When wearing on you wrist the steps tightly clip and won’t slide.

It’s easy to set up the first time. This is a good affordable fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. The charging method is very novel. . Plug it to the usb charger. I can record walks, runs, or bike rides. I highly recommend you buy this tracker.

It’s light and fitness-friendly. It also monitors my heart rate. This is a multi-function meter. You can view all records on a mobile application.

Comparable to the similar fitibit model at a much cheaper price. The app is intuitive and very easy to use.

I like all the features of this watch. I really like to wear it while doing yoga. Not just about sports, but also about smartphones. You don’t need to pull out your phone when you receive a reminder. The watch will let you know when there is one, it will give you a text reading that tells you what the alert is, even who is on the phone. This is a great feature for me. I always know when something important is happening, or something i can ignore it. The app interface of the mobile phone works well. I have no connection problems. The app has a wealth of features that can be used to monitor and set the goals of physical tuning.

I have owned several of these budget fitness trackers and this one is easily one of the best.  it feels to be made of high quality material and i have already dropped it several times without any real damage.  the charging mechanism is a good idea and works well.  the functions are more accurate then i expected them to be and a lot more then some of the other watches i have used.  it is very easy to connect the watch to a phone and all of the functions appear to work (although i rarely use these.

Bought it for my kids, they loved it. Setup was easy, standby time was great. The app that paired the band to has some room for improvement to be more user friendly. The alarm was especially useful, now they can get up in the morning on their own.The only drawback is that step counts can be misleading since it counts the movement of the arm, easy for kids to cheat by just moving arms not legs.

My review will be a little biased towards not being happy. It’s not because its a bad fitness band, its not. I just think i got a defective one. I have been waiting to give my review hoping things would work themselves out, but they haven’t. I was very excited when i charged it and put it on to see everything it did. It totally live up to my expectations as a basic fitness band and then some. Although it has many feature i don’t need it has the few basic ones i do. But if i ever decide to expand, those features are there. I am not a fanatic on working out or biking or exercising but it does have tracking for that.

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I’ve owned fitbit for years. For approximately $100, i felt they performed pretty well but i did have issues with the charging, a lot. This is why i was looking for something else. The kalinco watch is way underpriced in my opinion. It does everything the basic model of fitbit does for a fraction of the price. Plus, the charging system is ingenious in my opinion. This thing is light weight, durable, trendy, functional, and an overall good buy. I accidentally wear it in the shower sometimes and have never had an issue with it. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a dependable fitness tracker on a budget.

It is just like a regular watch but does more. Tracks heart rate, steps of walk, running distance. I am being notified for incoming calls and text even my phone is 20 feets away from me wearing the watch.So amazed with the function and great price tag compare to expensive apple watch.

I will buy another one for my friend.

This is a very good sports watch that can also test heart rate and walk. With it, my son started to like to wear every day to walk.

People say the grey is not grey its blue. And i wanted blue and i love this color blueish grey color. Haven’t charged it or turned it on yet was running late to work. But i looks and fit so awesome. I’m wearing it til i’m able to get it up and running. Here are the specifications for the KALINCO Fitness Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Unique Design: 0.96 inch LCD color screen makes the screen colorful, and extends your vision. Comfortable, fashionable, adjustable anti-lost strap for lovely kids, sporty and business men and women.
  • Automatic Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor: The fitness bracelet automatically monitors the heart rate. It also supports automatic sleep monitoring, records deep sleep, light sleep and wakefulness, help you to build a healthy life.
  • Activity Tracker: Monitors your steps, calories burned, kilometers covered and active minutes during the day. More different sports modes help you to better understand individual activity values. You can also connected GPS by uses smartphone GPS to determine speed and distance in real time.
  • IP68 Waterproof & Build-in USB Plug : IP68 waterproof allows your washing hands, getting caught in the rain in your daily life, will not damage your fitness watch. The fitness bracelet can be easily charged by the BUILD-IN USB charging.
  • 100% SATISFACTION AFTER-SALE:If you are not satisfied with our products,not worry, we offer 30 days full refund, 24 months warranty. Any problems, please feel free to contact us. Customer ‘s satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
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The touch screen display is responsive, easy to navigate, and very accurate when performing step tests. For the price, i think this is very valuable. If you are interested in knowing how many steps you have made or how many calories you burned, i would recommend this watch as a cheap, effective and stylish way to do this.

Good product because can read my steps and heart beat. Battery can last at least a week. Also can received a notification text message from my phone.

Perfect for my 14 year old son. All the functionality of a fitbit at a fraction of the price.

I’ve always wanted to have a sporty looking watch to wear with my casual clothes. This fitness tracker, well, i prefer to call it a multi-function watch, as i don’t care much about ‘fitness tracking’, looks great on me. I’ve used it everyday since its delivery 6 days ago, but haven’t charged it once. The expensive apple watch can only last up to 18 hours. Moreover, i feel comfortable wearing it that i don’t even take it off during sleep. All i need is something small, simple, and long-lasting. This watch perfectly meets my expectation. It’s a must have item for minimalist lifestyle.

When i decided to buy this fitness tracker, i didn’t really think much. I just want something that can monitor my heart rate during workout. However i discovered that it has so many functions. I just have wear it every second, now i feel very comfortable with it.

The color is so cute and it’s nice and slim. It shows texts and phone calls and tracks your exercise. There’s an app for your phone too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • $30? Are you kidding me?!
  • Minimalist, long-lasting and working great!
  • Inexpensive but perfect!

Bought for my husband he loves it.

Works great,the tracker fits like a glove. It easy to set up and track daily health. I am enjoy with it everyday.

This gives me a lot of good information that my phone in my pocket just can’t give – yet i don’t want to a second, smaller smartphone on my wrist. I think this is a great compromise between size, durability, cost, and function. You do need the verifyfitpro app on your phone to really get the best out of this watch. I wore this fitness tracker for a day before syncing it with my phone. I couldn’t find a way to set the time and it’s functions were really limited as it only has one button. I tried linking it to my phone without the app but couldn’t. I don’t believe this is how the device is supposed to be used, so i’m not going to dock any stars for using it without a the app on a phone. Downloading the app on my phone really brought out the usefulness of this fitness tracker. The time was automatically synced to my phone, i get my calendar alerts, text messages, and alarms on my wrist now. I’ve had no problems submersing this tracker under water or wearing it in the shower.

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Seems pretty accurate and seems to be well made.

It’s slim and stylish, easy to setup.

I was a little worried about this tracker not working well but it’s perfect. Almost a month of using it i figured out you can add or remove categories so i removed running and added dancing for when i use wii just dance or actual dancing.

I have been used this tracker for almost a week, it’s quite simple and easy to charge. Since i really need a alarm and tracker for my steps, i bought this one just for a trailer. To my surprise, it’s quite useful in the end, it can measure your heart beat and steps and remind you if you reach your exercise goals.

Nice smart watch can monitor your steps how much cal you burned each day.

It’s actually more stream line than my last. Takes no time at all to set up. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has an active lifestyle or just wants to monitor their health.

The band is very easy to set up and light weight. The band helps me keep tracking my running data and walking steps. There are several functions to monitor your workout, running, walking, steps, biking and even heart rate.

Very easy to use, and keep track for your exercise. Together with the right app is amazing. Highly recommended used for more than a month without any issues.

This a great product for the price easy to pair and easy to operate.