colors are bright. Highly recommend this product.

Oh my goodness, what a deal and my family loves them. Great quality and great price. But not for a longgggg time as we have sooo many options.

Great replacement wristbands with awesome colors.

Vibrant colors, vivofit 3 device fits perfectly. Only complaint is that the little band holding the strap down breaks quickly, leaving the strap to flap around.

A variety of colors to match my wardrobe, but i’d like more muted or natural colors though. Easy to slide the garmin vivofit in and out. They are sturdy, do not tear, and the metal clasp on the bands are better than the band that comes with the garmin vivofit, which falls off easily.