Got this when i upgraded from a fenix 3 with a metal (non-titanium) band. This band is titanium and you can definitely tell the difference. The quick release is nice so if i want to switch to the silicone band (which is even lighter) it’s fast. 99% of the time i just leave this on because the weight isn’t an issue.

The watch band is similar to titanium band sold by garmin at a 1/3 of the price. I also have a rubber watch band and switch between the two daily. The titanium band looks great for work, with folks complementing the look. The rubber watch band is a little nicer for lifting weights, however i have used the titanium band to workout without issue.

It’s a nice band, but i should have measured first. This is 22mm wide where it joins the watch body, and you need 25. 5mm or 26mm for a fenix 5x plus.

Looks stylish, comfortable and convenient. Too early to say how durable it is.

Links came out pretty easily but helps to have someone when reinstalling them. I’ll update if scratches arise easily.

Very easy to adjust size, quality product, happy with this titanium band.

Nice quality and easy to remove links. I’ve had no issues with this band.

The ldfas titanium band for the garmin instinct is no doubt a winnergreat fit highly adjustable, looks great.

  • It’s actually titanium!!
  • Great matte finish, light and scratch proof titanium band !
  • Affordable Titanium Band

LDFAS Titanium Band Compatible Fenix 6 Pro/5 Plus Band, 22mm Titanium Metal Quick Release Easy Fit Watch Strap Compatible for Garmin Fenix 5 Plus 6 Pro/Forerunner 935/945 Smartwatch, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The 22mm replaceable watch band compatible with Garmin Fenix 5, Fenix 5 Plus, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 945, Approach S60, Quatix 5, Quatix 5 Sapphire, Garmin Instinct, D2 Delta, Fenix 6, Fenix 6 Pro and Sapphire Editions
  • Comfortable fits 5.7″-8.1″ (145mm-210mm) wrist, very easy to adjusting the length by the tool provided
  • Material: Titanium Metal 93% , Stainless Steel 7%
  • Band Length: 190 mm,Weight: 77 g
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The band was easy to adjust, the band appears to be of high quality. However, the band width is incorrect. The product states 22mm, however, the band is not a good fit on the watch. Measuring the strap width where it attaches to the watch is only 20mm, not 22mm. I will be returning this and requesting the correct size band.

Taking links out and replacing the pins takes a little bit of effort.

I’ve been using for the paste week and love the comfort and style. Hope the finish lasts in the long haul.

Very comfortable on the wrist and great value for a titanium band. Just received it so can’t comment on durability.

But the rubber strap is better for exercise.

A quick tip, put some wax on the quick connecter to avoid the band from squeaking. The band fits my newly acquired fenix 5 perfectly. I’m no expert when it comes to identifying the material but i’m very certain that the band was made of real titanium. There are a couple of proofs:1. For 4 years i have owned a fenix 3 sapphire performance bundle which comes with a gray stainless steel band with the same clasp design. Holding the two bands in both hands, i can tell directly that despite the titanium band is longer, it is much lighter. I use a titanium pen and the shine of the metal is very similar to that of the ldfas bandthe band comes with adjustment tool and it was easy to use, i took off 6 full links for it to fit my wrist size and it was done in like 2 minutes by myself. I worn the band for a week on daily basis (lots of typing on the desk) and i don’t see any surface scratch or color rubbing off, hopefully the band will last like this. I have seen some reviewer mentioned that the clasp is uncomfortable.

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My wrist is sensitive to the original plastic band. This band is perfect to replace the original 935 band.

The band installed easily and has a lot of adjustability.

Very good quality band unfortunately i can not compare it to any others but it fits nicely and is easy to adjust. I’ve had it 2 months now with no marks noticeable. I change the straps daily and again so far no discernible wear and tear on the strap or the fastener parts used when swapping. Extremely light and comfortable to wear all day.

Thought the price looked too good to be true considering what garmin charges for this band, but rolled the dice. Band was plenty long and i removed 5 links to get it to fit. Looks and functions great on my fenix 5. I wanted to know if it was really titanium so i sacrificed one of the links i removed and put a grinder to it. Spark test is a quick way to id metals. Titanium being rather unique as it emits blindingly bright white sparks while most metals will have an orange colored spark. Aluminum would not spark at all. Much to my surprise the link emitted the characteristic bright white sparks.

Edit of june 2019: beware if some sellers propose you this band for less than 50 dollars (20 dollars for example): it is not titanium. The band comes with no box and tools to adjust. It has been report twice to amazon. It is the titanium band with quick release and little “pumps” (spring bars which are the same as casio’s easy fit bracelet found on the full metal squares) for easy fitting. Btw it has taken 48 hours to fly from florida to paris by dhl on amazon. With the shipping it cost me 64 euros. I used to have the same titanium band before (not with the easy fit but with garmin quick release system and butterfly clasp ) for my previous fenix 5x plus and that was a great 26mm band i was noever able to scratch. So it took me time to find it the same in 22mm. It is very light and very confortable. (stainless steel band can jam the compass. Which is a must for my uses.

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The clip is a bit uncomfortable till you get used to it. I did the grinder test one of the links too and it is titanium indeed.

Now my husband can dress up more for office and use original during free time.

The original garmin band caused a rash soon after purchasing the watch. This band looks more stylish and functions great. A nice little tool was included to remove links.

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