So, i cant say how durable this is but i can say it looks exactly like the fitbit brand covers. The only difference is that it doesnt say fitbit on the back but thats to be expected. I am also a giant fan of the clear protector strap. The only reason i returned this, is because i bought the blush pink strap but it was so pale in person, more pale peach than pale pink. I am irish, and my skin shows it and this strap was lighter than my skin. I only write this to warn you. Overall a great purchase, just be wary of the blush pink strap.

I am very impressed with these fitbit flex 2 bands. I didn’t expect them to be as nice as they are or to look almost identical to the fitbit brand bands, but was pleasantly surprised. I like that they even have a little loop to keep the excess band in place. I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants extra fitbit bands, they are most definitely a great deal.

I own the flex 2 fitbit and was thrilled to find this after market bands for some change options. These have a slightly shiny ‘texture’ print on them. At first i thought the colors were a bit off – the black looks a little like charcoal. But it is the ‘texture’ in the mold. The colors are quite as bright as shown, but i am ok with that. I just wanted to share in case that matters to you. Didn’t really show in the photos well. They included the little attachment (the pokey connector) with each and every band.

However, i have a black coat and i notice that the black color has rubbed off onto the edges of the band. This has happened with just about every fitbit band i had that wasn’t black, no matter if it was from fitbit or otherwise. I was hoping that this dark purple would work out better, and it does in the sense that the color is darker so it doesn’t show the black as much. I’ve tried to get the color off with multiple things, like clorox wipes and magic erasers, but to no avail.

The bands fit really well and are well made. The material isnt as soft as the original fitbit bands, but it didnt make much of a difference. Theres so many colors to chose from which makes wearing my fitbit a little bit more fun. The one downside is that the light colored ones get dirty easily. I once wore a black sweater and the color rubbed off onto the band.

These are very nice, good quality. They have a soft kind of laser finish on them instead of the diagonal lines. The material is very soft and pliable. Easy to lock into the holes. Fitbit unit fits right in, lights show as they are supposed to. The colors i got are not the same as in the picture. The light purple one is not a true lavender as the picture shows; the dark purple one is different, not as dark as the picture, more of a raspberry; there is only one blue, it is dark navy; there are 2 gray, light and dark. Overall i am satisfied with the colors, just disappointed that there isn’t a lavender and a true dark purple.

After opening an wearing for the first time, i’d completely forgotten that this isn’t a fitbit product. The colors and materials seem to be of quality. I’ll update this review if anything changes. Otherwise, i’m happy with this purchase.

A few general comments about this band:1. Most importantly, it fits the fitbit flex 2 easily and snugly (it even makes a noticeable popping noise when you take it out). The holes line up well with the lights on the fitbit and i’m not afraid of it falling out. It is true to size (i bought the large one to sleep in, but it’s exactly the size described)3. I got the gray one and i really like the color- it looks just as i expected it to from the photoi sleep on my stomach with my arms tucked under my body. This makes my fitbit press into my wrist uncomfortably sometimes. I wanted to get this band (the large) so that i could wear it on my ankle while i sleep instead and it works perfectly.

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Easy to swap, they look exactly like the original fitbit flex 2 bands, and they work with the sleeve cover slash bling accessories i have. The colors are slightly different on some of the bands. The pink is more of a bright bubble gum pink, the dark purple has more of a red tint to it (like a dark raspberry), and the lavender is a more washed out version than was pictured. I love the raspberry purple though, and it’s quickly become my favorite band. The only reason it’s not a 5 star review: the clear fastener bands were not included (although the anti slip feature of the band itself works great) and one of the bands was missing the metal fastener piece. All in all, i love these and wish there were even more colors to order.

Love being able to color coordinate with my outfit. Especially like the little loop to hold the extra strap length. My wrist is small & the extra length of strap that came with the fitbit doesn’t have that little loop.

These are excellent bands for the fitbit flex 2. In fact, they are better than the original because they include the clear plastic buckle, which the official fitbit does not. I lost my first fitbit when the plastic band holes stretched just a tiny bit and the metal snap started slipping out. I lost both the tracker and the band. With the addition of the clear buckle, there’s no way that could happen. I also like their selection of band colors better than fitbits. Leefox also has amazing customer service. They contacted me to be sure that i had received the buckles in the package of bands, and were very nice and helpful in their email.

Very well made, and the little holes line up perfectly. I like the little ‘belt clip’ feature that keeps the underneath part hidden. Only downside is that the plastic is not as soft as the original fitbit brand band, which feels more like silicone than plastic. But this product is good quality, and well made. I wanted to have a different color band to alternate with, and this was a great option. I am very happy with my purchase.

The little clear ring to keep the band from swinging is okay, it’s a little too big. Just make sure you have it at the top near the opening for the device. If it falls off, it’s hard to find. I tried to make it tighter with my hairdryer, that didn’t make it any smaller. Here are the specifications for the LEEFOX Compatible Fitbit Flex 2 Band:

  • Anti swing, unique groove design inside the slim replacement accessories flex 2 bands with extra transparent silicon fastener ring, double secure to prevent the end of the flex 2 wrist band from sticking out
  • Multi colors available, personalize your fitbit flex 2 accessory classic band to match your daily fit. Fit wrists from 5.1″-8.5″
  • Hypoallergenic, the fitbit flex 2 sport bracelet is made of a flexible, durable premium material which is soft and hypoallergenic for woman man girls boys
  • Easy to take on and off, the fine craft make the flex 2 band easy install and one button disengage from your fitbit flex 2, provides you comfortable wearing experience
  • Good Service: Unconditionally refund or resend with any quality problems, friendly customer service. Please search “NEWLIBO Fitbit” for other accessories offered by NEWLIBO store.
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I like these – they are colorful and meet my expectations. The only thing i can say about them is that if you are wanting to use them with the cute metal covers that you can get the dress them up, they don’t all work. The band is just a hair bigger than some others which can be a problem with some of those metal covers.

I had originally purchased the bands that buckled because i had a hard time snapping the original band but they were actually a bit wider and i couldn’t fit my silver slide over it. I then ordered these and am thrilled. They are much easier to snap closed, no problem and my slide fits.

When i ordered my fitbit flex 2 i really wanted the navy colored band. The price was $20 more than the lavender one. I bought the lavender for economy sake. But, then i found this product with 12 colors including the navy. So for less money than the navy fitbit flex 2, i ended up with just about any color i could want. The bands are just like the one that comes with the flex. They all have the clasp and fit the same as the small band that comes with the flex 2. Really a nice addition if you like to accessorize or just like having fun with the variety.

These are great for the price. I love the variety of color options. The seller was wonderful and contacted me because they learned that the little grips weren’t included in some of the shipments. Mine were missing but i had been too busy to care. The only con to these bands is they are stiffer than those made by fit bit. But i still like them and the price.

I wish i had purchased the large instead of the small, but they work. I personally like having the extra length of band, but these work fine. When i wear my white watch, i wear the white band so that it blends. Very happy with the product.

Looking at the price of the original manufacturer’s replacement bands, it’s a steal. These also come with a clasp for each band, as opposed to the original that requires you to switch out one, which is rather difficult. Yes, some of the lighter colors will discolor from dyes in certain clothing, but this is true of any silicone type material. I will note that the clasp did irritate my skin a bit, but i have very sensitive skin, so i won’t take a star off for it. At this price, you can’t really be that surprised, and you still have the option of using the original clasp with it. I inspected each band, and they’re pretty much identical to the original ones. These also come with a silicone band that helps hold the excess band in place, which helps to keep the band on your arm.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • ** Quality Bands for Fitbit Flex 2 **
  • Fitbit flex 2 bands 10 pc
  • Perfect!

Great quality bands, value for money.

I had read reviews that this band was better at keeping your fitbit inside than the original band it comes with, and they were right. My fitbit hasn’t fallen out of the band once. I do a lot of running with it on. The silicone clear part that goes over the extra band didn’t hold up as well, and i quickly lost it within a few days. So if you’re buying this just for that part, i’d skip this band. In addition i ordered the real color, and it is actually teal. Held up through several showers when i forget to take it off. Very happy with this product. Will be buying my next band through this seller.

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These are the first replacement bands i have found that are actually the shape of the original fitbit band. All the other bands, don’t have the bend at the ends of the fitbit itself, which means that when you bend it around your wrist, it really doesn’t fit right. I have purchased others in the past i didn’t end up using because they fit badly. These however actually have the original bands shape and fit great. The small version is smaller than the original fitbit small, by maybe one notch, but this wasn’t a problem.

Update:since i did not receive the fastener bands as described, amazon refunded my purchase. The vendor promptly contacted me asking why i was unsatisfied. I explained the fastener bands were not present. To my amazement they promptly shipped a replacement. I am now thrilled with thesei was happy with the colors and material of the bands from the beginning. The fastener bands keep this securely on my wrist and i’m glad i now have them. The customer service was above and beyond exceptionalthank you leefox and amazoni like the bands but the product received was not as described. It did not include the fastener rings described in the product description. The colors are nice and the bands are of nice quality.

While a couple of the bands are missing the transparent silicon fastening rings (and those rings are easy to lose also), i really like these bands. I got two sets in different colors so i could match just about anything i’m wearing and i wear one everyday. They’re easy to clean and i barely notice i’m wearing them. They’re very comfortable and they dry quickly if they get wet. I definitely recommend them.

Okay so, i’m so obsessed with these it’s wrong. Every day i pair one back to an outfit. I travel with every color to ensure my fitbit never clashes with the ootd.

It works perfectly with my fitbit flex 2, and the price was right. This is my 2nd replacement from you. While the first one still works fine, it’s become discolored from wear and from chlorine. That’s okay; i wasn’t looking for a lifetime guarantee. I’m just happy it holds my tracker securely. The fastener on this one is new; to be honest, i don’t think i need it.

These are all the same size that they said they would be. They fit nicely and all come with the little clasp to close it. They have a very strong odor when you open the bag and take them all out. Most of the colors were accurate however the dark purple and pale pink weren’t at all what i thought they would be. The dark purple is a little lighter and the pale pink is almost fluorescent. The main reason i bought this was for a pale pink and i’m very upset that it is fluorescent. I would recommend these because it is such a good price for what you get.

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