The quality of these bands is impressive and they are so much cheaper than if you buy from fitbit directly. I would say they hold up at least as well as the fitbit bands, if not better. The lighter colors, like the yellow and green, even the pink, get dirty pretty quickly, but it’s not very noticeable and it doesn’t bother me. It’s worth getting the entire pack even if you’ll just use the black and blue.

Based on my experience with two oem bands, each of these would only have to last about six weeks to be a better value. That said, i can now say that they appear to be at least as durable as the official bands. They are about one half-notch shorter on each end compared to the official band, but that really shouldn’t be a problem unless you have an exceptionally thick wrist and are already uncomfortable on the largest setting. The plastic is slightly more rigid than official bands, but not in a way that makes a difference, and it does soften up with use. One note: the red is more of a fuchsia, enough so that it may discourage some men from wearing it. Otherwise, though, these are a perfectly good and much more economical replacement for the official band, and you get the bonus of color variety.

She now can wear her fit bit with every outfit. She has stated that they feel lighter and slightly more comfortable on the wrist than the oem bands. Shipping took forever because they came from china. For the price, you can’t complain if you don’t mind waiting almost a month.

Amababa™ deluxe rainbow pack / sports edition pack / olympic rings pack accessory replacement bands with metal clasps for fitbit flex / wireless activity bracelet sport wristband / fitbit flex bracelet sport arm band (no tracker, replacement bands only) (rainbow pack of 7, small) i just received these and the colors look beautiful. I think the length will be fine also. My only disappointment is that the fastener rings do not match the colors, with the exception of the bright pink. There are two pink, two black and two dark blue/gray. It would have been nice to at least get a white one in the pack considering the rainbow pack are all fairly light colors. The colors of the fasteners are not shown in the photo. I’d like to contact the company but i can’t seem to see how to do that.

Two of the five have maleformed holes, makibg them impossible to fasten.

The little band that covers the snap is too large and doesn’t stay put to help guarantee the band stays on.

I-SMILE Silicone Deluxe Rainbow Pack Accessory Replacement Bands with Metal Clasps for Fitbit Flex/Wireless Activity Bracelet Sport Wristband(No tracker, Replacement Bands Only)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Free size fit your wrist depend on button site you place. Comfortable for sporting time,Look good no matter what you are wearing
  • Silicon Fastener Ring For Free – designed specially for fitbit flex to protect the clasp loose and band fall off
  • Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with this brand new color choices
  • Free size wristband accessory ,High quality and Replacement for lost or damaged Bands
  • NOTE:No Tracker or other parts! For Fitbit Flex Band only! Not for Fitbit one or other Models! Replacement Rubber Bands with Clasps Only
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Replacements bands are a great replacement to the fit bit ones that broke.

Before the tragic loss of my fitbit i used to use these all the time and loved them. They fit really well, didnt fall off, and i the colors were really cute. I recall the white one got a little dirty but it was easy to clean off with soap and water or a magic eraser.

A little bit cheaper than hoped for. 5 lock clips will mean a lot to those who lose them. For those that claim their band keeps snagging on things, the 3 extra rubber ring securements will be a bonus. You do not get to choose any colors. The ring colors will be a surprise. I would recommend to someone who had to have colors. It’s a nicer shirt that you can try on vs. A tshirt multi pack in a plastic wrapper.

Love the extra security tab. I waited a while to post this review. We’ve had them for about 6 weeks and everything is great.

It seems a little stiffer than the fitbit brand band. The clip attachment is also shallower as stated in other reviews. The extra securing strap that it comes with is a necessity. Will leave another post if it breaks any time soon. I’ve gone through 2-3 fitbit bands in less than 2 years — so i doubt it can be any worse than those.

Ran a little small as compared to the original fitbit band but stretched a little over time. I love the band that covers the clip as i am generally concerned it is going to fall off (but never has).

Not sure where these were shipped from?. Did not show up on my amazon history. They took a while to receive them. But very nice set of bands, good colors and all came with the clasp. Others that i looked at did not.

Each one comes with a clip for closure. They are a little stiff getting fitbit device in and out.

Love the variety for little $.

Wish apple would look at this design and change their’s. Maybe then i wouldn’t have lost mine. So secure and nice to have the colors.

I-SMILE Silicone Deluxe Rainbow Pack Accessory Replacement Bands with Metal Clasps for Fitbit Flex/Wireless Activity Bracelet Sport Wristband(No tracker, Replacement Bands Only) : I’ve had these for 4 months and have loved them. Yes, the colors are a bit off (someone posted a photo below) but i love the colors i got. I’ve gotten compliments on my “colorful fitbit”. You may get better quality from the name brand but you’d pay a lot more. These are worth it to get some variety and they’ve held up.

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These bands are exactly what i’ve been looking for. After a bad experience with another seller, i used my amazon credit i received to buy these and i’m so glad i did. They look and feel identical to my original fitbit band and they are super comfortable. The package also comes with replacement clasps and a product similar to ‘bit belt’ to keep the clasp secure. I definetley reccommend this product and i have already purchased more colors.

These were great but i should have ordered the larger size. I’ve got very small wrists, but they were to snug. Gave them to my mom though, and she loves them.

I am very happy with these bands. I have a different color for every day of the week now. They seem well made and i love that they come with an extra piece to ensure they do not come off. These are definitely work every penny.

I read through the other reviews before i purchased these bands. I was hesitant at first because of some of the comments. I decided to purchase them because of the price. I figured i’ll only be out $9. It beat buying 1 band at $14. I received the bands quickly from prime and i am extremely satisfied. The bands are vibrant in color, included the clasps, and band wraps for extra band security (i nearly lost my fitbit on 3 different occasions from the original fitbit band, i’m pleased this purchase came with the wraps). My original fitbit band only lasted 6 months. I’m hoping that these last much longer but for $9. 99 i’m still ahead of the game.

A bit shorter than the ones from the official site, but as another reviewer said, unless you always need to use the last two holes, this should not be a problem (just one notch shorter). Fit bit sensing unit fits tightly in the pocket. The ‘window’ is less smoked so i guess the lights will appear a bit brighter. Will provide excellent service for a long time.

I love this set of fitbit wristbands. The colors are so pretty and vivid. I love changing them to match my outfits or for a nice pop of color. Cons: it can be difficult to get it on compared to the ones that are produced by fitbit. It has fallen off my arm twice, but luckily while i was in the house.

My wife loves these replacement fitbit bands. They are slightly difficult to initially get the fitbit into the band, but it holds the device snugly once installed. She’s been using it for about a month and has no complaints.

Fit my flex perfectly and i have not had any problems with them breaking, yet. I like the vibrant colors, too.

These fitbit bands are great. They seem a bit less supple than those made by fitbit, but seem sturdy and fit well. I ordered small and they fit me well, but would not be suitable for someone approaching a medium size.

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Really good quality n last long.

These have been a great accessory for my fitbit. I love being able to change out colors with my wardrobe. They fit well and and hold the fitbit perfectly.

I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to test these out before writing a review. I bought these to split with my mom as we both wear the small size fitbit band (wish it came with 8 colors instead of 7). These come with a clasp for each band so you don’t have to keep switching them out each time you change your color, so that’s a great bonus. I think the bands are great and the colors are pretty accurately depicted in the product photo. I haven’t had any incidents with the bands breaking/snapping in half. It is a bit snug so getting the fitbit piece out can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but at least you know it’s secure and won’t accidentally fall out. The band sizes are also a bit small. I wear these on a looser setting than the fitbit brand small band. If you wear your fitbit band in the first or second hole, you should get these in a large. I wear mine on a 3 or 4 and wear this one in the first or second hole depending on how tight a fit i want.

The small plastic black piece is needed to hold the band on your arm. The band clasps aren’t good and the band will fall off without the extra plastic piece.

I got the exact colors shown in the picture for the set of 7. The only difference is that the pink band is a more vibrant, darker pink, but i like that better anyway. Overall i think these are nice, though i’ve only worn one for an hour so far. The fitbit was a bit difficult to get out of them, as the rubber is more stiff than the fitbit brand one, but i imagine it’ll get easier over time. I had no trouble clasping them.

They run a little smaller than the actual fitbit brand bracelets but this one has lasted longer than the one that came with my fitbit and with this price i can’t complain.

Wonderful colors that match any outfit. Comes with the clip for a secure fit, no problem with it coming loose, easily cleaned and good sturdy materials. I can’t recommend this item enough. Size runs just like the original item, easy to change out daily if you wanted. A must buy for anyone who likes to change up colors a bit.

The bands are slightly shorter than the original fitbit band, but i have large wrists and they still fit comfortably. I wear my fitbit band loose, and the ismile bands still allow for that.

These bands are difficult to close. I need to press them against my wrist to close. Takes to much time especially when you are in a hurry. I don’t wear my fit bit because.