Mi bryton rider 530 lo reconocio de inmediatofunciona perfectamente.

This is the most consistent, steady, hrm chest strap i have ever had. It does require some blue-tooth on ant+ receiver to use but it was easy to set up and get activated.

Had a wahoo heart rate monitor which started malfunctioning (in wahoo app and other apps). Bought this one since i would be using it with my igpsport 618 cycling computer and all fine since. With lot of use strap does expand a bit although not as quickly as i had with the older wahoo monitor (also a strap). Monitor works also with other apps including wahoo fitness, ride with gps, road bike , heart graph and so on. My only complaint is battery use although they last longer than the previous wahoo i was using. May be because it gives a stronger and better signal , so that would be great if they would improve on in next monitor.

Monitores mi ritmo cardíaco es esencial para un mejor desempeño. Aunque no es el primer monitor que tengo, si lo es para incluirlo en mi computadora de bicicleta. He podido conocer mejor mis umbrales de acuerdo a mis esfuerzos.

Guys, the instructions don’t seem to mention it at all but you have to open up the battery compartment and peel a sticky disk of cardboard off of the battery. Then replace the battery and everything works. The disk is there to keep the unit turned off during shipping so it arrives with a full battery. After doing this, the unit connects with my phone and with my ant+ bike computer just fine.

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Fits well and is very accurate. Arrived sooner than expected.

. What i like: the price, ant+ and bluetooth connectivity, comfortable enough, good battery cover design. What i don’t like: the sensor can pop loose from the strap thereby stopping your hr reading. This seems to happen if you try to adjust the strap while exercising. I have plugged the sensor into my old garmin strap and it does not pop loose. It’s a benefit that it will fit and work with other straps, but i shouldn’t have to do that. I have also lost hr reading when strap is fine. I’m ordering some electrode gel to hopefully improve that. We’ll see how it does with further use and testing. Update : the company/supplier sent me a replacement unit and it is working great.

As received neither my iphone x nor apple watch 3 could find the heart rate strap while i was wearing it. I emailed the vendor (rockbros llc ) i received the following somewhat strange reply ‘the bluetooth function here is only for sports apps, like strava. This can not be directly connected to the phone or watch. You need to open your sports app on your phone,and then to connect the strap’. Still i thought it must be on the bluetooth list of devices even if not paired. It finally dawned on me that maybe there was no battery installed despite documentation stating one was installed. Upon checking i found that indeed a battery was installed. Once i bought a new one and installed it the strap worked just fine showing up in the bluetooth connected device list as hr35 02822840 under health devices. Took it out for a run and it worked fine.

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This is one of the best igpsport out there. Works perfectly and connects fast.

Just used it with my indoor trainer and the app from kinomap. Worked like a charm with bluetooth smart 4. Download the app from kinomap.

The hrm works fine with both bluetooth and ant+ connections. I use it for zwift (ant+), and concept 2 rower (bluetooth).

I was able to link this device with my rowing machine in under a minute. The heart monitor provides pretty consistent results with that on my fitbit, although it is obvious this product is much more accurate. I definitely recommend this to others.

Works great with apple watch. No connectivity issues in the 6 months i’ve used it. I use it mainly for motocross and it’s never given a faulty reading or dropped connection. Here are the specifications for the IGPSPORT HR40 ANT:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 & ANT+ COMPATIBILITY: Dual-band technology iGSPORT HR40 heart rate monitor allows wireless connection to most smartphones,leading fitness apps,compatible gym equipment,tablets,bike computures,sport watches,GPS devices such as Garmin,Polar,Bryton,apple watch,etc
  • SCIENTIFIC HEALTHY: Track heart rate and sync data through Upgraded Heart Rate Strap HR40,used with fitness app such as Wahoo Strava Zwift,analyze data easily and optimize your training to reach your goals
  • COMFORTABLE FIT STRAP: the soft adjustable textile chest strap with improved electrodes and Button hole provides the comfort and security needed when exercising.Strap adjusts from 25.6″- 37.4″ (65 – 95cm) with a maximum stretch of 47″ (120cm)
  • ENHANCED BATTERY LIFE: Sustainable use of 340H, and intermittently for 1 year’s usage time of one CR2032 battery (assuming 1 hour/day use).EASY TO REPLACE,any coin can be used to unscrew the device to replace the battery
  • ATTENTION: Adjust the strap length to fit your chest tightly and comfortably,and wet the electrocode area before using to make sure the area touch firmly with your skin. NOTE: there is a “L” and “R” on the device,the left side and right side should be the same as your left and right hand,please keep the iGPSPORT logo upside when using
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I use it to track workouts and my heart rate variability.

Really am pleased with the product and price. Very functional and accurate. Just wished it worked with more apps although not a dealbreaker.

It was easy to connect to bluetooth and would have accurate readings but each time i would use it, it would drop the heart rate readings more and more where it came to a point where in 30 minutes of use only half of time it was recording anything. Updatefigured out that the reason why the hell would drop reads was because of bluetooth feature not being consistent for whatever reason. No issues after connecting it to ant+.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • like STRAVA. This can not be directly connected to
  • Works Fine (but you must remove the paper from the battery first)
  • Works when it works