This is an amazing band for the price. I have not left a review in a while, but felt compelled to do so this time. It snaps on and off easily,i have used it for both sport and professional and it matches the black outer casing of the fenix 5x perfectly. . Must buy if you want a steel band.

Really wanted three different bands for my watch. A function for working out and day to day use one and two for when i want to go out with friends. A quick click on and off band was a required feature. It is not as good as the original that came with the watch but they wanted way more money and this one worked 99. The shipping was super fast. All in all a great purchase.

Also works well when worn working out if sized correctly.

Feels like a high quality band, and the quick change locks are metal and click with a comforting snap. The color really matches the watch case color. Plenty long enough for most wrists, and i had to remove about 4 links to make it tight enough for the hr monitor to work, but not so tight that it hurts. So far no problems whatsoever.

This is exactly what i wanted. I liked the other version i bought from ldfas, and it came undone when i clapped, etc. This one , is locked and loaded. I work out, run, walk, anything, and it doesn’t come undone. It’s very quality, and the design of the band is great. Actually very similar to my favorite tag heuer watches.

Nice addition to garming watch. It had some minor cosmetic issues and one of the links had minor dent when it comes.

  • Good alternative to pricey Garmin band
  • About as OEM as you can get
  • Good band, great price.
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Easy install and removal of links to get perfect fit. Comes with necessary tool to do so. Fits great, tight enough to keep sensor on wrist. Havnt had it long enough but hopefully it doesnt easily scratch.

Sturdy, durable and looks great.

Easy to adjust strap to suit my wrist after watching video online. Comfortable to wear and i like the fenix 5x quick change over.

Recently got this band as an upgrade because i did not like the silicone band that come with the watch. Very easy to install and adjust and has lots of adjust available on it.

Band was pretty easy to adjust in size. More flexibility in sizing because the clasp also has three holes to adjust the size.

Features of LDFAS Fenix 5X Plus Band, Sport Quick Release Easy Fit 26mm Stainless Steel Metal Bands with Safety Buckle Compatible for Garmin Fenix 5X/5X Plus/3/3HR Smartwatch

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  • The 26mm replaceable watch band compatible with Garmin Fenix 5X, Fenix 5X Plus, Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR, Fenix 3 Sapphire, D2 Delta PX, D2 Bravo, D2 Charlie, Descent Mk1, Foretrek 601, Foretrek 701 Ballistic Edition, Quatix 3, Tactix Bravo, Tactix Charlie
  • Comfortable fits 5.7″-8.1″ (145mm-210mm) wrist

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Very easy to size with included tool (just push the tool in holes & the spring tension pins pop out). I was happy to see that the quickfit attachment portion of the band was metal & attached securely as i want to make sure it stays firmly attached to this $700 watch.I contemplated between the actual garmin brand band vs this generic but from reading reviews, it seems the garmin band black coating can wear off showing the silver metal underneath so i figured, why pay over a $100 for that??. This band had mostly positive reviews & i figured, even if the coating comes off, at least it was only $30-ish so not a big deal. Plus, i have the extra links i removed so i can always switch it out to make it look newer down the line.

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It definitely dresses up my fenix 3hr. I was pleasantly surprised by it’s weight. I’m not complaining but the band is definitely heavier than what i expected. All of the tools necessary to size the band were provided. The process of removing/adding links was very easy. The finish of the bad has held up nicely so far.

I purchased this two weeks ago. I was surprised by how heavy it was. Adjusting the size was easy, a quick youtube video and i was sorted. My wrists are small and i removed 5 links to get the fit i needed. It slips to much when i run, so it will just be to dress up my watch when i go out. I don’t know how well it will wear, but i’m satisfied with this purchase.

Very good band for the price. Much better than spending $150-$200 on a garmin band.

Well built and light weight. I especially love the quick release mechanism. Too bad it didnt come with a t6 torx.

Prefer metal bands over plastic for the aesthetic and feel. Gave a shot on this one, even though it is relatively inexpensive. First, the color is identical to the flat dark grey/black on the garmin fenix 5x. The band is large, as i ended up taking out 4 links to fit my medium-sized wrist. The clasp is strong and works just fine, although it’s not as smooth as on more expensive watches, but perfectly fine for the price here. Overall, i was pleasantly surprised that the quality was better than i was expecting.

The 26mm replaceable watch band compatible with Garmin Fenix 5X, Fenix 5X Plus, Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR, Fenix 3 Sapphire, D2 Delta PX, D2 Bravo, D2 Charlie, Descent Mk1, Foretrek 601, Foretrek 701 Ballistic Edition, Quatix 3, Tactix Bravo, Tactix Charlie

Easy to install and fits perfect on a fenix 3 hr.

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Pros:this is definitely a good replacement for the ultra-expensive original garmin wrist band. Chain links are easy to remove and re-connect.

Great band, easy to remove links.

The tool provided is easy to use so to adjust the length. The black matt color matches the black case of the watch.

I have a garmin descent mk1 and it fit very nicely. I don’t care much for the rubber watch band the watch came with and prefer a metal band and this fit the bill. It was easy to adjust the length of the band with the provided pieces. It is easy to swap the band back over to the lengthened rubber watch band that fits over the wet suit and gloves. I’ve done pool work with the metal band in salt and chlorine pools with no issues.

Product is high quality – product is as advertised.

Comfortable fits 5.7″-8.1″ (145mm-210mm) wrist

Nice color, matches watch face and came with tools to adjust links.

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