The band that came with my fitbit broke and, if it hadn’t fallen into my sweater sleeve, i almost lost it. Then i found this, it keeps my fitbit safely on my wrist where it belongs. And the raised edge protects my fitbit from getting damaged while i’m out running around or working out.

I was given this band by my husband because i have broken the regular band on a fitbit 3 times. This one seems to be super durable it is just not the most comfortable to wear. It catches on things easier as it is thicker and sticks out from your wrist further.

While i originally gave this product 4 stars i decided to chage to 5 becuase the one star difference is maybe only a personal issue (see con). Pro: no more breaking my nails trying to remove the original straps. No more need for a screen cover to protect from bumps and scratches. I have the white and it’s really impressive and sleek looking. The dual side button holes mean you can wear as you please. It’s super easy to pop the watch face out to charge or change. Con: extended wear has caused me to get a rash and itchy. It can get smelly, but a wash fixes that. It can be a bit large on small wrist. I was originally wearing the small straps and they were a but tight, and i have to wear this one pretty tight and it’s still a bit loose.

I love wearing watches, especially my everyday g shock watch. Got a new fit bit but was conflicted on not wearing my g shock. . This band helped with that feel and look.

In searching for a replacement, found this band. The advantage of this product is that is versatile (left or right wrist) and is super adjustable to sized wrists. The only disadvantage is that the fidbit device have to taken out of the band in order to be charged. The original band allows charging.

It makes my fitbit look more like a regular watch, just what i wanted.

I like the look and display protection this band provides. The watch slips into the molded holder that is open at the bottom. It’s easy to add and remove the watch when it needs charging. Twice i’ve bumped the watch on something and the watch has come out of the holder. So far i’ve found the watch each time. I’m concerned i will lose the watch and have only the band remaining on my wrist. It would be better if there was a mechanism to clip onto the watch ends like traditional watch bands for this model watch. The stretchable rubber only surrounds the watch in this strap.

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Finally a band that doesnt give me a rash. The quality is great, its comfortable in rain, sweat and when i’m sleeping. Shipping was fast, i am more than comfortable recommending this brand to others.

This thing is worth every penny. Super comfortable, and sporty. I live in alaska and spend a ton of time outdoors, i also work in a marine shop and this keeps my fitbit safe whatever i may be up to. I would definitely buy again.

Wasn’t what i was expecting, in the picture it looks like a rugged impact resistant hard plastic, reality is it’s just a molded floppy silicone shell. My fitbit charge 2 doesn’t quite fill it like pictured either. Over all it’s $12 and a spare band incase my normal one breaksupdate: after speaking with the seller they agreed to refund half my purchase to pacify me. Also mentioned giving me another band for my troubles, band may not be to my standards but the service is quality.

Comfortable, durable and great price, easy to get fit bit in and out, i would buy this again if needed.

I like that the bands are not attached by clips. This is one solid piece of molded rubber. It’s fairly soft and pliable. Time will tell if it holds up.

Looks masculine and durable. He’s tough on it and it’s holding up well. Here are the specifications for the JIELIELE Charge2 Bands Rugged Protective Silicone Frame Case:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The watch straps is designed FOR Fitbit Charge 2/Fitbit Charge 2 HR. The length can be adjusted between 6.00”- 8.60”(152mm-218mm). (Note: The Fitbit Charge 2 Watch is NOT included. Please take the watch off when charging.)
  • Made from flexible medical-grade skin-friendly grade rubber, delicate texture, soft and breathable elastic band, excellent waterproof/anti-sweat/washable function, will not irritate your wrist; safe; Provide high experience of use and reliability.
  • Buttons all-inclusive – perfectly fit your watch, easy access to all controls, buttons, sensors and Fitbit Charge 2 features. Rugged design to provide ultimate protection from bumps and scratches FOR your Charge 2.
  • Light and flexible band, porous design lets air flow in and out for better cooling, improve the air permeability, more breathable while sport. Strong flexibility, free bending and folding will not be deformed; connection firm and strong.
  • Dead-end reinforcement design protects from escalation, providing 360 degree care for your watch. It is suitable for various occasions, whether it is day-to-day travel or a sacred wedding scene, it also allows your functional watch to be trendy.

Really nice quality looks cool i use this band while bmx racing.

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Bought this because the clips to the original bands broke while hiking. I figured this would hold the charge in place during long hikes and more high intensity workouts. I wish they made them with smaller wrist bands for us ladies.

Only issue i see is the ring that holds excess band length down on the wrist slides off a couple times per day.

Very pleased with this band replacement. It is rugged for those that work outside or in a rough environment without sacrificing looking sleek on your wrist. The price is fair and the shipment was quick. I will buy from this seller again.

The band that came with my husbands fit bit broke and he wear it everyday to work inside a prison.

Best ever band for my fitbit. I have bought 4 various versions this one is good build quality, left ot right hand easy to install.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Get it!
  • Good look, not secure
  • Wish I bought one sooner!

Good quality, stretchy material. He’s a big man, and the large fit him very tight. Here wore it for a couple weeks, and it left him with dark imprint marks. I ended to buying him a different band for his fitbit & the different band fit perfectly. The band itself is strong & stretchy, just not really large enough.

Kind of misleading, as it is a much softer plastic than what it actually looks like in the picture, but it works.

I wear my fit bit 2 all day everyday. Not only to the gym, but also when working in not only my yard, but also when moving my neighbor’s yard and while mowing my church property. This watch band is very durable. My only complaint would be due to the thickness of the watch band you need to be extremely careful when connecting the fit bit 2 to the charger to insure the fit bit is seated properly to insure its charging.

You must remove the fit bit from the strap to recharge, as it says in the description. People complaining that they can’t recharge while it’s in the band need to learn to read. Also, for those claiming the device was lost while wearing need to ensure that it is fully inserted in the band. It does a good job of absorbing minor impacts as well.

If you put your fitbit to the test like i do, this is the band for you.

The band fits well, offers great protection, charges fine in the case.

Wanted a protective band so i didn’t have to worry about damaging it or possibly breaking it at work in the event i had to get physical with someone. Love how incredibly easy it is to get the fitbit in and out. But i would like an actual hard case for it if the companies even read these reviews.

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Its rubber so i can sinch this thing up to my arm without it getting too tight. My only issue is that the fitbit itself slips out while dressing or putting on a coat.

A great option to the other fitbit bands. Nice protection, comfortable and easy to remove for charging. The only issue is my wrists are bigger than average and it’s just a little shorter than expected.

My husband says it doesn’t feel any different from the original one. It feel like it’s made of rubber, the fit bit slides in through the back ( which i was worried that it wouldnt hold). It seems to hold quite well and it’s on your wrist so it’s not going any where. I would buy this product again.

This product works great for me as i was always breaking my other bands this one is more comfortable that the ones that come with fit bit.

Style is uglier than seen in the picture. However, it is sturdy and will protect your unit pretty well.

Love how it fits even with a small wrist. In a pet groomer and this works amazing and doesn’t irritate my skin. This is the mine reason i got this plus a screen cover to protect the crack.

My original band broke and i had to replace it of course. I gave this band a try and absolutely love it. It’s way more comfortable on the wrist and just right for my very skinny wrist. The best thing about it is that the green light under the watch does not show through when i’m sleeping at night. With the original band you could always see that light in the dark and it bothered me so much. Now it doesn’t even exist in my line of sight.

I got this for my fiance to wear for work so that his other fitbit bands didn’t get all ruined from the job sites. I would recommend this to anybody that is looking for a band that is durable, yet stylish, and most of all protective of your fitbit.

This is great for when i am working, doing yard work, etcetera. It protects the screen better than others and is comfortable too. I took away one star because it catches on long sleeves. Also, i work an office job m-f, and it is not sharp enough for that.

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