Just got my tracker yesterday and it’s quite sturdy. It took a while for me to detach the band where the charge part is located but it wasn’t so difficult. I scanned the barcode on the product package to download the app on my android phone which synced quite quickly. The only thing i noticed so far is it counts a few more steps than normal (about 6 more steps if i’m being specific. I literally counted the steps i took each time to get this number. Lol)it’s still a great tracker for the price and quality.

I bought a pink one and a black one for me and my husband, and we’re both enjoying them. We both wanted a watch and step counter for work. It definitely met my expectations and it was super easy to set up. We love the sms notification feature. Update 11/12/18: ended up buying another one for my mil in purple. She was super excited about it.

I bought the tracker because i thought it would make getting in shape easier. It tracks my steps, number of miles walked and everything. It will even track how well you sleep. It is very easy to set up and charge.

It tracks my steps, it tracks my sleep and activity levels. The app is kind of terrible. I wish it did all day sync, instead of me having to open the app each time i want to sync my steps. It seems to miss about 1-3 hours of my sleep at night (i also use another sleep tracker). But i lost my fitbit and am planning my wedding right now, so spending the money on a new fitbit wasn’t high on the list, so this does exactly what i am looking for in the mean time. It’s not perfect, but it does work.

Basic functions with easy setup. I like the notifications when i receive a text (i keep the sound on my phone off at work). The watch is waterproof and the screen seems to be durable. The main reasons i purchased this watch are for keeping time and counting steps. Before even getting out of bed i have somehow miraculously walked almost 100 steps. From my bed to the bathroom i’m already up to 350.By the end of the day, i’ve logged over 20,000.

Gave four stars though because i work nights and it doesn’t track my sleep during the day. It only tracks when i’m off and sleep at night.

I really like this fitness tracker. When my fitbit died, i wanted to replace it but didn’t want to spend, so i took a chance on this, and i am so glad i did. It’s a watch, with a clear digital read out. It tracks my steps, calories and sleep. I’m not sure how accurate it is as a sleep monitor, but i normally take it off at night anyway. I sync’ed it with my google fit app, and it has its own app that was easy to install on my phone. I can set alerts to remind me to move once an hour, which is great at work. I found the system intuitive to use. It’s slightly thicker than my fitbit, but it’s still very low profile. The band is more purple than blue, but it’s dark and subtle, which i appreciate.

This smartwatch is a great value and is packed with features and i am pleased with it.

Very beautiful give the calorie counter and steps. I would recommend buying it.

So far i am enjoying this product. I really wanted it to keep me aware when i am not active enough. Only downfall i have seen so far. Was at a football game and got steps for clapping at the game. It has also given me steps when i toss and turn at night. For me, i don’t care if it is exact as it is not a big deal for me. I also know the sleep monitor does not accurately track when i am awake at night. I have gone to the bathroom, but it will track me in light sleep. (and no, the steps i get during the night are not when i go to the bathroom. Lol) would give 5 stars if not for those two things.

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Ordered for my 9 year old who was convinced she needed a fit bit. I didn’t want to spend a lot of $ because hey, she’s 9 and the fun eventually wears off. This was the perfect choice. It was easy to set up, easy to charge, fits her perfectly and it’s a beautiful color.After a week of wearing it she still loves it. I didn’t think she would like wearing it but it’s so kid friendly. She likes checking her step progress most of all. I’m considering ordering one for myself just for the clock feature because it really is a pretty awesome little gadget.

I purchased this as a starter tracking watch. It’s light weight and easy to use. I use it to track my steps but it also shows calories burned and miles walked, also sleep tracker. It does not do pulse but it has some type of timer that i haven’t figured out just yet but again i only wanted it for steps. It has bluetooth and links to their app that has other features and info on playstore. To charge it you have to pull one strap off and plug it in to any device with usb port. The screen displays the date and time, the screen stays off until you turn your arm and it turns on. So far i’m pleased with my purchase. If your not ready for a fitbit then try this first.

I’m a ram truck guy, but i bought this for my cousin who is a huge ford truck fan. He absolutely loves it, so i’m happy with this purchase. He’s about 5’10’ with and 170. Slender guy with almost no body fat, and the large fit him perfectly if it helps anyone reading the reviews. Here are the specifications for the KARSEEN Fitness Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【45 Days Money Back From KARSEEN】Your purchase all KARSEEN Brand product comes with a full 45 day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee. “VaporMaxStore ” are the only authorised seller.Beware of other sellers claiming to sell genuine KARSEEN items, not only are they offering counterfeit goods you will not be eligible for a 45 days money back guarantee provided by Karseen.
  • 【Upgraded App”VeryfitPro”】Solved Problems that cannot be scanned, improved the stability.Main Activites functions divided to exercise detection,sleep monitor and analysis,heart rate monitor(U2 Activity Tracker Haven’t This Function ) movement Map track,timeline,sports leaderboards, call reminders, SMS,SNS notification and display, clock alarm, Calories burnt etc.compatible with android 4.4 or above, iOS 7.1 or above.
  • 【USB Charging Interface&Low-Power OLED Screen Equipped】 You can use computer USB port,Ipad and smart phone charger USB slot to charge, or even USB car charger for direct charge, fast and convenient. Last 5-10 working days after fully charged. Touch the screen lightly, and real time data such as time, steps, and heat consumption will be immediately presented.Screen bright once lift your wrist.
  • 【Manufactured with High Quality and High Standards】 KARSEEN Brand team have many development patents and design Patent in fitness track,smart watch.U2 Fitness tracker passed CE, RoHS, FCC and other European and American high standard certifications
  • 【Never Miss a Message/Call 】It will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a phone call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc. Simply connect the bracelet to your smart phone via Bluetooth and set in the app, you will never miss a call and a message.
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Set up is easy and watch has kept a good charge so far. I’ve been using this product for about a month now and i love how it tracks my calories not only during my workout but when i’m out dancing. Watch is water proof as far as i can tell, i don’t wear it in the shower to be safe. As of now i am very happy with my purchase.

Just received today, glad it came so quick. I am not that computer literate and set up took hardly any time at all. I love how small the band is for my arm because i am petite and don’t like large bands. Everything seems to be working well. I had a fit bit but decided to return for $137. 00 and get this for around $30. I appreciate the retailer for making this affordable.

My kids have always wanted a watch fitness tracker but with how expensive they are that wasn’t really an option. With this however they are thrilled. It took me a minute to find the right app to download but once i did it was pretty straight forward. You can customize it to yourself and it has a couple different functions: step counter, clock, stop watch, calorie counter. It’s a little confusing at first and i’m still not sure how to correctly set everything but i’m sure we will figure it out. The boys love it though and for the price it can’t be beat. (not sure how accurate the counter is – we will have to see).

This works as it is intended for the most part. The only two issues i have has are that a) it looks ‘rose gold’ in the picture online when actually it is a very pale (almost nude) rubber pink. Which is fine if your hopes weren’t set on rose gold. And b) the sleep counter always begins at least one hour after i know i’ve gone to sleep. For example, i went to bed at 10pm and i know i was asleep within 10 minutes. The counter says i went to sleep at 11. So always slightly inaccurate each day. Other than that it counts steps well, etc.

Does exactly what i needed it to and it holds a charge well. Especially for the price this watch is on point.

I was impressed that this lower cost fitness tracker works as well as the high dollar. It may not have as many bells & whistles but, overall it is serving its purpose. My disabled grandsons nurse liked it so well i had to get her one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Feels and looks nice!
  • Great tracker.great band!
  • Fit bit who?

I got this for my 9yr old who wanted a apple watch. She loves tracking her steps and trying to beat her goal from the previous day.

I bought this for my mom because she has been wanting to track her steps and miles walked. This one looked good and the band was a huge selling point (she had lost a different one because of the band). It took me just a couple minutes to download the app and set her up. Since then she hasnt had any issues with syncing and she loves the tracking. She even startes using different features in the app and on the watch that she wasn’t expecting to use like heart rate and sleep. If you want something easy and effective i highly recommend this. I have a fitbit versa and honestly the data she and i both use and get is identical.

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First thing i noticed is that it is not even close to the color shown. It is more of a peach than pink and doesn’t have any sheen like shown. As far as function, it seems to do as stated. I just got it today but all is good so far. I’ve had 2 fitbit trackers and the price of this is much better and seems to do the same thing for a fraction of the price.

Seems to be on count with apple health so i just synced them. Nice to read text messages when i am not by my phone. Perfect and for the price you really can’t beat this deal.

For what i paid and wanted it for it is fabulous. Accuracy is a smidge iffy at times but if you wanted a fit bit you should have bought one. The sleep part is what i really wanted and that is working fine. I can shower in it and it hasn’t broken my arm out.

It was easy set up with the app, the actual watch feels really nice and looks good. Haven’t worn it day to day yet but looking forward to it.

I have had different versions of the fitbit brand fitness trackers and this is so much betterbattery life is great too.

It is very light weight and i don’t even realize its on my wrist at times. It has all the functions i was looking for (step count, active time, calories burned, distance, time and date, and an exercise mode. ) the band is made of quality rubber and doesn’t feel cheap. It was also really easy to link to the phone app which automatically corrects the time and date while also keeping your activity information in a neat and organized interface.

I originally got this product as a cheap fitbit replacement and it’s been perfect. The charging is easy, though confusing at first. It lasts a few days on one charge, probably about 5-6 on average. The only problem is it disconnects from my bluetooth often, and vibrates when it does this. Other than that, this is a great product for a great price.

It is exactly what i was looking for.

For $21 bucks it does a great job. I set up notifications for texts and calls so i never miss a message while working out. It tracks steps great, does all it says it’s going to do and with the app you download for it it’s easy to set up. Got one for my mom and aunt. Make sure you charge it over night. If you short charge it it will die quick-1day. But if you over night it you’ll get 4-6 days out of the charge. The pink band is more of a pale flat pink/peach color not as lustrous as the picture.

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