Now i can use my vivofit when i dress up so i am not missing any steps. It was a little difficult to work with the pins but once you figure that out it’s not bad.

I love the band but had to go to jeweler to have it switched. The pins they send are not the right size. I’ve let them know so maybe yours will be ok. I also had to have the band shortened and i have a large wrist (8. 5′) the instructions were a little cumbersome so i had the jeweler do that also. I leave it on current time and use as a watch.

I wear it every day and get lots of compliments. The only wear it shows is on one clasp where it constantly rubs on the desk when i type. But that didn’t start to show til after i had it for many months.

I get tons of compliments on it. I have the original garmin vivofit. It isn’t a quick swap to change the tracker to different bands. My husband had to get my tracker in it. So i won’t be changes out bands as often, which isn’t really optimal for workouts.

I love my garmin but sometimes i wanted it to be a little dressier. Very easy to insert tracker and they even send you a little holder in case you need to add or remove links. I’m very impressed and will probably buy another one.

I was tired of all the silicone bands and wanted something a bit more fashionable. This band fills that desire very well. It was relatively easy to insert and lock my vivo fit2 into the setting and adjusting the band to fit my wrist was simple with the tool included. It does take a little fiddling and closeup work but not hard at all. You get your money’s worth for the price.

KingBaas Compatible for Garmin Vivofit Band,Replacement Accessory Metal Band with Rhinestone Women Compatible Garmin Vivofit and Garmin Vivofit 2,NOT for Garmin Vivofit 3/4/JR/HR (No Tracker)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Reminder: Accessory band for Garmin Vivofit (first series) and Garmin Vivofit 2 only ( no tracker )
  • Personalized your Vivofit with the gorgeous watch band which embellished with few outstanding jewelry crystals ,always bring you an symbol of elegance, luxury& nobility at any moment
  • It’s easy to install and take out the tracker, enjoy switching every functionality by pressing physical button simply on surface
  • Comes with a tool helps us remove and resize the band length, fit for (5.5″-8.1″) wrist size ,Support water resistance but DONOT recommend to wear while swimming & shower
  • One of the most wonderful gift for yourself and your familys, Warranty: Replacement or Refund without return for any quality issue

I hated the rubber bracelet and simply would not wear it. I looked at this for weeks because i was afraid it might be too glitzy. The perfect size, style and look to go to the office with a business suit and i don’t mind being a little bedazzled on the weekend as well. I do not have really small wrists, but i took out two links and fits just a little lose which is comfortable for me. At 70, my eyesight is not great so i was a little concerned when i saw how small the holes and pieces were to hook the tracker in, but the instructions saved the day and the tool (included) worked really well as the bars are spring-loaded and will gravitate to the exact right place pretty easily. I am very happy with the new look.

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I love this band so glad they finally made something that wasn’t rubber for my garmin. It is dressy and i get lots of compliments on it. It was easy to adjust to fit my wrist i had to remove 2 links it looks and fits great.

I get a lot of compliments on this band. It is unusual but looks beautiful. And adjusting the band was easy with all the tools included. Great product and i would definitely recommend buying.

This band has made me feel more comfortable wearing my vivofit with any outfit. It was a bit challenging to remove the extra links but once that was complete, the band fit perfectlyit took me 2 years to find a replacement band that i liked, so i am very pleased.

Clear instructions for adjusting band length. Holding up well to daily use for the last 3 weeks. I keep it out of water just to be safe.

Very pretty if your sick of the regular garmin band. I ordered through prime so i received the product quickly. It was s little difficult to assemble the safety pieces to secure your garmin in place. If you want to dress up your garmin i recommend this bracelet. It is also adjustable so it fits your wrist.

Have had a lot of complements on this. It looks and feels like i’m wearing a piece of jewelry, and it’s comfortable to ware. It has lost a couple of stones, but you have to look hard to see it. In the picture they are easy to see, but to the naked eye, not so easy. I bought the silver one and i’ve had this band for a few months. I was worried the clasp, which is hard to open, would pop open and i would loose but so far it hasn’t gotten that loose.

I absolutely love my new band. Now when i have to dress up for work it looks more classy than the typical plastic band i was wearing. This band came with all the tools necessary to remove the 2 extra links i needed. It also has extra pins incase one is lost or broken. I would highly recommend this band. I will be watching for more designs and colors to be released ;).

Love the dessiness of this band. Hated the fact that 7 of the sparkily ‘stones’ fell out while i had band on desk taking to take links out to size it to my wrist. I am hoping that i won’t lose anymore when i start wearing it.

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I really enjoyed having this watch band for my garmin vivofit. It’s definitely an attractive band and easy to adjust to size when you get it. I’ve seen on other posts that people were having issues with the rhinestones falling out, but all of mine are still intact. I’m a little disappointed because the hatch is beginning to fail on me now after about 5 months of use, but for the money that’s probably reasonable. It’s just unfortunate as i am again searching for a replacement.

It’s plastic with metallic paint and some metal pieces of the links. Very pretty, but the paint won’t hold up to normal wear. Edit: seller contacted me after negative reviews & offered to replace the band. Still not metal and since one of the stones fell out within a few hours of wearing the first time, i don’t expect the quality to be any better, but the customer service was excellent. I’ll keep the replacement for a dressy occasion because it’s pretty, but it’s not a good choice for daily use.

KingBaas Compatible for Garmin Vivofit Band,Replacement Accessory Metal Band with Rhinestone Women Compatible Garmin Vivofit and Garmin Vivofit 2,NOT for Garmin Vivofit 3/4/JR/HR (No Tracker) : I’m not sure this is metal, it feels like plastic. However, that doesn’t bother me. It arrived quickly, and i was able to use the tools provided to remove links. It was easy enough for me to do on the first try. I agree with another reviewer, it looks like it would be hard to pop my device out, but that’s not an issue for me, i will just wear it 24/7 until the bracelet falls apart. Update: i sent it back because the button on my vivo didn’t work once it was in the bracelet. Return process was easy, they were very understanding and responsive.

I have had many compliments on this. Not cheap looking like the rubber ones i had been using to change colors. A bit difficult to insert the vivofit and not easy to change,.

Great watch, i got to wear it for about 1 1/2 years and now i can’t find where the batteries go now that they went out.

Very pretty but after a few months the color wears off and causes the skin to be itchy. As well the gems fall out quickly. I wear it all the time in an out of swims and showers.

Although i like the look and wearability of this new band, i can only give this three stars. The pin in the knobbed apparatus provided to remove links broke off — no ‘replacement’ was included (contrary to the instructions), and since the original one broke off in the apparatus, i could not have switched it out anyway . Luckily i make jewelry, so i had some tools i could use, but it was not easy, nor fun.

I was kind of leery to buy this product. I thought it would be a pain to switch out this band from the other bands that i have. There are two pins that you can easily remove with the tool provided. They even send extra pins just in case they break. Makes my vivofit look so much fancier.

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I get lots of complements on this bracelet. People are very surprised that it is a fitness bracelet. I did not like the plastic band the vivofit came in. It is completely adjustable and i can still push the button to get time, steps, date, goal etc. I where it 24 7 – in the shower, and 1 year later it still looks great.

I love my replacement band for my very old tracker. It brings it back to life for me so i will still use it. This is the second band i’ve purchased from this company. The first one lasted 2 years. With this one you get the tool to adjust and customize it to your liking. This time i choose the black with clear crystals on the face and part of the band bracelet part. I was able to remove the crystal links on the bracelet and make it a bit less blink.

This is a fun band to change to from the boring rubber ones. The tool to remove the pins broke within minutes of using it, and there wasn’t any replacement tools in the box, but i improvised and figured out how to do it. Besides that, i enjoy this band and will probably buy another one.

I have really enjoyed this and have had it for 8 months now. I am constantly getting compliments on it. I have not had any jewels fall out. That was a concern for me because of other reviews i had read. I wear it all of the time except in the shower or pool.

Compared to the price of other vivofit bands, this is hands down affordable and works well. It’s just very cheap looking. I just needed something easy to dress up my vivofit when traveling, but honestly, i usually just bring my nice watch. I’m not sure i would buy again.

Update to my original review. I see a lot of people have had the same issue with the pin. It is too small to stay in place. The seller has been great to work with and sent me a replacement with may pins. I attempted to replace it about 3 times with the same issue. I then decided to take some two part apoxy and dip both ends of the pin in it as well as add a pin amount in one whole. This worked beautiful, i love the look of the band i was not willing to give up. So far it has lasted about 3 weeks now. I was also thinking of taking it to a watch repair tech to see if they could fix it. I think price wise it is worth it.

Was easy to put my vivofit 2 into the band. Much easier than what was described in reviews and directions. I took 2 links out of braclet part. That was easy to do as well. Over all looks i give it a 10.