I put my fit bit one in one and wear it on my ankle.

I wanted something for my ankle- it fits, it’s comfortable, and it’s secure – just what i wanted and more. The reflective material is something not found in other ankle bands.

This holds the fitbit perfect and counts your steps better than on your arm. Only complaint is you look like you have a prison ankle bracelet on.

Used for the pool and when shopping.

Found that being on an arm that might not move as much, carrying something but always taking steps will give more accurate accounting of the day. Being reflective is for those out on dark so not needed for me. Might become useful on small children trick or treating as arm bands as well.

Just received this yesterday and immediately upon receipt i took my fit bit tracker out of wrist band and placed into this ankle band. I wore all afternoon and thru the evening. My personal belief is that having this around the ankle was more accurate. Here are a couple of my observations. 1) i don’t swing my arms while in the house carrying laundry and walking at a slower pace so my wrist tracker wasn’t capturing those steps or my steps going up and down to do the laundry. The ankle band captured all of those steps. 2) while driving the ankle band was not registering my driving as steps as the wrist band does. 3) no worries about water from the dish pan etc etc. 4) would prefer the band to be a bit narrower and solid black but all in all very comfortable.

The fit bit fits well in the pocket and the band fits well around my ankle.

I got this to carry my fitbit one on my ankle. It can handle the largest ankle and i often wear it on top of sweat pants, around my ankle. It seems to wear well, i have been using it everyday since the beginning of 2017 and it shows no sign of wear. I remove the fitbit every night when i go to sleep (i use the oem fitbit wrist holder when i sleep) and the constant removal and insertion of the fitbit doesn’t seem to cause any wear to the velcro fastener. If it lasts a year, i’ll be happy. It comes with 2 bands, so this band should be good for at least 2 years. By then i’ll probably need to replace the fitbit anyway.

  • Try it.
  • This is good for those people want to wear their Fitbit One on their ankles
  • Very Happy With Purchase!!

Joyzy Ankle Bands with Mesh Pouch for Fitbit, 2 Pack, Step Counter, Activity Tracker, Fit Watch, Reflective for Running, 11Inch and 9 Inch (Tracker Not Included)

  • Fit for wrist or ankle with circumference of 8~12 inch
  • Highly reflective, enable youself be seen by motorists in dark from distance. With a small mesh pouch on one side, you can put fitness tracker, essential oil, mosquito repellent or other small things inside.
  • Compatible with the following models: FitBit Alta Fitbit Alta HR fitbit flex 2 FitBit One FitBit Zip Fitbit flex any fitness watch≦ 1.7inch*0.8inch.
  • Extremely soft and comfort on your skin, can be washed by machine
  • If any problem, send us a mail, we would reply within 24 hours, give you replacement, refund, whatever you request
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I didn’t see many options for ankle straps but this one is fine. Fits under my pant leg and my steps seem more accurate than with the wrist band since i’m usually carrying or pushing things.

So – after my 3rd fitbit broke in the exact same place, i decided to not spend anymore money on fitbits. The item itself is great, but the band separates at the connection to the actual fitbit device. You can try to glue it, but it is (at best) a temporary fix. But – here is the thing – the fitbit actually still works fine. I removed the other strap and had a small (but working) fitbit. I was a little fearful of keeping it loose in my pocket and then i researched wearing on ankle. I never loved wearing on my wrist to begin with – i like to wear a watch and this never quite looked right together. This ankle device is perfect for what i wanted – to keep using my fitbit, but not paying anymore money to a company that has to know they have a flawed design, but doesn’t address it. The fitbit piece fits snuggly in the ankle band and registers steps very accurately. I do not love the metallic finish – i get why, but i want to wear all the time and it only draws attention to it.

If you’re just counting steps and using the app to control your workouts it’s fine. I had a charge 2 and it was ok but pretty much made other functions useless. Wash it daily or it’ll stink.

Apparently i don’t move my arms when i walk and my fitbit wasn’t counting the steps if my arms aren’t moving. 😡 so i now put the fitbit in this and that isn’t a problem anymore. The only problem is the velcro area is that big. I don’t how well this will work for people with smaller ankles. Mine aren’t that small and i’m using the very end of the velcro area. I just realized they make a smaller size. Definitely should have bought that size over the one i did buy.

These run larger than i expected. I wouldn’t wear them out, other than that i like them.

Not quite as reflective as i was expecting, but works fine, feels comfortable on my ankle, and holds my fitbit in well.

The ankle band allows you to wear your fitbit discreetly and comfortably. The ankle band is safe and secure. When worn under your pants, no one knows you are wearing it. This was an excellent purchase.

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Perfect little velcro secured pocket for the alta. I especially like that there is ample velcro on the band so there is no worry about losing it as i walk. Comfortable and not too wide.

Since using it the velco has been harder to hold. It does not connect with my normal fit bit as i would like but enough for walks. But it has fallen off the band at least twice and i have been able to find the fitbit. So i need to find a better way to attach it or lock it so i don’t lose my fit fit.

My husband and i both really like them. They fit securely and i forget i am wearing it. Comfortable and fits my fitbit one perfectly. Using it on the treadmill i was worried walking at a really fast pace i would lose it. I believe it makes your fitbit one more accurate than the arm band. The only negative is it kind of looks like a parole ankle monitor. The pictures i posted show the how long the velcro is on the back of the band and the approx 3 1/4 inches on the front the velcro can attach to.

She can’t wear her fit bit on her wrist because she works in a kitchen. This became the perfect solution.

In the job i work, i have to wear a g-shock watch that built like fort knox or i’ll destroy it in a week. That screws me up for having a fitness tracker that’s a watch, i’ll just destroy it. I wear it around my ankle at work and put the fitbit one in the pocket that closes with velcro, it’s the best solution that i’ve found. I’ve had the little pouch for the fitbit and put it in my pocket. The problem with that is that with other objects in my pocket, the button always gets pressed when i don’t want it to. When i ordered the band, i immediately lamented that i didn’t order two. I didn’t realize that there are two in the package. When i’m out walking at dusk or early in the morning i wear one on each ankle. I really like that they’re reflective for safety.

Bought to wear at the gym and even though i love them i feel they look like a house arrest bracelet because they are so wide.

I ordered the 11′ ankle band to use with my fitbit one (especially to capture my steps while bicycling). The fitbit fit perfectly into the mesh pocket on the band, but unfortunately the 11′ band was too large for my ankles. (i have an average-sized frame. ) i contacted the amazon seller (isunshine) asking how to go about exchanging this for the 9′ band. The responded within a few hours and i couldn’t ask for a better or more convenient response. They were a pleasure to work with, so if you do have any issues with their products, contact them and you’ll likely be satisfied.

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The mesh pocket is very small. Has small velcro strip to keep it closed.

I wear this under my socks, it is a well made product, be careful tho, it has come unfastened, which is why i wear it under my socks.

I bought these to wear during yoga class or circuit training so that my movements would be better captured than if i had just clipped it to my bra. My fitbit hasn’t fallen out in the past month of daily wear. I like that two come in the package. The construction seems tight. I would purchase again (if these two ever wear out – they seem pretty sturdy).

Love these for the purpose of grocery shopping and or laundry, when i go shopping with a cart my garmin doesn’t think i am moving while pushing a cart, same with laundry baskets, well my legs are always moving so this works well.

These are great, but only for short term. Wanted to try these after my second fit bit band broke after a year and thought these would last. But when you are using the same velcro every day, it wears to the point it doesn’t latch anymore. It’s only been a month since i bought these, and already the first one barley latches now. Can put them in a sock and it will work fine, but if monitoring your sleep patterns, they’ll come off at night. Good for consealing or as a backup, but not for everyday use.

I wear my fit bit on my ankle, which is wide. It works and fits perfectly. So comfortable i forget i have it on.

Much more accurate than on the wrist or hip. Pretty comfortable, just gets a little hot after a while. Better if you wear it around a sock. Fits me and my husband both.

These bands are so convenient and stay in place nicely. However, the velcro became weak after a mont h or so and they run large. I wish they made these waterproof.

I bought this to put my fitbit one is and wrap it around my ankle to count my steps when i do a spin / cycle class. Make sure that you have the fitbit pushed inside and secured with the little velcro tab.

It is nice it fits my ankle but i hate that i have to remove the whole band to use it. I have a garmin hr and if i am pushing the stroller or walking the dogs my arm doesn’t move and it doesn’t pick up the steps, so i have to move it to my ankle to get an accurate read while walking the dogs or pushing the stroller or even shopping. But the band on mine is well made and screws into the garmin. Can’t you make one that holds the whole vivosmart??.

Counts my steps when my arms are not moving.

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