We have two of these blankets and love them. We throw them under the stroller for going to the park in the summer, and i used one on the floor of an empty airport gate during a long layover. It folds neatly with the inside/top fabric protected from the outside/bottom layer, and holds up well after repeated machine washing. When folded, i can fit it inside the laptop sleeve inside my backpack. I’ve been very pleased with jj cole products in general. We have two hand-me-down bundle-mes that were used with two babies before our son and both are in great shape still.

I bought this based on the positive reviews and was not disappointed. Our blanket didn’t smell odd or anything (one reviewer at least noted that). We used it right away and loved it. I often carry this several blocks, it is pretty convenient to sling over the shoulder with the strap. Given how durable and waterproof it is, i think it is a reasonable weight. We are a family of 3 and this is more than big enough for us.

Smallish for family of 4 to lounge on. Nice water resistance, felt some dampness come through the blanket. It is sort of bulky when it folds up and will take up a bit of space in whatever bag or stroller you stash it in.

We have a smaller one that rolls up with the part of the blanket that you would sit on facing out, but this one does the opposite- with the bottom part of the blanket on the outside making it easier to keep the part you sit on cleaner. It is spacious enough for 2 adults and a few kiddos.

I have used this blanket so many times in my own backyard around a camp fire. Folds up easily for easy putaway​. It is well padded which makes it a better choice than your normal blanket for picnics and it is also waterproof so any spills is easy to clean up. I just love it and my husband is not a man who likes things like this but he loves this blanket. It would be great for the lake or beach. Since it water proof and you use it on the beach, it works better than your beach towels b/c the sand will just glide off.

Large and well constructed, does not get wet from dew on the grass. This blanket is a little thicker which adds a bit of padding, grass will not poke you through this blanket and makes sitting on the ground a little more comfortable. Easy to fold up and travels well, i keep this in my trunk so we will always have it handy. It is compact, no larger than a standard laptop bag and the carry strap is super convenient. A great picnic blanket that easily fits 2 adults, a 5-year-old, and a 9-month-old with plenty of room to spare.

Jj Cole Outdoor Blanket, 7’X’5 Blue Orbit

  • 100% Polyester with PVC Coating
  • Imported
  • 7 ft x 5 ft when opened – 2 feet larger than the original JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket
  • Water-resistant material perfect for any outing
  • Stylish and compact when folded
  • Sturdy sewn-in insert makes folding easy
  • Detachable strap

I bought the 5×7′ blanket in grey/red and the skip hop 5×5′ blanket to determine which one i would keep. This jj cole blanket is far superior in every waysize: the larger size of this one is perfect for two adults to stretch out and take a nap, which is the perfect activity after a nice picnic. 🙂 with the skip hop one, it is good for only 2-3 people to sit cross legged on it, which isn’t comfortable after an hour or so. Durability: both are waterproof. The skip hop one has a tarp-like texture so it may seem more waterproof but i had no problem with dampness soaking thru the jj cole one. I didn’t even bother testing the skip hop one outdoors because the material and size itself were already negatives for me. Packability: the jj cole one has seamlines to help make packing easy. It also has a cardboard insert at one end so it helps keeps the shape as you pack it up. The skip hop one is also easy to pack and is more compact because of the smaller size. Softness: the inside of the jj cole blanket has a soft and slippery surface which makes it very comfortable for laying out.

I rarely write reviews but felt compelled too when i received this product. I was very surprised how large this blanket was and how well made it is. I am a researcher and looked into a lot of other blankets before purchasing this one. Although it wasn’t the cheapest outdoor blanket, it is well worth the investment. The quality is great, the size is awesome and it is a beautiful blue print. It is super easy to fold and the fact that the handles are attached make it that much easier. I love that there isn’t a separate bag you have to stuff it into and the fact that it folds into itself is awesome. I keep this in my car to beach days and picnics on the wet grass. This would also be a great gift for concert goer’s and mommies : ).

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We have five kids and the latest is a newborn. With summer approaching i wanted a nice blanket where she could play during sporting events or just hanging in the backyard. This blanket is worth the few extra bucks over other options. First i t’s not really a “blanket” but more of an outdoor mat to sit on. The top is very soft and not at all scratchy. The bottom is a liner that resists moisture. We sat on it after a rain storm and the ground was really wet but we stayed dry. No blades of gras can poke through and scratch. Folds up easily and velcro’s shut. So nice to not have to cram it in a bag or schlep it around like a mess.

I just purchased this blanket again. I first bought one in october 2015, and used it for regular weekend beach trips with four kids. It was just the right amount of water resistant for the sand. I also used it for concerts in the park, ball games, etc. It folded up nicely and i stored it in a compartment in my suv so i always had it. It met its demise when i used it on a field that had goose poop. While i am sure that it would have washed out, it was too gross to try and so i had to throw it away. However, it protected us all from the goose poop.

We have used it at the beach and around the house in the grass/dirt. After a few months of use, it has held up well with no visible wear yet. It cleans up incredibly easy and folds up quickly into a nice little pack. The only minor downside is that the strap always seems to fall in a funny place when we pack it up. It never hangs from the top of the bundle; it’s always connected in the middle which makes carrying it a bit odd sometimes.

Wipes down easily – a must if you have small children (and messy adults). The sewn in guides to help you fold it back up are a nice touch and help weigh the blanket down a little so doesn’t float away with the slightest breeze. Folding was easy and the long handle is great to wear cross-body when you’re schlepping all the other kid/picnic paraphernalia back to the car. Seemed pricey, but totally worth the investment – as long as it holds up.

The design of this blanket makes it very easy to carry around and doesn’t take up much space. It’s very easy to fold up and the carrying strap is a plus when you have your hands full with other items. The blanket fits 4 adults (sitting comfortably) with some food and drinks. The top side is soft and comfortable to the touch. The bottom is sturdy and can be easily cleaned off.

I bought the blanket 152 * 152 when only me and the baby go out with the kids sometimes to the park or the zoo. (the smaller blanket can be put inside a baby stroller basket)i couldn’t give up the big size because of the price large size 152 * 213 cm (2 adults + 2 children + baby coming in and there is more space)very cozy and thick fabric for babies and young childrenof course for us – the adults looking for a light nap with space for the legs. I liked the fact that the blanket was a bit heavy – no need to put heavy things on it because the wind didn’t blow it at alla small drawback – because the blanket is large and a little heavy, you can’t walk with it on your shoulder for a long time. Must put it in a shopping cart / baby stroller basket (takes up a lot of space if you have a small stroller)but it is impossible for everything to be perfect. Right?you get- large size blanket- comfort (you don’t lie on a piece of paper)- pleasant and thick fabric- easy to clean (not dirty yet so i’m not sure about that)- stable on the groundmy husband and the children love her very muchhighly recommend .

This is a nice blanket, but i wish it was a bit bigger for the price. It is enough for two adults to lay down on, but i could use more space. It also does fold up nicely into a carrying case and the material is wipeable, but also comfortable enough to put a baby on. I bought this to go to the beach with, but have been using it in the yard.

Amazingly useful and rugged build that is lightweight. Water proof so there is zero concern if used over a wet grass surface. Easy to spot clean and folds into a very compact size for ease of travel and storage. When folded, the blanket uses a shoulder strap so it offers hands-free carry.

I bought this blanket for a recent trip to the beach. I was reluctant to buy it at first because to be honest i have always just used an old sheet at the beach as a beach blanket, and this was definitely not the cheapest blanket out there, but i decided to buy it based upon the good reviews. I am very glad i purchased this blanket and will definitely get a lot of use out of it. It is plenty big enough for my husband and i and our 14-month-old to play on at the beach. I also loved how the sand just fell off of it when i was picking it up to pack it away for the day. It is definitely waterproof as well–one day a ‘rogue’ wave came crashing all the way up to where we were sitting and saturated all of our stuff. The blanket dried almost instantly. I would definitely recommend this to others.

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Jj Cole Outdoor Blanket, 7’X’5 Blue Orbit : Comfortable to lay one at both the beach on on the grass. The ground side has stayed really clean,with not much sticking to it. Sand fell right off and didn’t track sand into the car. Its reasonable easy to fold up. On the windy beach it did take 2 people, especially trying to avoid packing up sand, but in the quiet park i folded it up myself. Have used it a bunch of times now, its light, soft, and i keep it in my car. As for size, the 5×7 version can comfortably fit 2 people lying down with room to spare. And we did squeeze 4 adults lounging about it with limbs hanging off.

I purchased this blanket for the beach. I love how big it is yet folds nicely with a carrying strap. I can see us using this for beach, concert, picnic, park for years to come. Do yourself a favor and get the biggest size.

Grabbed this as soon as i saw that amazon had a sale. This is so-far the best picnic blanket that i have seen. Easy fold up and has a strap to carry along. Surface is made of a silky polyester material (others out there have a fleece material which is not suitable for summer picnic)cons:1. Even when folded up, it is still pretty chunky to carry around with you. This won’t be a con for you if you drive around a lot.

We previously had a smaller jj cole outdoor blanket, which we loved and used a lot for 8 years until it became too grungy and finally got a rip in it. So we bought this bigger one, and it’s great. Of course, being bigger, it’s a bit heavier for me to carry, and if i was recommending it to a friend with a baby, i’d suggest maybe going for the smaller, lighter one. The smaller one was great when our kids were very small. But i love the bigger one for their ages now, as our family can easily fit on it — or my kids and several of their friends can fit on this. We got it a few days ago and already have used it a lot.

It’s a lot bigger than i thought it was going to be when it was folded up but that’s perfectly fine because it works exactly as i hoped it would. I’ve taken it to the beach and to the park i’ve used it as a tablecloth at a picnic table covered in gross icky whatever birds leave behind. One of my favorite things about it is that when you fold it up the bottom side never touches the top side. So i don’t have to worry about laying my baby on it. I haven’t tried to wash it yet it’s a little bit heavy and i think i probably have to take it to a laundromat. For now i’ve just been spot cleaning.

The quality and materials of this outdoor blanket are excellent. A really great bonus is that is it extremely easy to fold. This may seem an odd plus but the folding is intuitive and there is a stiffer piece at the bottom where you wrap it up and it all goes back to the original shape and size and therefore back to its carrying position.

Great portability and we use it often. I like the material and that it folds up nicely. However, there’s a cardboard piece that helps create a tight fold, this quickly became bent from the humidity making it harder to fold and stay in place.

Absolutely loved my previous other brand version and used frequently for years until i had to replace. This one was slightly larger and i was nervous to take a chance since the other one was so great. I would give this 6 stars if i could. Perfect for trips to the park. Should be on every registry.

We really enjoy our outdoor blanket. It’s easy to clean, convenient to tote, and is a staple in our car. The size is not exactly 7’x5′. It’s several inches shorter than 7 feet and several inches shorter than 5 feet. Otherwise we are satisfied with this product and it’s our preferred picnic and beach blanket.

We have used this at the beach several times this summer. Great size for my family of 3 to sit on, but could fit more. Super easy to fold up and carry.

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Super convenient, folks yup nice, easy to take places. Keeps baby dry on wet grass and sand rolls right off.

It’s a bit heavy to carry around, but this blanket is great quality and large. Can fit our family and whoever is out with us. Naturally gets dirty every time with kids running around, and washes well in the machine. Cute pattern – get many compliments on it.

Got stuck in a rainstorm and the ground underneath was completely dry. We flipped over the blanket and had a dry blanket to sit on when my friend’s “waterproof” blanket was sopping wet all the way through. The top layer is soft and nice to sit on, easy to spot clean, dries fast. My only disappointment with this is that it may not be the best thing to take to the beach when it’s 90 degrees out – the sun made it very very hot – because the bottom layer is waterproof it’s not breathable.

I thought it was going to be smaller than what it actually was. It’s large enough to fit two grown adults. I wanted something to to use while traveling out of town but it is just too large to do that. I will keep it for local events. It is a very thick material. I guess it is a material that you can easily wipe spills up off, however we used it at the beach and sat on it with wet swimsuits and it seemed to take a long time for the water to drain out of the material. I didn’t really like that aspect of it. So if you’re not using it for a beach mat i would recommend a product.

I like this blanket because it is thick, water resistant, and larger than other ones i could find. However, it folds together and seals with velcro. So said velcro is full of grass. It hasn’t yet prevented us from folding and sealing it at all in the couple months we’ve been using it, but i just think that’s dumb. Other ones out there zipper.

I researched several outdoor blankets before making my purchase and i am extremely happy with this blanket. It’s larger, thicker, and more durable feeling than i had expected. There’s a rectangular cardboard insert and directional stitching that make it super simple to fold up. The velcro closure and adjustable carrying strap are convenient. I imagine the outer pocket will come in handy too but i haven’t had a reason to use it yet. The material is why i really chose this blanket. I wanted something washable. This won’t need to go in a washer because it’s easily cleaned by wiping it down with a wet rag or disinfectant wipe. So far i haven’t needed to clean it. It’s not soft and fuzzy so it won’t have pilling that sticks to my clothes when i stand up.

My sister-in-law had one of these but smaller version. I saw that this was a bit bigger and i was glad i bought it. She wishes she bought this size as well. I keep this in my car for any time we go to the beach or a park. The sand just comes right off. But, be cautious as sand can get caught in the velcro. Water for the most part will bead up. But don’t expect it to repel all water. It’s easy to fold up and it’s got a strap for carrying.

Unfortunately, i purchased this blanket at the end of the summer and used only few times. Great for family weekends in the park or at the beach. As was really concerned about ‘smell’ reviews because i was planning to use for our newborn, but when it arrived, it was fine and i let it stay on fresh air for a few days just in case. And i would recommend to buy bigger size, unless you planning to use for one-two people only. Otherwise, it’s kinda small for 3 of us, so i had to exchange for 7×5.

Pros: love the bigger size 7ft so i can lay down without my feet hanging off. Fold is easy with guide marks and folded size more compact than other heavy duty blankets. Underside canvas keeps out dew/ wet grass. Cons: disappointed in the quality – the stripe pattern reveals the sewing is very crooked in places. In 90 degree weather the parachute like material of the top side of the blanket sticks to skin. Used at beach and sand came on still only slightly better than a towel in my opinion. Still will keep for practicality. New edits: took blanket to the beach and sand seems to have gotten inside the blanket and comes out gradually each subsequent time we use on grass. I won’t use it in sand for this reason.

I wanted to like this blanket, because it is so pretty and well made. I can’t imagine carrying this around on a regular basis. Even if i just stash it in my stroller, it is extra weight and takes up a lot of space. I returned it because it is too heavy and bulky.

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