I came across this product while searching the internet for a travel case for personal medications while traveling. I purchased the product and it has arrived. The product is exactly what has been advertised. Very well built, the zipper is very high quality and works very well. Perfect product for our needs. Highly recommend this product.

I have afib and gives me much insight into my episodes. Can’t wait to shoe it to my cardiologist. I just don’t like the fact that you have to pay for a dr.

The alivecor kardia case is very well made and it provides safety and security for the ekg heart monitor. I was hesitant at first to purchase the case after spending almost $100. But after the arrival and seeing how well it was made and how it protected the monitor inside the case along with a nice pouch and a plastic case for your medicine i fill it was well worth the money. It has been my past experience that cases made for a specific item are not as a rule made well and made with inferior material. This case is great to keep the monitor in and ideal for traveling.

This case is made well and the soft pouch is a nice touch. It included two plastic pill boxes that just adds unnecessary bulk. The case is really too bulky to carry but fine for travel. I plan to just use the pouch and store the case for another use. If you want a case to carry in your pocket or handbag, i don’t recommend this bulky thick case for your alivecor device. Save your money or buy the one that was designed for the medical device.

This hard case is a necessity for the kardia – well worth the extra few pence.

It’s a little bulky, but the description is accurate. It does what it said it would do.

This case for my kardia mobile fits perfect. I like how it comes with the velvet pouch for extra protection, it gives me another option to carry my device with my phone especially when i go out for my walk every day, that is my favorite part of this case and the morning and night pill organizers are just a bonus for me. The reviews on some cases said the bands were useless, i thought the bands were great. Thick and hold anything in tight. I like it and recommend this product.

  • You can tell this product is made of high-quality material which has a fantastic zipper that is very tight and smooth!
  • Perfect for people on the go.
  • Nicely made case but too bulky to carry!

Carry Case For the Alivecor Kardia Mobile EKG Home Heart Monitor Health Machine|Portable Travel on the go Safety| Includes a Velvet Protective Pouch with Extra Day & Night Pill Organizers By KooSpirit

  • ⭐IMAGINE GRAB, GO, PROTECT WITH EXTRA MORNING & NIGHT PILL ORGANIZERS: Take our hard case and clip it to your purse, bag or belt loop, you can slip it into your Handbag or tuck it away in your briefcase/Luggage and know that it will be protected and safe when you return.
  • ⭐KEEPING KARDIA CLOSE STAYING ORGANIZED AND PROTECTED: Our 2 & 1 hard case is the perfect solution because you will not have to worry about losing or breaking your Kardia Mobile Device!
  • ⭐THE PERFECT FIT FOR KARDIA MOBILE: We understand how annoying it can be to have your heart monitor just floating around ready to be forgotten, broken or lost! So we designed the perfect fit hard case adding the soft velvet pouch for extra protection to eliminate this problem. Hard Case Inside Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.75 x 1.5 in
  • ⭐DURABLE LONG LASTING QUALITY MATERIAL: Our hard case is made with an attractive Velvet Polyester. The stylish hard durable shell will protect your Alivecor Kardia Mobile and last.
  • ⭐WHAT’S IN THE BOX: KooSpirit Hard Case, Morning & Night Pill Organizers, Travel Velvet Pouch and a Carabiner. Love this hard case or we will buy it back from you, no questions asked! (Please Note Kardia Mobile Heart Monitor Not included
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I was very impressed with the quality of my kardia mobile case. I feel confident it will be protected. The soft pouch to give it extra protection as well as the hard case lets me feel confident my device will be protected on the go. Another added bonus is a pill container which i love. I always carried 2 doses of my medication in case i wasn’t home when it was time to take it.

The product arrived at the specified time. It comes as a hard case with an additional drawstring pouch and includes two small pill boxes. Other than the hard case being slightly bulky; it suffices its need–to protect my alivecor device. The case also has a metallic hook that can be placed on a key chain. Side note: you can just use the drawstring pouch as a cover if you simply need to slip it in a small purse or pocket.

Don’t need the pill cases though.

This case is fabulous for my alivecor kardia mobile device. Absolutely holds true to the complete perfect size and fit. A must have case if you own the kardia mobile to protect and ensure safety to your heart monitor.

It’s made really well, i love the soft felt inside. I also like the holding straps for more security locking but won’t damage what you put inside. I also like the soft bag it comes with and fits inside the case. I won’t use it for what it’s intended for since i don’t need it but loved the case and color i got which was the green color. Perfect to travel with anywhere.

I am a rn – this is the easiest- to use-.

The alivecor kardia mobile case. Perfect fit for my kardia mobile monitor. This product is a great bang for your buck. The case is sturdy and the zipper slides smoothly and feels very sturdy. I was extremely happy with the quality for the price. The velvet pouch is soft and well stitched. All in all, i’m very happy with this purchase.

I am totally satisfied with this product; its design and how it was made are very good.

It was better than i imagined based on the description and the pictures. I like the color, and the material inside is really soft for the extra protection for my kardia. The size is perfect, as described. The quality is great, very durable and easy to open/close. I am extremely happy with my purchase here and definitely recommend to others.

I had a pacemaker defibulator put in about a year ago i have heart issues this device lets me know that i’m okay instead of have to rush to urgent care for the emergency room very nice device.

Hard shell case with zipper protects the kardia device perfectly. Has a nice cloth pouch for extra protection.

With this addition to my portable ecg device it is now complete. Comes with 2 containers for spare batteries and a protective sleeve for the ecg device to stay in.

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This hard case for my alivecor kardia mobile is perfect. As soon as i received the case i put my kardia inside the velvet pouch and placed it in the hard case with the three elastic bands holding it with a good secure fit and then zipped the case closed. As you can see by the pictures, the two-pill organizers fit nicely on the top side with the mesh holding them half way up the hard case, this makes it easy to store them and accessible to get them in and out for use. The outside material is a gray color and the shell mold seems to be strong and stiff which would give the protection that my device needs if i dropped or sat right on my hard case. I would say this case has a very sturdy, durable, compact design for the right protection that it offers for the kardia device. I thought about purchasing the small case from alivecor kardia but i needed something that was more of a footprint so that i could take my chances away from having my device lost or eventually broken. With this case, i thought that it was going to be too large and bulky for my device but i found this not to be true. With the size of this case, i can still easily take accurate readings inside of the case with the elastic bands to hold my device. Also, it is really nice to have my morning and afternoon pills altogether with me to take throughout my day. This case for me is the perfect size to hold all of my accessories together that way i can always know where my kardia is at all times and i can be organized and protected all in one.

I like the size, the new color, antique mint, and the fact that you can use it for extras. I like the sturdiness of the case. You know nothing will get damaged inside. Bought one for my daughter ,too. She travels a lot so it’s great for jewelry, ear buds, and extra car keys.

Having had two heart attackswithout the usual symptoms, i like having a heart monitor by my side. It is easy to use and to get professional feedback.

I bought this case for a family member, it is sturdy and compactl so that it unobtrusively protects your mobile device. There are three elastic straps on one side of the case to secure your device and a mesh half-pouch on the other to secure the included pill organizers. I am 100% satisfied, definitely a 5 star product.

I know this is for a ekg monitor but i travel a lot and stuff gets thrown in the bottom of my laptop case and is lost to the abyss. I found this solution and it’s awesome. This hard case is sturdy and comes with the perfect assortment of stuff including pill cases for more then a week of pills, a soft pouch, and a clip. It’s just the right size and fits all my small adapters, meds, spare cables, and things that could possible get lost. The clip is great to to attach it to the outside of my bag for quick access and it looks professional. Anytime i get on a plane i have a routine – i sanitize the tray and everything around me with alcohol prep pads, take a sudafed for the altitude and plug in my charger. With this i don’t have to put my bag under my seat to grab everything making the boarding process so much less stressful. I can even clip the case to the seat in front so i don’t lose it. This is a perfect gifts for people who travel or have an ekg monitor.

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Hard shell, small bag, 2 pill holders and a clip. Same case on the kardia site was twice the price. Would recommend this product.

Great little case to keep my kardia accessible and safe. I’ve had kardia for a while now and take it with me wherever i go. I have one small pocket that i keep it in so i do not lose it but always have wanted it more accessible and safe. Now that i have this case it has solved both of my problems. Definitely recommend this case and the kardia device.

I love that there was a velvet drawstring pouch to insulate my kardia in the hard case and it was nice that it came with a carabiner.

This is a nice case for the kardia. It is sturdy, and i like the color.

Best purchase i made for my kardia mobile. Great design, love the look and functionality, as well as the protection it provides for my kardia unit. Very convenient, helping me keep by bet pills together and able to just clip it and take it everywhere. I am thrilled i found this case.

A small investment for a wonderful device that allows a person to monitor their condition, with the ability to identity the need for treatment before a serious emergency occurs. Just the right size to take anywhere, any time for peace of mind. Appreciated the prompt delivery.

The materials and zipper are high quality. Soft lined inside, and comes with pill cases and soft bag as well. Perfect for carrying a heart rate monitor or other small items that you want to protect.

I love the versatility of this case and all that comes with it. The case has the perfect design to keep my oximeter in. Most of the time i keep my oximeter in the box it was sold in but is now worn out. Now i have two of these i use for at work and home and it works with no problems at all. I’d highly recommend this product.

Fits alivecor kardiamobile nicely.

After looking at this case versus other cases i saw on amazon, i liked this one best because it had a carribeaner to clip it to my bag, belt loop, really wherever i need it. I also liked the added protective sleeve for the monitor. I didn’t see any other cases with that. Also having it come with two pill cases rather than just one is great.While the case is a little thicker than some on the market, this is in no way problematic. This case is obviously made of high quality materials and well constructed. I highly recommend this case.

If you are looking for a case for your heart monitor look no further. This is an excellent product. You can tell it is made from high quality material and you can get it for a great price. It is sturdy and will hold everything in there just like you want. I have had no issues with it so far and my kids even my little boy stepped on it and everything survived just fine. Have no fear when you buy this. Your heart monitor will be protected.

I absolutely love this aliv case it is pristine. I also love the pill cases, i use them for my bayer 81 baby aspirin.

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