I’m 100 percent satisfied with product.

This stopwatch was just what i was looking for. In my line of work, i conduct psychological assessments such as iq tests. Certain activities are timed and i’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to find a stopwatch without an obnoxious, loud beep (which might be distracting or anxiety-provoking for clients). This stopwatch has proven to be ideal. The beep is definitely more on the quiet side, which is ideal for what i’m using it for. The numbers are large and easy to see, and the stopwatch can be held and operated with just one hand. It won’t get misplaced because you just hang it around your neck.

I bought this just for help timing some of my morning exercises like planks. Imagine my surprise when i saw the same one being used in a recent episode of the grand tour as they timed laps. My only complaint is the buttons are a bit too exposed and easily accidentally pressed.

Practical and easy to use product. The instructions were simple, i had no difficulty using it.

Stopwatch feels very cheaply made, but it appears to function correctly.

I bought this for my boys to race and time each other to burn some energy out. It is easy to work for myself and my kids, they are 11, 9, and 7. Would recommend this product.

Easy to use and easy to see.

Comments from buyers

“Easy read screen, easy use
, Just the stopwatch I needed
, Great light-weight

We are using the stopwatches for timing dog sledding events for our club. They are easily hand held, accurate and work great. Arrived on time and in perfect condition.

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More precise than using your phone.

Large display, easy to use buttons, nice lanyard.

The numbers are easy to read. The only thing that would make it better is if it had a backlight.

I really need a stopwatch with large number , this is what i was looking for. I will buy more for my school.

I’m using this stopwatch to give timed tests. There is a small beep, but it’s not super obvious. I haven’t tested if it’s good in a sports setting, but it serves my purposes. As far as setting the watch, there are instructions, it just took me a minute to figure it out, and i still got the time wrong (pm/am).

Very good price and easy to use.

Got this stop watch for my husband who coaches a girls aau team. It serves its purpose well and the color matched their uniforms, which was a plus. It has lots of settings and timers so perfect for a coach or athlete.

I have used the stopwatch several times. It works very well and is easy to operate. Time will determine if it is durable.

Just the stopwatch i needed. Use it to time university of memphis women’s basketball timeouts when taken. . Both media and team timeouts.

I use the stopwatch to time our homeschooler doing their multiplication facts in the chalk board or individually. We have also used the stopwatch for outside play kids racing bikes and daily walks/jogs. The stopwatch is easy to use and has a nice large view. Happy that it also has a clock to keep us in time through daily activities.

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The numbers are really big so its easy to see. It also has only a couple buttons which makes it easy to use, and it fits nice in your hand.

He will be so excited to use this during his soccer practices.

Great light-weight stop watch. We are at swim meets a lot, and this will be a great addition to have at the pool. Various modes, and also can work in time mode.

My husband coaches our daughters softball team we ordered this stop watch for practices etc, and he loves it. It has great features and is easy to work.

The material looks like a toy. But the system works and i like the buttons.

Very easy to use and understand all the different functions, nice size for single handheld, easy to read screen.

Using this watch to time my son at swimming. Wanted one that was water resistant and durable. Very easy to figure out the button functions.

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