Wish it had a closer tide but over all i like it.

To set tide input time of high tide during last new moon.

There’s just one thing i am not sure about and that is the pacer function. I’m just not sure what it is for.

Seems that this is going to be a great watch for the money. Instructions on setting the tide is a bit confusing but it worked out. Have not put it through the ringer of daily wear and cold water surfing but so far so good.

Tide graph very easy to see.

Lad Weather Tide Graph Watch Moon Phase Watches for Fishing Surfing Outdoor

  • Imported
  • Color: Black / Positive display
  • Functions: Tide graph, Moon phase, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, World time, Pacer
  • Case: Plastic, Stainless steel (Diameter 50mm, Thickness 15mm), Strap: Polyurethane (Width 22mm, Length 16.8 – 22.5 cm), Glass: Acrylic, Weight: 63g, Water resistant: 100 meters
  • Register Tide data in Tide setting (TS) mode (up to 20 data available). You can check them in Tide calculate (TC) mode. It displays the time of high tide and moon age.
  • Tide graph will help you a lot in fishing and / or surfing. Fishing tends to be easy when it’s high tide. Surfing is more exciting when high tide is coming.

I purchased for the tide and moon phase functions for boating. As i have found with other ‘tidal clocks’ they are only partially accurate. Sometimes right on, other times not. I would not recommend the black background. Difficult to read without the light button unless you are in a well lit room or outside during daylight hours. It does have some small features that i like, for example there is a tab on the end of the watch band that keeps the free loop from slipping off the band and sticking out. It is bulky so make sure that is what you are looking for.

Watch quality is borderline fair. The crystal is hazed after less than two months of ownership. It seems pointless to own a watch for tides and you can’t wear it out surfing. I do not surf in beach break with high sand content. You can see the blotchy haze in the picture attached to this review. The biggest issue is the weak and confusing instructions to set the tide graph or moon phase settings. Or to even understand the future tide feature. I have owned this watch since july 2016 and it’s now september. I still don’t know if i have the info input correctly on the watch. I cannot find anything online to assist with this issue either.

Way to complicated, very difficult to set. Forget about trying to set the tide feature.

Ecxellant watch highly recomended.

This watch is gigantic for a normal sized man. I think the watch looks like a pretty good cheap alternative to expensive tide watches, but it was just way too big for me, so i returned it.

My grandson 11 yrs old loves it and has thanked me numerous times for his bd gift.

Instructions not very good but managed to find the features i bought it for.

It’s probable ok if you can set it. I purchased it for the tide function. I have spent numerous hours trying to figure it out. Can’t seem to figure it out. Maybe better instructions would be helpful. I wear it but am getting tired of not using this function.

The watch fits well and is very easy to read. The directions included are a bit difficult to understand. There is no way to get any help online either. My husband likes the watch and likes the tide feature on it as well.

I’ll start by saying it is a great purchase and price/quality based the best watch to stay updated about the sea levels. I only review 5 stars when it is perfect and has no cons. Pros:- many options like timezones, sealevel, stopwatch, moonphase etc. – in my opinion a really nice design. One of the best fitting watches i own. Sometimes you don’t feel it. – when in the dark the watch offers you a very comfortable light. – price/qualtity of this watch is better then all surfwatches that are out there. I normally put my watch under my wetsuit sleave. It is possible, but a little unconfordable. Works perfect in the water though.

Bigger face than i expected, but as good as the watch it is replacing.

Lad Weather Tide Graph Watch Moon Phase Watches for Fishing Surfing Outdoor :

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