I was following this product for a long time and waited quite a bit to receive it. I have owned it for over 2 weeks and it has more than lived up to my expectationsi’ve only charged it once since i got it and it’s still got some juice left. I was able to pair it to my mobile with no problems. The navigation is real easy and simple to use. The offline maps work great as well. The fitness tracking is very accurate and i like that it syncs with my apple health. Would definitely recommend it.

I have used other wearable technology for fitness and my phone for navigation, but this product is very different from all of those – once you slip the lechal insoles into your shoes and connect it to the app on your phone it acts as a guide and routes you to the destination through vibrations on your feet. Initially i faced difficulty in connecting to the app but after i updated the lechal app (2. 10) and the firmware the issue was solved and it’s quite good apart from occasional glitches. Insoles are a bit hard and initially one will not be so comfortable, but after wearing it for couple of days it seems fine. Overall, it’s a great product and i would say – go for it.

Iam lechal user now for about a year,my experience is excellent in both fields, i. Setup and compatibility is also easy and flexible. The only feature i personally think is the smartwatch compatible software which in my opinion will be more practical during workouts.

I tracked lechal’s progress since the company’s inception. Like every startup product, lechal too disappointed in meeting delivery timelines. But, the product they delivered finally lived up to every promise they made. This an innovative product with a sense of style. I love to walk around in my lechal shoes, use the navigation feature extensively, and brag about these ‘cool’ pods to anyone who’d listen. If i were to identify some weak points, i’d point out the less than impressive battery life of the pods and the fact that i have to re-sync them to the app every day.

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Addition after 2 days of usage: both work in a way now. It seems like that one of the vibration motors builds a connection to the other and works as a bridge to the phone for it. 95% of the time the vibrations to signal turns work – only one of them has sometimes a huge delay (described further down) now. For example: if you reach your goal both should vibrate following by a single vibration on the side of where the destination actually is – sometimes one of them (i use them for the right foot, but they’re easily changeable through the app) reacts about 10 or 20, sometimes even 40 seconds later. I’ll keep the three star rating. Having them both vibrate without delay is a vital function which at the time of writing (2018/09/04) isn’t really reliable while the phone is just 50cm/20ft away. – after initial problems setting it up (described below) the lechal pods now work most of the time. There are still delays here and there – even big delays of around a minute between smartphone and vibration – but on first street walks they had worked. – so +1 star of the initial 2 stars. But read on for my experience with the setup:first, let’s beginn with the pairing process of them both.

If you are using these as an activity tracker, they may work very well for you. If however, you are using them for the gps features the product is supposed to provide, you may be a disappointed. First you need to charge the inserts for a minimum of 2 hours (the part that vibrates that you put in the insoles or, if you have shoe laces, you can put them in the provided shoe lace inserts). Charging the inserts is easy and is done via a usb cable which is connected to a ‘box’ that each insert slides into. Then you need to download an app on your phone as well as do a firmware update. The update took about three or four minutes and setting up the app only took a few minutes as well. Using the app you can track your activity and you can, theoretically, use the inserts to navigate from any destination you enter into the app. The app also lets you to set default ‘home’ and ‘work’ destinations. Unfortunately, the inserts did not work for me as they are intended to.

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Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles and Buckles, Unisex, Large

  • Navigate hands-free without looking at your phone, even when offline.
  • Get detailed route guidance through simple vibrations and patterns.
  • Track your fitness accurately by measuring steps taken, calories burnt, distance travelled and much more.
  • Use Lechal Pods in trim to fit insoles or just lace up the buckle into your sneakers.
  • Battery life of up to 15 days on a single charge.
  • Sync data with Apple Health and/or Google fit app

Great innovative product from india, good use of technology -turning normal shoes to smart shoes, comfortable, easy to use.

I like this product, always nice to try something new and it does work as explained. I believe soon this will be impeded directly in your shoes.

These step trackers are quite accurate – i tried them multiple times and the step count was right on. The insoles are relatively hard and i prefer not to use them – i always use $20-40 insoles with my running shoes and these ones don’t come close. I prefer using the shoe-lace attachment instead. The software is easy to install and use on my android phone. Unlike other users, i found the gps to be fairly accurate. I would also recommend checking out the lechal website to understand a little history behind this product and potentially get an early warning for new products.

I was quite surprised by these, they were extremely accurate for steps – i counted 750 steps and these told me i did 748 whilst my fitbit said i did 810 and my gear s2 said 713. The insoles were comfortable and you can use the buckle attachment on top of your shoe should you prefer. Navigation worked well too – it was strange at first feeling the vibration but they seemed accurate. I did a full video review on my youtube channel ownordisown.

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I was really intrigued by these fitness tracking/navigation/haptic insoles. It sounds cutting edge, and maybe could have some real applications out in the world. Unfortunately, i was a bit frustrated by these at every turn. First of all, the fit issue. I’ve got a wide foot that is roughly 9-9. 5us, and i could not find comfort with these in my shoes. More importantly, however, was the limited app connectivity of the smart hubs. I didn’t love the user interface for lechal, and integration with apple health?. I use a fitbit and wanted to corroborate steps with the looser calculations done from my wrist unit, or heaven forbid some smart tracking of my stride, impact, etc, while running using strava, etc. Anyway, maybe these are future integration options, but for me, the value and daily use wasn’t there and i’ve shelved them.

I’ve been using the insoles for over 3 months now. The navigation, the fitness track and every part of it is very user friendly. I wanted something that can track my fitness and should be user friendly for a beginner like me, and it does that all with ease. Though did not buy it on amazon, but still submitting my inputs here. I hope this will help other people to make better buying choice.

Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles and Buckles, Unisex, Large :