I got one for myself and my wife wanted one as well so this is the second i’ve bought from them. The battery lasts about 4 days and all you have to do is drop it into your usb socket for a couple hours and you are off again. It comes with a great tracking app and also hooks up with google fit app. I’m a mailman so i’m pretty hard on watches sticking mail in boxes all day and this thing takes a beating and doesn’t scratch easily.

This band is great for the price. I appreciate all the features that it offers. It seems very accurate in all of the measurements. The band is very comfortable to wear and it fits me perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying another for my wife.

The main problem with this is it does not sync with the app. There is no way to keep track of your previous steps or sleep unless, you write it down. I give it 3 stars because it does work to keep the time and count your steps for the day.

I got this a couple of days ago and here is what i can say so far:good:+ battery is long lasting. It has been on for about three days and battery is still more than half full. + comfy to wear, even during the night. + seems to track steps accurately. Bad:+ can’t read the display at all in bright sunlight outside. + i am having difficulties figuring out the app. It’s tracking my night sleep but when i was napping the other day, it just did not count that sleep.

A much better buy than a fitbit. This fitness tracker counts steps, calories burned, alarm reminders, and can even notify the wearer of text messages and phone calls received. A super great value and i wouldn’t consider buying a fitbit after trying this tracker for less that $40.

No matter what time i fall asleep, it starts at 11:30pm. I wish it was more accurate in that dept.

Good alternative for a name brand tracker for a 10 year old.

Key specs for LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, IP67 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Step Tracker/Sleep Monitor/Message Notification Fitness Wristband Watch, Pedometer for Android and iOS Phone:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-Functions Fitness Band: Pedometer with calories record and step counter , sleep quality monitoring ,SNS notifications, music control, remote camera control and find Phone.
  • Humanized Design Wristband: 0.91 inch OLED touch screen fitness tracker display time and date clearly. Adjustable TPU material straps make it comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Upgraded Battery Version : No cable-needed device, USB charge port, easy charge anywhere. 5~10 days long time standby.
  • Smart Sleep Monitor Fitness Bracelet: Monitor the user’s sleep information automatically and help you adjust sleep time.
  • Wide Compatibility Smart Watch: IP67 waterproof fitness tracker, only fit, Android 4.4 above and iOS 7.1 above smartphone. (Attention: Doesn’t have heart rate monitor. Model: ID101)
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Comments from buyers

“App and Device work great!
, Better than my fitbit, just no friends list
, Good battery, looks nice, difficulties with the app, weak display

I think it’s small and working good but it doesn’t support any other language either eng.

Nothing more than a fancy pedometer. It has never synced with my sleep. It does count steps and track calories burned with activity. It will remind you to get up and move. If that is all you are looking for then buy it.

I love how the battery lasts over a week at a time before needing charged. I love how you can control your music player from it. I love how it tracks your sleep and steps, and i love how you can set multiple alarms. Update on 6/16/17it still works great but i don’t recommend buying the orange color band. It gets really dirty and loses its color and there is nothing you can do about it. Overall i still love the item i just hate how the band looks noe cause it’s so ugly now.

Frequently disconnects with my phone. Aggravating that it has never captured a full week of activity.

I’ve had this tracker for about 1 week and am pretty satisfied with it so far. Opted not to get the heart rate model and don’t feel like i’m missing out on that feature. If you’re doing the exercise bike, put tracker on your ankle or it won’t monitor your steps. The sleep feature is a tad off but pretty close. Really like all the extra options, like alarm, sms/text notification and read view. Love that it plugs in to charge and doesn’t require batteries.

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 this is the second letscom item i’ve purchased and i’m really starting to like this brand. This device has a solid build and looks really good. The band fits well and is very comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of how the main part slips out of the band and you plug it directly into a usb port for charging, but it’s a minor complaint. The reading are accurate and easy to read. Even more surprising, the companion app for this device is actually very well done. If this had a heart rate sensor it would be perfect. I have attached a video review that goes into more detail.

The touch screen does not work that well.

Nice tracker works great came fast.

The sleep tracker doesn’t seem to work so well, but the main reason we got this was because my 11 year old wanted to track her steps, and i didn’t want to pay lots of money for a fitness tracker. It fits both her and i well, is comfy and easy to use.

Only drawback is the screen is not as bright as i would like.

While impossible to read in the sunlight, does a great job of tracking steps and the price is awesome. Wear it in the shower – no problem. Charged battery lasts over a week.

If youre getting started and just want something start measuring your movements with, this is definitely it. Simple to use and happy with the low cost.

I have been a fitbit user for years, and have always used the fitbit one (which goes in your pocket or clips to your belt). Well after losing my 3rd fitbit, i realized it was time to find something i could wear on my wrist. I had gotten to where most of my friends had dropped off of fitbit, so i decided to just look for something cheap that would tell me my steps and the time. The band is really soft and comfortable to wear. You have to download the ‘letsfit’ app, which in itunes had a 2 star review but i found to be really good. Swiping between screens was just like my fitbit. Even the font and graphics looked like my fitbit (as if they were programmed/developed by the same company.

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My wife lost my last one and i got a new one.

For those of us technically challenged, this is simple to use. Although there are many functions on this low cost tracker, i really only need the pedometer and the watch. I like the size, the readability of the face, the ease of connecting to bluetooth, the pedometer and the watch. The bracelet is easy to wear but very hard to snap shut by yourself. I leave it closed and slid on and off my wrist. I don’t need the sleep function so take it off at night. I have used another tracker in the past that had trouble continuing to function. The software and tracker on this one is very easy to use. I am not a runner, only a walker and this works great for me. Five stars if they ever fix the closure on the bracelet.

Two christmases ago, i purchased the more expensive, highly sought after product for my husband. I wanted one also, but i couldn’t fathom spending so much money, especially if i got annoyed with it after a while. When i came across this, i decided to try it. I am active with the kids, and try to do an actually workout when i can. After downloading the app, which was easy, i did the pedomoter, heart rate, etc. What i really wanted to use it for is for sleep patterns. I primarily get up with our son throughout the night, and my husband doubts how much i truly do. Within 3 nights, he saw the huge up and down patterns of my sleeping. The band itself is comfortable and flexible, so it isn’t constricting. I have very small wrists and i am able to adjust it comfortably.

Item only connected to my phone once through the app. I am still working on a way to fix this problem and hope i do not have to return it.

I get easily irritated with my husband not answering my calls in high volume areas – games, casinos etc. – this vibrates enough to get his attention to check his phone. Win win win for a little $$$.