I bought this on a whim and i love it great for working out.

I don’t like that you can’t do an overall track or averaging of the week on the app that pairs your device, but other than that everything else has been working well and it does keep a fairly accurate count of steps. I also tested the bp reading with an actual reading using a cuff and it was nearly exact- so a great way to keep up with blood prrssure throughout the day.

Wont sync to my phone to view messages. After 1 day of use the heart beat measurement stopped working.

We love having competitions to see who can get more steps in per day. He wears it to sleep sometimes and says it’s super comfy.

Very nice for the price excellent watch.

As of right now i only used the watch one time i bought it to see how my sleeping is since i’m so tired all day and it did not even track my sleep last night 😒 i’m going to wear it a couple more nights and if it doesn’t work i will be returning it.

The watch is great, fits well feels good. Poor instructions but you have to be a idiot to not figure it out. The app name is warehealth this part was a bit difficult to find the instructions have a upc code you read but my phone camera doesn’t focus, finally found it referenced once in the instructions. The app could use some help, it needs more features and the ability to automatically perform actions like take a blood pressure reading every hour rather than having to do it manually. Some features need a reset button like the calibration of bp so far once you calibrate it once that’s it i haven’t found a way to re-calibrate it. Band size almost doesn’t fit me, there is like 3 notches left in it; and i don’t think i have large wrists so if your a really big guy this might not fit you.

The watch started out fine when i first got it and started using it but after the third day it started freezing on me pressing the button and nothing i would go to steps and it would freeze it wouldn’t show me my steps that i did that day stop working so i returned it.

  • I really like this watch
  • Not to bad, I like it.
  • Great product for daytime people
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Fitness Tracker-Smart Bracelet with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1. Measure your blood pressure before and after exercise. With the intelligent chip, Bluetooth 4.0 and smart”Wearhealth” APP, this device is super easy to be connected and upgraded with the OTA technology. Intelligently detect your blood pressure with our stylish industry-leading Smart Wristband!
  • 2. Steps, distance, calories counter. Easy-to-read big OLED screen with high sensitive touch sensor. Time, date, week and never miss calls or messages by vibrate notifications. Clearly and easily see your steps, heart rate, calories, and distance, sleep time and sleep quality, sedentary reminder, caller ID, and latest messages by tapping the bottom screen. For the cost of a meal, enjoy your life when motivated. Isn’t that worth it, alone?
  • 3. Water resistant for sweating, hand-wash ,light water contact,even swim in the pool; comfortable TPU band with super lightweight slim design, silent vibrate and smart alarm will wake you up once you set the right time. Sync wirelessly and automatically to your Smart Phone every time with the app. Search and download “Wearhealth” in APP Store (See User Manual) to unlock all these amazing features.
  • Has a 7-day battery life with normal use(The watch will last about 5 days with continuous heart-rate tracking enabled.) Most other fitness trackers, including the Fitbit Charge 2, will last no more than a week before needing a recharge.
  • 5. Freely change between simple,fashion,sports,businese display backgrounds. Simply by long pressing the touch area for 3 seconds, you will change the display mode. It meets users’ preferences and offers maximum user experience!
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I like that it was affordable compared to others. I really wanted a fit-bit that did all the works, but didn’t want to pay the price, so i chose this. I’m not 100% positive if i believe the blood pressure results it gives (i’ll have to compare it when i get to an actual health facility). The sleep tracker does not work at all. Everything else is fine though.

Hard to figure out at first, but is working great. My phone is not the newest, my husbands is newer and he loves his.

Works excellent and have a good color.

I am not sure if the blood pressure reader is accurate or not but i do love this watch and recommend it.

App for android phone did not work well. Could not hook up to device many of the functions the device was capable of doing. You could not check any history. There were three versions of the app, each one did something different but all three were not good.

It does a great job at tracking steps and blood pressure. Is great at motivating to get my daily steps in.

Functions as well as other name brand fitness trackers. Very satisfied with product and app.

I’ve found this product to be an amazing buy for the money. I’m sure that the heart rate, blood pressure, and step tracking are off but think that they are usually in the right area enough to be helpful. The band is very comfortable and i had no problems sinking the watch with the app on the phone.

Works fine but for some reason it does not announce when a call or text comes in. It could be because connected to older model samsung.

Love it and i wear it everyday.

I actually love this watch very much. Unfortunately, the reason that i got it was to monitor my sleep mostly. So when i realized that it only monitors people that sleep at night and not shift workers, i was very disappointed and had to return it. However, the features and the technology are great. Not sure if the sleep hiccup is the app or the watch,. It is good quality, wish i could have kept it.

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I really like this watch 🙂 buti do have to say for me it took forever to charge up and over 4 hours, if it ever did fully charge, it’s hard to tell. It was going pretty well for almost 4 whole days 🙂 with me charging intermittently when not in use myi finally got the time zone synced and settings used here not metric. :)i thought the app would be saving the data for the week , but then the watch just died on me one day at work totally unexpectedly :(so i spent a day charging it up all over again , turned it on , it was tracking my steps but the clock was not right and was stuck at 1130 🙁 until i touched the touch button a few times. Then i noticed it was back to the metric system. :(when i got home i tried to connect it back with the app on my phone and when i did i lost the data and it set all to zero again :(.

I am impressed with the product at the price range ($40). Once the blood pressure monitor function is calibrated (you must do this using a a real blood pressure monitor) it simulates this well based on its sensor. App is also good, but not great – especially i would have expected an ongoing, automated communication of data rather than having to initiate on my own. One downside is the documentation which is inadequate (as in non-present, except for a cheat sheet), thus expect some trial and error while you work out how to connect, configure, use and operate it.

At first i had issues with it syncing to my phone with the correct date but after 24 hours it corrected itself and now it works great and it showed up really fast.