After reading reviews, i was nervous about having to resize but i figured i could always bring it somewhere and have it done. I followed the instructions and the pin end popped out. I took 2 on one side (together) and 3 on the other side (also all at the same time). The only difficulty was putting the pins back in. It worked much better laying it on a flat surface and inserting the pin in. I then used the flat edge of a screwdriver (anything else would work) and pushed the pin in flush. I then put it on the tool to countersink the pin the rest of the way in. The tool bit moves around as you screw it in so as you get close to the pin you need to move the strap so it aligns to the pin opening.

I love my fitbit, but i really hate the strap that it comes with – people knew it was a fitbit and everyone commenting on how many steps they were doing each day – annoying. With this strap, it really looks like you have a nice watch. Attaching it to the fitbit was fairly easy – took only a few minutes to figure it out. I needed to take out about 5 links, but was able to do this with no problem. I highly recommend this band i have the fitbit alta.

I’ve been wearing it for about a week now. I have sensitive skin and react horribly to watch bands/bracelets unless they are high quality. This one has caused no irritation to my skin. I bought this band because i needed my alta to look more like a watch at work and this one was in my price range. This band looks exactly like my old seiko watch band and the nifty tool it came with made it pretty easy to remove the links myself. I had to remove about 4 links (sorry, i don’t have them in front of me right now to count) and do not have small wrists (i’d say i’m relatively average). The butterfly closure is taking some getting used to, but has been secure. I’m pretty hard on jewelry on my hands and have only had half the clasp come open once, and that may have been more from me not closing it all the way since i’ve never used this type of clasp before.

Love the band but i cant wear it because the link remover tool is cheap and doesn’t work. It is made of plastic and each of the remover pins bent so i cannot resize the band. I got one pin a fraction of the way out then the tool bent and the pin is stuck partially out. So frustrating, save your money until the tool is upgraded.

The band is fine, looks great, whatever, but if you need to remove any links get ready for hours of infuriating frustration. The tool that they send with it to remove the links is a piece of crap. It was impossible to line up the tool with the pin because the tool wouldn’t go straight, after trying a hundred times to line it up i finally got lucky and got the pin out, 1 link. I had to take out three pins to get it to fit right.Do you know how long it took to get the damn thing to fit??. Not worth the migraine this gave me **however the company did contact me after reading this review and gave me a full refund for my trouble so that was pretty cool.

What a classy upgrade for my fitbit. Finally an affordable non-magnetic closing band. A bit difficult to remove extra links. Hope the manufacture can add written narrative to the ‘picture’ instructions for removing extra links. Other than that i love this band.

I was hesitant to purchase since some of the reviews indicated the band was difficult to adjust. It took me about 30 minutes to size the band, but i now use this band exclusively, rather than swapping out. This matches my watch band and looks very nice.

Key specs for ImmSss Metal Bands Compatible for Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta for Women Men, Stainless Steel Jewelry Replacement Bracelet Bangle Wristbands:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Personalized your Fitbit Alta Tracker with this refined replacement premium stainless steel band, stainless steel strap makes your Fitbit Alta a totally new classic and elegant look.
  • Band comes with Fitbit Alta / Fitbit Alta HR Smart Fitness Tracker Lugs on both ends, which locks onto Fitbit Alta / Fitbit Alta HR Watch Band Interface precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation and removal.
  • Flexible Design: The length can be adjusted with the link removel tool (included) it according to the circumstance of individual wrist, securely and convenient to put on or take off it. Fit for wrist size:5.5inch~8.9inch.
  • Unique Butterfly Folding Clasp: Adopt double button butterfly clasp, firmly closed, and prevent loosen automatically, safe and beautiful.
  • Warranty & Package: 100% money back guarantee if the Fitbit Alta Band doesn’t fit or meet all of your expectations.Package included: 1x Watch Strap, 2x Spring Bars, 1x Link Removal Tool.
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Comments from buyers

“Difficult to resize
, I would definitely recommend this product
, Huge and heavy and miserable to remove links!!!

Very sturdy & elegant for people that like the classic two-tone band color. Had it for a few days now and it is holding up very nicely.

I’ve had this for about 6 months, and while not absolutely perfect, it’s definitely a good band. >the directions aren’t totally clear, but if you really look and study them you can get it right without too much trouble. Just make sure you’re following the arrows and then take that into consideration when doing the other side too. >it holds securely to your wrist. I haven’t had it go flying off, which is great because that’s what happened to my watch with a magnetic clasp one. >also, it has not irritated my skin. I have a nickle silver sensitivity and will get a bad rash on my wrist from nickle silver. So, this does seem to actually be stainless steel, which was a major reason i got it. The only thing i’d change if i could is the finish.

I wear it more than any of my other bands. It took about 20-30 minutes to adjust for my wrist the first time, but the special tool that came with it made removing links easy. Now that it is sized properly, it is very easy to take on and off, or to switch bands. I have been wearing this for over a month now, but have never had trouble with it.

Bought the black stainless band and it looks great with the fitbit. Not sure how long it will remain black but hopefully for at least a year. The good news is that it works well on small wrists. I wanted to replace the stock band with something a bit nicer so i tried a leather band first. As fitbit wearers with small wrists know even the stock band has gaps on the side if your wrist is in the 5. The gaps with the leather band are even bigger. So i ordered the link band and quite easily removed eight links, resulting in a band that looks good and fits my small wrist with a smaller gap than the stock band. Wish the fitbit were a bit smaller so that it would actually fit a small wrist but it’s not.

I don’t know why others had so much trouble sizing this band. I’m guess it’s because they didn’t bother to read the instructions. Taking the pin out from the marked side couldn’t be easier. I removed and reattached the ends, removing three links in about 15 minutes and the only reason it took that long is i screwed up on one link and went the wrong way (duh). The tool they supply is top notch and appears to be made of a glass reinforced resin. They even include extra extraction tips so you don’t have to worry about breaking one. The band itself is topnotch. I kept breaking the ‘official’ fitbit bands if i accidentally caught it on something while working because the fitbit couplings are nothing but plastic. The ends on this band are all metal and really attached firmly. The band itself matches my seiko watch band and looks great.

Pleasantly surprised with how heavy it is and especially like the closure/clasp. I’ve purchased metal bands in the past that feel very light and tin like. Would have liked for it to have been a bit of a wider band but given the width of the fitbit not sure that would be possible.

Makes my fitbit alta hr look like an expensive watch. Feels comfortable, no pinching which i was a little worried about with a metal band.

Great band for my fitbit alta. It has a nice weight to it and much more stylish then the band i previous had. I had bought a silver band that had a magnetic clasp the problem was other metals i would come in contact with. This band is secure and removing links to fit my wrist was very easy.

This is way tooo huge—and what a miserable cheap tool to take links out. It is also very, very heavy—i’m sticking with oitom bands as they are light weight, great magnetic adjustable band. Yes–i wanted 2 tone but this is bulky feeling. Saw a few other people complain about removing links but thought hey i could do it. Disgusting waste of time and money. They should have a couple sizes you could pick from as this is big enough for a 200pd guy and i don’t know too many women this would fit. . Horribleaddition:ok had it for a couple days and went to a fast fix (paid $10) and they had to take all the ‘adjustable links out to get it sized down for me so i will say i do like how it looks but yep it’s heavy. Still think the company could sell a smaller size from the get go for us smaller ladies and come up with a better tool to adjust. It is pricy when you have to pay another $10 as i couldn’t do it myself.

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This band is very nice looking and is very sturdy; almost heavy-duty, but it is definitely not for small wrists. This would be great for a guy or gal with medium to large wrists only. I had to remove many links before it would fit, and by the time it did, it was a little lop-sided. The ‘tool’ that was provided to remove the links is also very hard to use. I literally sat under my reading lamp for over an hour trying to remove the links. It is also very hard to open the clasp to take on and off. Despite all the negative points, i have to say it really is classy looking. I’ve been wearing seiko watches all my life with bands just like this and it really looks nice.

I love this band as the silver/gold combination is one of my favorites. I have a very small wrist, barely 5-1/2 inches. Most “small” bands are too big for me. With the tool provided, my husband was able to remove 6 (yes 6) links in just a couple of minutes. I love the “bracelet like” fit and the quality is great, very well made with a secure butterfly clasp. I highly recommend this band.

It is a great combination of silver and gold, which can be casual or dressy if need be. It was easy to remove the links i needed to for correct fit, and the butterfly closure works well. I have purchased several bands for previous fitbits, and like this one the best for my alta hr.

When i took it out of the box i was surprised at how heavy it was. I did need to take out 5 links with the tool provided and that helped. One side snapped into my fitbit easily, the other side was a little stiff but eventually connected. Directions on how to open the band would have been helpful but i finally figured it out. It’s still a little heavy but it is stainless steel, i’m hoping i’ll get used to it. I should say other watch bands have irritated my skin, so far this one has not.

Very nice substantial metal band without being too thick. Good weight and feels well made. It was also very easy to remove links with the included tool. Just make sure to read the instructions to know which direction to push the pin out and back in. If it was hard to push any of the pins, it is very likely you are pushing in the wrong direction. I also like the butterfly style clasp bc it is easier to put on. Only reason i knocked off a star is because at first it would not completely latch on one side of my fitbit, so it was easy to slide it off without even pressing the little latch down as you normally would. I have 4 other metal bands and none of them ever had this problem. Both ends of the band latched with a ‘click’ on one side of my fit bit but not the other side of my fitbit, so my guess is that one side of my fitbit is ever so slightly ‘off’ in the way the slot that catches the latch was machined. It isn’t just dirt, bc i cleaned it well to rule that out.

I am extremely happy with this band. I was worried about ordering due to some of the reviews stating difficulties removing links but took the chance. I used the link tool provided and while it took maybe 30 min to remove 6 links it was not difficult at all. The end result gave me the look i wanted and i like the weight of a metal band. I look forward to seeing how the band stands up to wear. I do not plan on wearing in the shower but do work out in this band.

As others have said, it’s reminiscent of my seiko watch band, which i liked a lot. I was afraid it might be heavy, but it’s a comfortable weight, without feeling cheap. And my husband had no problems removing links for me.

I wear my fitbit everyday, so the cheaper looking bands just are not my style for work, going out etc. This band makes my fitbit look just like a normal watch. I’m not really into wearing huge jewelry on my wrists everyday (why i use fitbit and not apple watch) and this band keeps my fitbit looking slim and sleek. Pretty easy to remove links with the tool provided, just follow the instructions regarding the direction of the arrows. One tip is to be easy with the tool they send, i have broken these before in the past.

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I scrutinized and pored through other reviewers’ pictures wondering if the part that connects to the fitbit might look cheap of plastic-y. The band and attachment look like they’re great quality ss, and the links were easy to remove and reattach. It’s a little tedious but not bad at all. Looking forward to seeing how this wears over time.

I bought my wife a fitbit and to make it more attractive, i ordered this band. A tool to adjust the band was included in the package which made it easy to adjust the band size to my wife’s wrist. All in all i was extremely pleased with this product and how it looks with the fitbit alta.

I typical like to wear silver/gold combo so i bought this band for my new fitbit alta hr and was pleasantly surprised, absolutely love it. My husband even commented on how nice it was. I had to take about 5 links off which wasn’t too bad and it included a tool to help do that.

My fitbit alta hr no longer looks like a pedometer but a nice watch appropriate for the office and going out. The band is actually really nice. I was worried it would look cheap, but it doesn’t at all and has a nice weight. I could see this band costing 70-100 dollars at a department store or if it was branded. Kind of a little pain to adjust the strap like others have said, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. Just took me 5-10 minutes instead for what looks like it should taken less than 2 minutes. One small thing to note, since it’s stainless steel when you tap the display to get through the screens it makes a very small noise of stainless steel links clinking together so it’s a little less subtle when you’re trying to get the time.

This band is really pretty and has a nice feel to it. But i’m reaching my frustration tolerance with resizing it. I have a small wrist, so i have to remove a bunch of links. It’s a total guess how many, and once you start taking links out you can’t put it on your wrist again to see if it’s the proper length with the fitbit in, so you have to take apart the band you’re wearing, and measure, and bla bla. I am sure i’ll get it eventually but i would really like to get to other activities today ☹️ trusting that putting the pins back in will be easy.

My fitbit altra hr came with a black rubber band & a color of my choice same style band. I needed something fancier to wear at my daughter’s wedding. While searching, i was trying to find a simple clasp as i don’t care for the bucket style closure. I really like the butterfly clasp. I knew the moment i saw this band it was the one. I was fearful of some reviews about re-sizing the band. We had no problems with using the sizing too. Clear directions, and easy to do. I own an expensive wrist watch with this exact band.

The band is very pretty, but unless you have a wrist the size of the incredible hulk, you will need to resize it, which is a nightmare. My husband is a machinist and can build or rebuild just about anything, and he had to dig out a half dozen hand tools and spend a half hour fussing with the thing. I never would have been able to get it to work by myself. The ‘tool’ they include to push the pins out to resize is laughable, cheap plastic – it broke. If you buy this, plan on visiting a jeweler, and paying them, to resize it for you.

It looks great on the alta and is easy to get on and off my wrist, which is a big plus for me. However i did have some trouble sizing it. The directions were limited, i was able to complete the sizing but it took some time to get it right.

Wife really liked the quality and look of this band with her rose gold alta hr and it looks sharp with her work outfits. Had to return this band but will reorder again since no history here of similar issues. The band unlocked from the fitbit itself (locking tabs) and fell to the ground several times. Luckily no damage to the fitbit. The original alta band works well so its a band issue. The snaps on both sides of the fitbit looked uneven and the tab on one side stuck out more than the other so that may have caused it to unlock.

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