I will update this in a month or so, after i use it a bit more. I have worn it swimming, i swim 3x’s a week 1/2 laps and 1/2 have deep water for 1 hour, it seemed to function well, i did not have my phone at the pool, it disconnected, will get a dry bag and do again with phone closer. The biggest problem i saw was the motion of water kept flipping through the modes because of the touch button, might wear battery faster, not sure at this time. You can shut it off, but then if you want to take readings during swim, you have to re-connect. As was i had no problem taking readings in pool of heat rate and bp. I also was in the hot tub, but mostly keep my left hand out of water, not 100% but mostly. Went in steam room for 10 minutes also, showered, washed my hair and later did dishes seems ok. The step mode is off for me by about 50% but after some cking, my husband and i found steps are linked to arm action, if i use a grocery cart it doesn’t track, we cked this several times. Also if you ck the app and you know you should have steps or heart beat listed and it says 0, disconnect and re-connect, the data will re-transmit.

Pros= heart rate,pedometer,caller id,blood pressure (reason for buying) is inaccurate but better than nothing. Cons=no alarms,sleep monitor does not work at all. Or perhaps i didnt sleep for 4 days. It only records heart rate every 30 mins, so when you manually check your higher heart rate after sprinting it will not record (same as blood pressure) so it doesnt show it in time log on app. Any amount of moisture on your arm and it will not work, especially during workout. So for 30 bucks you get a watch, caller id alert, pedometer, heart rate and blood pressure monitor.

Great it controls my wife pressure all the time.

Below is my original review – but i’d like to clarify. There are no wrist fitness trackers that are truly accurate, all of them, regardless of price, will be far from reality. However, they do serve a purpose – to provide relative data. This product has all of the features, but at a fraction of the price of the big brands. I will be keeping this band and using it regularly. For the current price of $33 i would recommend this full-featured activity tracker, but would warn you to manage your expectations for all fitness trackers and don’t be surprised if your blood pressure and heart rate are much lower (or higher) than your doctor tells you. —this thing is far from accurate — at least for my large hairy arms. Its comfortable, easy to use, paired easily with my phone, and the battery life is okay, but all of that meaningless if the data it collects is just flat out wrong. Luckily, it’s persistently inaccurate, so it at least helps to give me a relative idea of what is going on.

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This is the second one and it works great.

I had a little problem synching this up with my smartphone but my daughter got it done and i really do like it. I am not use to wearing a watch any more but this is small enough that i don’t mind having it on. Now that i have had this almost a month – am very happy with it.

Wrist flipping for time don’t work no more.

I was very happy after i had problems so often with my polar strap and sick of wearing a chest strap, to find a heart-rate monitor i could use without problems. I cycle a lot and have had no problems. I must admit never read the manuals but just wear it and try the buttons all was good.

  • I am happy with this product
  • Set your expectations
  • blood pressure (reason for buying) is inaccurate but better than nothing

Tom Tony Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band, Activity Tracker, Fitness Smart Band for Sports and Calorie Burning (Black)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sensitive touch screen shows time, Blood pressure, heart rate, walking steps and distance, calories burnt, Sleep monitoring, battery capacity. There are daily, weekly, monthly and annual summary of your activity, all these show on the APPs, tracks your activity apparently.
  • 24-Hour Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring, With advanced heart rate monitoring technology. when you are doing exercise, jogging, yoga. Help you know your own fat-burning heart rate, traces any changes in your heart rate, makes exercise more scientific and effective.
  • Anytime anywhere, real – time measurement of blood pressure – blood pressure can be detected at the APP at any time and save the test records. You can view more historical blood pressure records when you need.
  • Sleep Full Monitoring, Vibration Alarm Wake – Wristband automatically tracks how long and how well you sleep. Silent vibration alarm clock wakes you gently every morning.
  • IP67 Super waterproof and dustproof design,Experience of super light wearing, Let a bath to wash their hands don’t need to take off, When swimming also need not take off, but not for diving, Enjoy the fun of sports!
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Tom tony seems to work really well and charges very quickly.

If you don’t mind taking it off to charge it every 3-4 days, then this will work for you. I wish that i would have put the money into a fitbit or a better product instead of going “bang for the buck”.

Wow, i am happy with this product. Right out of the box it paired immediately with my iphone. The instructions that came with this watch are clear and simple to follow. The app that you download for this is simple to use. The app stays connected to your activity tracker. It does take your blood pressure, as well and it is right within where i am when testing myself against a regular blood pressure measure, same with heart rate. Yes, i know it is not going to be as 100 % exact, not even my fitbit that i had was either, but it is within where i fall for these two (bpm and hr) and really what you are doing is tracking over the long term your progress in getting yourself moving more everyday. Definitely a purchase one should take a second look at buying.

Let’s set the expectations- this is an inexpensive device that provide you a good idea about the all around of your health. It does not claim to be a medical device. For the price that we paid sub $20 bucks, it is an exceptional value. Pairing to your phone using bt, this is pretty much straight forward like any other bt devices, turn your phone’s bt on, scan, click on the device to pair. If you don’t know how to pair bt then it is not a device problem. It is recommended to change your passcode to pair after you install the hband so other people cannot connect to your watch. About the app, it is in the play store look for h band 2. Once the app is installed, it asks you to join the cloud is to save your data in the case if you need to change your phone or device so you can retain the data. It is an option, you don’t need to use it but it can save a copy of your information. Certainly there is a risk, but we are already living in the world of hacking, this is not financial informations. Pairing connection to bt, it disconnect normally because 1. Your device is far away from your phone (30 feet range) for an extended time (30 minutes).

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Received this as a gift and i love it.

Comfortable and lightweight bluetooth watch. Best features include easy to sync, watch vibrates on phone calls alerts and messages. Blood pressure, pulse rate, and pedometer does not seem to be very accurate. Will need further testing and comparing to verify.

Hello this gadget works with any android phone.