I bought these for a goruck event. These fit perfect in a molle mounting system.

The band does a great job of pegging up my pants to keep them out of the chain. The reflective material is a bonus to make me more visible when i ride near traffic.

The photo of the band around a person’s ankle makes it look wider than it really is. But it does have good velcro and is reflective, so that part is fine. I would have liked it wider, though.

Awesome product & was delivered quickly.

Easy on, easy off, and doesn’t come loose by accident. A good product that works as advertised.

Not much can go wrong here: they do the job, and are required at brevets and some races that extend through the night.

I can see how some of the feedback on the stitch on plastic reflective tape can cause an issue in lifetime. Length is enough to go over the ankle. I can’t imagine how it can go over the cowboy boots like one of the reviews mentioned. I had wished to wear it over the motorcycle boots but it is not long enough. I took my chances with te 14′ length so it’s not the product’s fault. Will however be good for the ankle or lower part of the calf. Overall a very usable product and reflective part is really visible from a distance.

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Comments from buyers

“quality is good but the scratchy side of the velcro is against your skin
, Reflective bands work great
, These fit perfect in a MOLLE mounting system

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I know this is for ankle band, but put them on my arm as well. It’s great and it’s pretty tight for my arm. I’m 5’4′ so it’s fine for me. However, the coverage of the reflective material only covers depending on how far it goes around your arm or ankle. I always make sure the reflective material faces outward, and the ‘non-reflective’ part of the band stays toward my body. Very easy to put them on, and i don’t have to worry about it falls off.

Awesome relectivity at night. This is pretty much a necessity if your riding a bike with long pants and an exposed chain ring.

I ask my fellow trucker friends if they can see me walking with these bands on- in the yard ( at night), they say yes, they see me well. I wear one on my right ankle. I dont want to get run over or hit. Now i make my kids wear them in the evening and night so dumb drivers can see my kids everyone needs all the help they can get- not to get hit by people who think they know how to drive and are texting as they go pick up their own kids and go shopping and put on make up as they ‘drive’ buy these bands, you will like them.

I always wear a reflective band around my ankle whenever i cycle. The slimband has a really strong velcro bond so i won’t need to worry about losing it like u have with other bands.

I use to double as reflectors on an emergency sling bag. It serves its purpose just fine. I also purchased larger ones for a back pack.

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I wear this while bike riding, so my review is with respects to cyclingpros:-keeps pants close to leg-now i don’t have to roll my pant legs up on cold days-good reflectors-easy to use (friggen velcro)cons:-none.

I use these on my bike while riding at dawn, dusk, or night, and haven’t been hit yet (although i use lights and a reflective vest as well). I bought two pairs and put one pair around my ankles and the other around my wrists. The velcro seems to be strong, although it doesn’t go all the way around and when i use it on my wrists there is only about an inch of velcro holding it together.

This was a wonderfully made product. Came as described, and was highly effective. My father uses this everywhere to make sure it was sound proof in the dark and such. It worked out well 🙂 buy this with confidence.

Great product – we use as reflective collar for our dog on night walks. Works best on dog’s with short hair. You need the wider one for long haired dogs.

These are nice and reflective but i feel that they have a design flaw. They are constructed with the scratchy hook side of the velcro facing towards your skin so they are very uncomfortable to wear agains bare skin. If you intend to wear them over clothing they would be find, but i found them way too uncomfortable to wear against my skin so i purchased the reflective slap straps instead that do not have any velcro. I much prefer the slap straps as they are very comfortable against my skin.

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Keep the pants leg tightly wrapped around my legs.

Long enough to fit around my leg with jeans on when riding my city/beater bike. Just keep it wrapped around the handlebars so i’m always ready to go.

Exactly like the ones available on goruck. Fit my molle webbing perfectly.