So far i am very happy it was very easy to setup once i found the app that was correct. The bluetooth watch and app synced up easily. The heart rate monitor may not be accurate like other reviewers had stated i’m not sure i don’t have anything to compare it to. The text message alert and call alerts are nice but the watch doesn’t have a very long range from my phone so the bluetooth disconnects. As soon as it is in range it reconnects on its own. I’m sure if i spent more than $30 i’d get a more for the money. I’ll update the review if mine stops working after a week or stops charging but i feel this little watch was worth $30. It’s a screen shot the app in the picture on the top left is the one you need to install. You can change the watch view from vertical to horazontal and it will save your settings to the watch so i don’t think you need bluetooth for the alarm to go off since the setting saves.

Update: letscom saw the 1 star review below that my husband wrote. They contacted me for a refund or replacement. I really appreciated this since amazon couldnt help us. Not only did they promptly refund our money, they sent a new band also. My husband was able to get it set up and use it. His only disappointment now is it needs to be recharged daily. The band and the style are nice. However i could never get any of the features to work properly. The fitness tracker charged relatively quickly the first time. But after the first charge ran out it would not charge again.

Great product, i was looking for a fitness band that would give me the freedom to exercise and that would be easy to set it up. With this letscom fitness tracker, i’ve got it all. I have been able to lose weight since now i can keep track of the calories that i spend during the day. It works perfectly with my iphone and with my wife’s android system. I loved the material, it is super resistant and light. I bought a black one, now i want to but a blue one so i can match with my outfit. Battery life: 5 out of 5cost benefit: 5 out of 5functionality: 5 out of 5my personal satisfaction: 5 out of 5.

Not sure how well my review will be for most people when i only bought this watch for the fact that’s its purple, tells time, has an alarm and i get my text and call notifications. I don’t use this as an actual ‘fitbit’ style watch. So i will not be leaving a review on the rest of the watches functions for i will never use them. -i fully love how i can rotate the way the display shows on the screen. Depending on how you wear it or how you like reading your watch. -i tested out the alarm function when i went camping this past weekend, since waking up at a certain time was not really necessary, and i loved how i was woken up by a soft pleasant vibration when my alarm went off. No more loud sounds yelling in my ear from my clock or phone to wake up. Its not a very hard vibration so i feel like heavy sleepers might not be able to get the full use of this function but for me its great. -i like being able to get all my notifications to my watch. With my job i am not allowed to have my phone in my work areas, so being able to see if a call or text is an emergency right away, instead of waiting till my schedule breaks, is perfect if i need to take care of the situation right away. -i do use the heart rate function more then the other exercise functions of the watch and for the most part it is very accurate. I did download the app and play around with it for awhile with the watch and i have to say that it is pretty dang accurate with everything it does. All the reviews explaining the rest of the functions of the app and watch are pretty on point and even though i don’t use all of the watches functions, it is very reassuring to know that everything syncs perfectly and tracks everything just fine for if i ever want to start working out or just using its extra functions. Its small, its stylish, you can buy different colors for the band.

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I bought it for my wife and she really enjoys it. She most uses the heart rate monitor function and the step count. I actually bought another brand for myself and wish i had purchased the letscom tracker for myself. I believe the only possibly negative comment my wife had was that when she receives a text message and a phone call it is hard to read it.

I have bought 2 of the letscom fitness trackers. The first one was without the heart rate monitor and the second one was with the heart rate monitor. When i found some problems with the second one a wrote a ‘1-star review. Afterward, the company contacted me and tried to be very helpful in giving me instructions as to how to reset the tracker with my i-phone. I any case, i’m giving this company 5 stars because of their persistence in trying to satisfy me. For the last month and even sending me a new tracker to replace the one that didn’t work properly.

Update nov 2018product still works well. The only things i’ve run into is sometimes it unbinds for whatever reason, i have to restart phone and then go to my bluetooth settings to take off the device manually. The user guide says this could be a problem for ios users. Had to manually sync again to make sure daylight savings time changes. The fitbit bands don’t discolor this easily. But it hasn’t cracked at all. Heart rate monitor isn’t very accurate and jumps around. To turn off the green light, turn off hr monitor, to manual mode in settings. Without hr on auto, the band lasts a week on a charge. Band also charges really quickly. Doesn’t seem like app updates often. —-as someone that’s been using the fitbit for over a few years, finding a reasonably priced fitness band is such a relief. I’ve gone through my fitbit flex which had charging issues, my fitbit charge had the bubbling band issue, and i didn’t want to get another fitbit for a band that doesn’t last a year or has issues. And wow this thing performs just like a fitbit minus some features. I compare fitbit because that’s what i’ve been using and imo, overrated fitness band at this point with its issues. Pros:step, heart rate, sleep monitoring for only $30 bucks. A fitbit hr would cost $100. I guess the technology for this stuff has gone down in price.

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Key specs for LETSCOM Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Slim Sports Activity Tracker Watch, Waterproof Pedometer Watch with Sleep Monitor, Step Tracker for Kids, Women, and Men:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Automatically tracks your real-time heart rate, sleep quality, 14 kinds of sports like running, workout, hiking, and etc. and a map of your workout route; reminders you to move after long time of inactivity
  • Everyday Activity Tracking: Tracks your everyday achievements such as your steps, calories burned, distance covered and more, helping you stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Call & Message Notification: Connect the tracker to the “VeryFitPro” app on your phone via Bluetooth, then the tracker will vibrate and display relevant information when calls and messages come in
  • Well-Designed App: Use the fitness tracker with our customized “VeryFitPro” app on your smartphone for detailed exercise data and more functions; time and date on the tracker follows that of your phone
  • More Functions: Screen is automatically lightened up when you turn your wrist towards you, built-in USB plug enables easy charging without charging cable and dock, remote camera shooting, alarms and more

Comments from buyers

“Long term fitbit user switched over to this
, great material and easy to set up.
, Great customer service

Update: after a little time passed the company reached out to me asking to earn back my business and offered me a replacement watch for free. The customer service department is very supportive of customers with issues and eager to satisfy. The new watch seems to be in good working order and i am now happy with the results. Thank youoriginal: it is a nice substitute for a fitbit but there are several flaws. My initial reaction to the watch was that it is thin and seems well but together with a nice display. When i had to remove the wristband to charge the watch i found it difficult to do even with fairly strong hands. All of the functions seemed to be working correctly and the splash resistance was a nicety. The battery life is not even close to 7 days between charges. I was having to fight the wristband every other day as the charge would die within a day and a half. After a week of hoping it would improve, the battery life continued to be 1.

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You are overpriced and have no battery life to speak of. The letscom band is an outstanding fitness band. The narrow design fits great on my small wrist, so much better than the huge, clunky smart watches available now. The time and date are very easy to read. The band was easy to link up with my android phone and i am able to track my workouts, sleep pattern, heart rate and receive all my sms notifications. The battery life of this band is amazing. One thing: after your exercise session, make sure you open your veryfit phone app that links your band to your phone and let it sync up to record your workout info (especially if you travel into another time zone) or your workout info may not be saved. Other than that, this is one great little fitness band for the price.

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