Let me first say that the jawbone app is exceptional. This tracker, although very useful, is too bulky. Tracks steps well through the day, syncs with the app effortlessly. This tracker is responsible to my recent attentiveness to sleep health. I have been going to bed sooner and sleeping better, thanks to the info that this tracker and app provided me with. Having said that, i am returning it. I bought the jawbone up 24 in the small size. It fits my tiny wrist perfectly with a little wiggle room. The end pieces happen to also lay pretty flat on me, so that is not an annoyance. But the band is just too bulky for me. You can see it through work blouses, sweaters, etc. It makes putting on my winter jacket frustrating because my arm gets trapped in the sleeve due to the bulky rubber band catching. Also, it doesn’t allow me to exercise with my boxing gloves.

Up 24, up 3 and up 4- side by sidei ordered an up 24, up 3 and up 4 trackers for some friends using my amazon prime account. Before giving them, they allowed me to wear for a couple of days to check for accuracy. I was wearing the trackers under various settings (all at the same arm, at opposite arms, etc. Before starting, i erased band data and i created three different jawbone accounts to record data on three phones. I was especially interested in accuracy registering sleep both by manually setting the sleeping time and the automatic detection feature in up 3 and up 4. For steps i compared total steps, miles, active time, longest active time and longest idle time. I also compared the data with a new balance pedometer. Sleep:all three trackers were able to register similar sleep information regardless of which arm was positioned or sleep detection mode. The only issue was with the up 4 registering 0 deep sleep at the start of the experiment while the up 3 registered from 6 to 17 minutes.

I absolutely love this tracker. I have had three fitness trackers now, including this one; my first was the budget misfit flash, which broke after a few months. My second was the higher-end garmin vivosmart hr, which almost gave me too much information, the heart rate/sleep tracking were not accurate, the app had a ui that was not user friendly, and then the device broke after only 3 months (read my review on that device here: https://smile. Com/review/r2ij2r1vxuwvh7/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm ). I subscribed to lumoid to try a whole new slew of trackers after the garmin didn’t meet my needs, but i sorely missed watching my progress while waiting for their stock to fill again and saw that jawbone’s lines were on sale. This tracker was on sale for around $30, so i chose persimmon in medium (i have a 6. 5′ wrist, and it fits me well) to tide me over while i waited for lumoid to pull through. Little did i know that i would end up falling in love with jawbone. I lost 5 lbs within the first week of owning this and have continued to drop.

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Really like the band, bought this one for my girlfriend after i had purchased the black version. Both of us love them, very accurate and comfortable after the first day or so of wearing it (just takes some getting used to). The up app is actually pretty well developed, and tracking my food and calories is really simple and easy, can even scan food in from barcod or search a pretty extensive library of items. I will say however that my lady has fairly small wrists (would have fit well withing the small category on the size range for the band) but after buying the small i’m thinking we should have gotten medium, still fits just fine, just a little tighter than would like. So if your thinking you might be just on the edge maybe pick up the larger one.

After f*tb*t stopped supporting my ultra and left hundreds of users out in the cold and simply offered us $40 credit i tried a flex (kept popping off), a one (plastic holder is a disaster)i said enough and thought i’d try the other guys. I am so glad i broke up with fb. This reminds me to take my meds, get off my butt when i’ve been sitting too long, and while i cannot just look at the device for the stats, i have actually preferred the ios app for keeping track. I get a smartcoach that reads what i do and gives me specific feedback based on what it sees and food tracking with it- or a host of other 3rd party apps like myfitnesspal, integrate seamlessly. Thank you fb for throwing us under the bus. I’ve never been happier with a personal fitness device and would have sadly stayed married to an inferior product.

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Last november, i reviewed the jawbone up, and later compared it to the fitbit flex. A year later, jawbone has now released the up24. This review will primarily focus on making a choice between up, up24 and fitbit flex. When i originally reviewed the devices, i thought the main differences would be in the hardware appearance and fit/feel. I was a bit wrong– the biggest functionality difference was in the quality, function and aesthetic value of the software that comes with it. With the up24 now having bluetooth syncing, the biggest difference for me is now only the software. I’ll let you make your own conclusions. And now a year later, i will refresh my thoughts about the up & flex devices, and how the up24 adds to the mix of options. If you want to read my original in depth review of the up, you can see it here:http://www. Com/review/rt0kpkvsqd0hi/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm (copy & paste if click isn’t allowed)if you want to read my original in depth review of the fitbit flex, you can see it here:http://www. Com/review/r1cvxeeyiair0w/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm (copy & paste if click isn’t allowed)if you want to read my original review of the fitbit one, you can see it here:http://www. Com/review/ru12enfffwd02/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm (copy & paste if click isn’t allowed)hardware comparisonup24, up and flex are equally easy and comfortable for me to wear.

Honestly, it kind of feels lie an overpriced pedometer. It’s accurate when it comes to tracking your steps and sleep. I linked it to the myfitnesspal app, so it’s a nice combo. It has a couple decent features like the alarm, but sorry to say, i’m a little disappointed that i spent that much money and i can already see myself getting bored with it. After wearing it for 2 weeks, it’s already stained around the band from where my wrist rest, so now it looks dingy and a little gross. I tried wiping it but i haven’t had any luck getting the stains off.

Key specs for UP 24 by Jawbone Activity Tracker – Large – Pink Coral (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Provides the motivation you need on your wrist to move more, sleep better, and improve your fitness
  • Tracks steps, exercise, overall calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep
  • Track your food, drink, calories, nutrients and use the UP App Food Score to quickly know if you are eating right
  • Smart Coach communicates with you via vibrations at the wrist from a Smart Alarm to wake you up with an Idle Alert to get you moving
  • Connect with your friends and family so you can reach your goals together or see how you measure up on the team leaderboards
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Comments from buyers

“UP24 — the Holistic Wrist gets better!
, My favorite fitness band – UP24 vs Fitbit Force
, Reliable, but Go for the UP 4

First off, i would like to point out that i own both the jawbone up24 and the fitbit force and will compare a few features in this review, but if you want a full review on the fitbit force i will be posting one on the actual product here soon. Hardware:the up24 features new curved design on the top, has a smaller headphone jack that is only used for charging, and now syncs via bluetooth. It has two green led lights indicating day/night mode, a vibrating motor and a physical button for changing modes. There is no clasp, you just twist it on and it fits fairly comfortably if you chose the right size. It is thin and bulky so it tends to get in the way and raise my wrist when i type or use a mouse and can get annoying, i prefer a wider, flatter design. The fitbit force has a beautiful oled screen that shows you all of your stats without having to pull out your phone. The design is very minimalist, and to me is much more comfortable to wear vs the up. It also does not snag on my jackets or long sleeve shirts and is very thin at the bottom so it is comfortable to type with it on where as the up can be very uncomfortable to type or use a mouse with it on. Battery life – battery lasts me about 7-8 days and takes about an hour to charge. The manual says to charge it only on a usb port on your computer, but i have charged it using my iphone wall charger and car charger just fine.