Works correctly only half of the time. Blood pressure and heart rate are right on most of the time. But some of the time i get crazy readings.

My fitbit is not waterproof, so when i swim i wear this instead. I love that i can still track my workout. Theblook is sleek and the fit is great.

Newest update:after letting the watch and me took a break from each other, i decided to give it another try. And it connects to the phone again. I guess my watch wasn’t appropriately charged. Now it can definitely help me with figuring out some possible reasons of my mood swings and hlep me to avoid them. Updated after 2 month of use:don’t expect this to connect to your phone well. Mine is not connecting to the phone at all no matter what i do to both divorce while my other bluetooth are working normally. The time is not accurate on the watch,so you can’t even use it as a regular watch. I hate to say that i made a bad purchase on this one. My husband really went on me about how he thinks this was a waste of money from the beginning.

I like how the charge holds. It was a bit of a trial trying to understand the instructions. It doesn’t seem consistent on measurements but my biggest pet peeve is this is called iswim and there isn’t a swim activity button. Maybe it’s on the more expensive models?.

This watch/fitness tracker is fantastic. It easily hooks up to your iphone and is easy to read. I love taking long walks and looking at how far i have walked/ran that day.I ear it all the time even when not working out.

The watch display is difficult to read outdoors in the sunlight. It’s annoying to continually press the navigation button to scroll through the watch functions. There is no timer or stop watch function. My watch band broke within 3 weeks of wear (the pin came out) but i do work with the special needs population and it got tugged on pretty hard during a session. I didn’t use the ecg function as much as i thought i would (definitely more of a novelty feature) but had difficult getting the app to pair correctly at times or i did not always get a great reading. Hr and bp seemed fairly accurate. Steps per day were 2-3x higher than what my 1st generation apple watch would get with similar activity level. 5 weeks which way outlasted my apple watch (i’d be lucky to get 12hrs in a day).

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Key specs for iSwim Fitness Tracker, ECG&PPG Heart Rate Monitor Watch Color Screen, IP68 Waterproof, Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Smart Watch Kids Women Men:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【HEALTH ASSISTANT】Innovative and Professional ECG + PPG monitor, Adopting the technology of the combination of ECG + PPG (electrode + photoelectric) to test blood pressure / heart rate / ECG,
  • you will get accurate health data and HRV analysis report, keeping abreast of own authentic health status, and preventing the risk of sudden illness
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTION SMART WATCH:ECG PPG blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, HRV report analyze, call message agenda reminder, steps calorie distance, Raise then light the screen,
  • sleeping monitoring, breath training, time display, clock, shake to take photo, search the mobile phone
  • 【HEART RATE & SLEEP MONITOR& BLOOD PRESSURE】The activity bracelet can monitor your heart rate and blood pressure to help you do exercise scientifically and accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motions every night,
  • you can better understand your sleeping quality
  • 【IP67 SWIMMING WATERPROOF and FITNESS TRACKER】Adopts the superior waterproof material , Suitable for bathing , swimming and water rafting , enjoying no limitation and flexible wearing experience . Support Pedometer, Distance, Calories, Sleep Monitor, calo
  • Daily Reminder, when you do exercise to help you achieve fitness goals
  • 【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】The app supports most smart phones with Bluetooth 4.0. Support system: iOS 8.2 or above (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 6/6Splus, iPhone 7/7S plus, iPhone8 iPhone X etc.), Android 4.4 or above (Huawei Mate7/P9, LG, Samsung, etc ).
  • If any reason you are not satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us or Amazon customer service
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Comments from buyers

“Setup Notes
, Good overall.
, Great Fitness Tracker

I bought this for my husband to track his steps and watch his heart rate while exercising. Has a very nice feel and look to it.

This is a wonderful fitness tracker. I have been using it for a few days, feeling it comfortable and not bulky. The battery is durable and i don’t need to worry about it suddenly turns off throughout the day. The most impressive point is that it can periodically check my health within one day. It is nice to get the update information in time. I wear it when i am running in the gym. It can track the change of my body throughout the exercise. Someone might be skeptical about its waterproof. I suggest to remove it before you take a shower. Otherwise it would be perfectly fine.

It works for the most part, but i can’t get it to calibrate.

My son was really excited about this tracker but now the posts on the charger are loose and it won’t charge at all. And there is no way to order a new charger.

It had all the great uses for such a small price and was very compact as well. I recommend to all that are on a budget.

Functionality is good, but in order to get proper readings from heart rate, bp the strap has to extremely tight. It overall the tracker does what it is suppose to do.

Havn’t even begun to use all that this watch can do, what i have used it is a go go machine in a little band. I got one for my dad too, he will enjoy it’s use.

One of the best fitbit alternative. Work good and has really good battery life. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for fitbit, this is a really good one.

My son is tracking his sleeping, and it’s really interesting to see how many times a night he wakes up and how long he sleeps deeply or lightly.

The device has a lot of good features. The written instructions are a bit fuzzy so here are my notes:iswim notes for setup:when you make selections in the various functions, press the screen in a long hold. If there is a yes or no decision, press long, or to close, short. To calibrate the ecg function, wait until your situation is normal for reasonable readouts. I found it best to put the device on the low wrist side to calibrate as there is less chance of failing to read since there are fewer hairs and better skin contacts. If you get a reading on your separate bp device that is in your accustomed range, go to the app and open the ‘health’ tab. Click on calibrate, then enter the values from the other device. Then press the calibrate tab. Press the top and bottom of the metal frame to ensure good skin contact and continue pressing until the process completes. When you wish to start the various readings such as steps, move to that setting in the display and press the icon with a long hold.

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I’ve had a few fitness trackers similar to this one, and this one is by far my favorite. It has a sleek look, and it works. I was easy to set up, and easy to calibrate. The step count/distance seems accurate. I really like getting the call and message notifications on my wrist, and they are very clear to read.

Love the fact that it is waterproof. Battery life last me about 3-4 days. Pleased that i can get my text messages and facebook messages on here.

There is nothing to dislike about this watch. I ordered the pink one and the 2 days later ordered 2 red ones. . Very accurate and a 4 day battery life before recharging.

 it was very easy to install works great i love how good looking it is light weight works like a charm i also like that it vibrates to find it or for a alarm easy to charge not included is the power socket but comes with it cable very short like 1 feet but other than that it’s a awesome watch.

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