Not as loud or as clear as its predecessor of the same name.

Great for keeping up with steps, as well as miles.

The sound is good and keeps accurate results.

It was exactly as described and has worked perfectly thus far.

I use this talking voice pedometer with clock to count my steps and distance ever day. Playing a game and testing my ability to go longer distances each day. I am glad i purchased the talking voice.

I was disappointed as it did not give the total amount of calories used. I didnt need the alarm which is very annoying since it repeats itself 5x.

Key specs for Talking Voice Pedometer with Clock for Counting Your Steps and Distance While Exercising:

  • Speaking pedometer tells steps taken
  • Has a clock and alarm; built in clip
  • Battery included
  • Program stride length for increased accuracy
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 1.75 x 0.5 in. Instructions included.

Comments from buyers

“My favorite pedometer
, Simple and sturdy.
, I am glad I purchased the talking voice

Bought this as a replacement for one i misplaced years ago. I have no problem with the volume.

Got this for my intellectually impaired brother. He loves hearing how many steps he takes at work. He is able to operate it just fine. It’s just one of his “gotta have” items to keep him happy. Seems sturdy and pretty reliable.

A definite upgrade from the sportsline talking pedometer i had before.

I love the easy set-up of time and step length. Because i do not wear a watch the clock function is helpful. It lasts well and batteries are easily replaced when needed. The delicate accuracy means it will break when dropped. Which is why i love being able to pin it on. It helps me keep track of both my exercise and my day’s activity.

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Previous two had music that played while you walk. This is very similar but no music. I really like this pedometer but the battery is hard to change being the reason for the 3rd purchase.

Bought 2 one of them for me one for my daughter hers has broke already she was not pleased.

So far it does talk while you walk and reach each mile. I will be interested in how long it worksgood for the price.

Very convenient for keeping track of time and activity alarm is loud enough to wake me when in pants removed during sleep.

The letters are hard to read.

Voice read out is great feature. Appreciate red color – makes it easy to find.

Very satisfied with my purchase. Just the right size and comfortable to attach to waist.