For the money this has been excellent and hasn’t let me down yet. Like my previous (cheaper) fitbit clone this doesn’t connect to my honor 6x for alerts (it syncs ok to the veryfit app though so can download data to the phone) but as i only bought it for the time and step counter that’s not an issue for me. Comfortable to wear and battery life is very good. I don’t use the other features – heart monitor/sleep etc so can’t comment on how accurate they are but if all you want is the above it’s been reliable so far, seems well made, has a good clear display and seems very good for the price.

A very good product at a reasonable price. I will recommend it to my friends👍.

It’s an good quality product and very useful.

Might not look like much, but for the price you get everything you would from the $100+ devices. Comfortable, adjustable, battery life seems good and doesn’t require any propreitary charger like most of the high-end brands. Don’t even need the app if you don’t care about tracking your day to day. All in all, a very cheap alternative for people who just want to keep track of the essentials without all the bells and whistles of other high end devices.

My mother-in-law keeps losing her fitness tracker, and so i was on the lookout for something cheaper that can count her steps and perhaps notifies her of calls and text messages like the more expensive fitbit. I decided to give this one a try, and it seems to do exactly what she’d need to use it for anyway. Pros- counts steps- inexpensive- text and call notifications- motion wrist to turn on display to tell time- standard charging port- blood pressure monitor- tracks sleepcons- manual has some grammatical errors- doesn’t have 3rd party app support like the fitbit ecosystem- sleep tracking doesn’t provide much insight into what the numbers mean for your health, but that’s a common problem among all sleep trackersfor what i bought this for, it works well, and it’s definitely better than paying for a fitbit and having it get lost.

Bought the fitness tracker as a practical gift. It’s stylish and well designed. The tracker could be wearing whole day no matter walking or running, with the long lasting battery and water proof functionality. All the information is displayed clearly and efficiently.

This is my first time to buy a sports watch. Wow~~~~it is multi-functionalexcept to see the time, monitoring heart rates, recording the sleep period,it can even open the camera, and if i flip my wrist, it could take a photohow amazing it isi do love it.

My buddies had gone through the whole fitbit craze about a year or so ago and it’s kind of died down. I held back and didn’t buy it at the time. I guess i did miss out on the competitiveness and seeing who burns more calories day-by-day, week-to-week but whatever. I was always leaning towards something more elegant. I know fitbit has an equivalent where you don’t even have a screen and it just strictly tracks your steps, and some basics – that seemed too impractical. I don’t need a fitness watch to do all too much besides track some basics like steps walked, calories approximately burned, time/day at a glance. This is very comparable to the fitbit alta which is slim and has the same look/aesthetic but at a fraction of the cost. This is a lot of value and it’s really aesthetic looking. I didn’t deviate too far and just stayed with something black. The phone does have a lot of robust features but admittedly, i haven’t bothered looking into those too much – integration with your phone for messages, calls, etc.

My daughter has been asking me for a fitbit for a while now so she could track her steps and compete with me. I didn’t want to get something expensive or too interactive, i just wanted something simple so she could keep track of steps like she wanted. This tracker does just that and it has worked really well so far. Packaging:this tracker came in very simple packaging. The charger is actually built in usb charging so there is no need for additional cables. There is a warranty card included as well as a small instruction booklet. The instructions are very simple and clear on how to use this. The instructions also include a qr code to scan for downloading the app for a mobile device. Quality:this tracker has very good build quality for the price. There is a protective film over the screen when taking it out of the packaging.

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Well, i got this tracker mainly for the heart rate monitor and the sleep tracking function. I like to know where my heart rate is during exercise and during times of rest. So far, that function seems to be working well. It lowers when i sleep, increases when i move or do activities, lowers when i rest on the couch, etc. It counts steps fine it seems. The sleep activity i can’t really judge since, i dont really rest since i’m a night shift worker and my sleep is always all over the place. But it has been tracking my sleep and it seems like i just don’t get enough rest. Which is very possible since, i actually don’t get much rest. Overall, i’d say it’s pretty decent as far as a tracker goes.

Came on time and does everything as described. I was hesitant about it since i have a google pixel 2, but no worries. It is compatible and starts tracking. As soon as you download the app that comes with the watches sync software. Also, very happy with the beautiful color (purple).

Works exactly as it says on the box/label.

Much better than what i was expecting from an inexpensive fitness tracker. Steps taken is pretty accurate. When testing, i took 50 steps and it registered 51 steps. Shaking my arm to mimic walking did not increase the step count. App shows sleep pattern, how long i slept, deep sleep cycles. Heart rate monitor seems fairly accurate also. It’s waterproof, so i don’t have to worry about getting it wet when i wash my hands. Here are the specifications for the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Daily Movements Recording: Measures steps, distance, calories, active minutes, activity intensity and heart rate on your wrist
  • 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitors your heart rate to help you do exercise scientifically and get a better understanding of your fitness level
  • Auto Sleep Monitoring: Tracks your sleep automatically, measuring Wake, Light and Deep sleep with detailed data reports in app
  • Intelligent Reminder: The tracker acts as a wireless extension of your compatible smartphone, displaying call and message notifications right on your wrist
  • Smart Design: Slim and lightweight body, replacement bands, cordless charging with built-in USB plug, IP67 water resistant, sweat-proof, rain-proof and dustproof

Good quality product with all your purpose. I want to improve myself to do more exercise and lose weight. I have been putting in 4k – 5k of steps a day. And the price is great for this product. And the app is very easy to use. I am extremely satisfied with this watch.

This is a pretty nice fitness watch. Itcan pair with your smart phone easily and the app allows for several settings to customize your experience. The app is easy to use and intuitive, which is good because the instruction booklet that comeswith the device is quite short. There is a lot to note in this review so i’m going to list out my opinion on some of the features. Built in usb charger, great idea but it is so hard to pull the band off that i wondered if i would ever be able to initially charge it. You have to wiggle the band a bit to pull it off which makes me wonder if at some point the usb will break off2. Step count – i compared the step count on the tracker to my phone and at the end of the day they lined up within 5% which i consider pretty good. The only thing is that you can *definitely* fake steps by waving your hand around and it counted steps while i was riding in a car. I think that’s pretty typical, though. The band – the band is just ok. It is quite flexible so it is comfortable to wear, just nothing special about it. The display starts off sideways.

I ordered the black one and like its look. I disassembled the band off the tracker body to charge it via my smartphone’s usb charger. Note until you get the hang of it it can be difficult to pull apart, i was afraid i was going to break it, but once i did it the first time, it was easy. Plugged into a usb port and voila, 15 minutes later, it was done charging. I downloaded the veryfitpro app to my smartphone (android) and paired the tracker to my phone to set the date and time. It counts my steps, my heart rate and my sleep patterns. It takes about a minute for the tracker to connect to the phone and sync and works great. Overall, i like that’s it’s slim and light, and i’m happy with how it fits on my wrist, its performance and battery life (about 5-7 days), as well as the phone app. I’ve had a samsung smart watch in the past and certain apps killed my smartphone batterylife, but using this on my samsung 7+ there has not been any decrease in power on my phone.

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For the price i paid i’m pleased. I have no idea if i want a fitness tracking watch because my 14 year old daughter whipped it off me and i haven’t touched it since. She updates me as to how many steps she has taken and maximum heart rates etc. It looks much more expensive than it is. A clever design which ive not seen before. Well made and attractive enough to please a paranoid teenager.

Battery life: i don’t have it setup to receive calls or notifications and my standard practice is to keep the device on at all times (except for taking a shower and charging) and sync it to my phone first thing in the morning. With my experience, if you have the ‘wrist sense’ enabled, it only lasts about 3 days before it needs charged again. This feature senses when you turn your wrist and will turn on the display so you don’t have to touch it to check the time. Only problem is, it seems to turn the screen on a lot, as normal wrist movement will trick it into thinking you want to look at the time. With the ‘wrist sense’ disabled, i was able to go 5 days without charging. Features: within the app, you can enable call alert, sedentary alert, alarm alert, sns alert, anti-theft alert, find my phone, as well as use it for taking photos. I really like the fact that you can choose the display mode, be it vertical or horizontal on the device. I can’t really comment on any of these features as i have them all turned off. I got it for tracking steps/sleep, not try to be a smart watch.

My fitness tracker was easy to set up and is comfortable to wear. I purchased it mainly to monitor my sleep but have since used it to count my steps and heart rate. It is good to look at and easy to use. It represents good value for money and i look forward to trying out the other functions in due course.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Value and Quality!
  • Great buy for a smart price!!!
  • Inexpensive Fitbit alternative with sleep tracking

I purchased the letscom fitness tracker mainly for the notifications, watch, and heart rate monitor. I have owned a couple name brand brands before this one and they worked good but eventually stopped working or battery failed. This tracker was affordably priced and small sleek looking. First impressions were great as the quality is much better than expected and it’s very clean looking. I’m a farmer and very active so the bigger bulkier ones don’t work for me. The interface and screen is easy to view and operate, only 1 button. The charge port is clever idea and hidden and very secure. The band buckle latch is very secure. The quality of rubber on the band is nice and does not show dirt or oil like my previous bands. The notifications with my iphone work awesome.

Bought this for my mum as a starter fitness tracker. So impressed i bought myself one & returned my fitbit hr. Great value for money with all the features of the more expensive branded trackers.

Was a good fit for my husband. It was a decent price and came in quickly. I really like the heart moniter and oxygen reader. My husband loves to be able to check messages from his phone without having to pull it out of his pocket.

I ordered this as a cheap heart rate monitor and step counter for my boyfriend, who has been trying to walk more. He doesn’t need anything fancy – mostly just a reminder to move every so often. And this lives up to those expectations. The band is sturdy, and also long enough to fit around his pretty large wrists (i didn’t even think to check first, so i’m definitely glad for that). The charging mechanism is pretty handy – you just pull off one of the bands and stick it in a usb port on your computer or in another usb charger you have handy. The charge lasted about four days, which seems reasonable for the price. The only item of note is that the app isn’t amazing – you’re not getting a fitbit quality app here, and there are some translation issues. The app did seem to be somewhat slow, but my boyfriend’s phone is also woefully old so it may just be an issue with that. Overall, good value for the money, for a decent looking product.

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The reason i gave this three star rating is cause i cant wear it on my arm it causes skin irritation for me. But after speaking with amazon. Com and getting a very nice email from the seller offering a full refund and to keep the item. I’ve changed it to a five star rating for quality service i’ve received from both amazon and the seller, it’s a shame that im allergic to the silicon wrist band. I mostly chose it for the heart rate monitor and the fact that it could sync (via: bluetooth) to my android phone. Even has a little app to keep tracker of everything,. I recommend this tracker to everyone for its capabilities. And for the quality care from the seller. Taking time out to notice my problem when they could have just let amazon handle without contacting me.

This fitness tracker does a lot. It records your heart, sleep, and activity levels. The app was easy to install on my phone and allowed me to set standards to myself. I even used it on my 8 year old as well to see how well it would perform. It has to be snug, but not uncomfortably snug to work properly. It is not waterproof at all, and it does take about an hour to recharge the battery – so you will miss some time out if you are hardcore wanting to track your fitness levels and such. The battery says it lasts 7 days, when i did find it only lasted about 3 for us. This is with all the bells and whistles turned off on the app. It was neat to have it showing me previews of my messages though when i did have that feature activated. The only other bothersome part was the buzzing when you got out of range – sometimes it would be 10 feet, other times it would show out of range around 2 feet.

I have a fitbit charge 2 and bought this one for my grandson. The photo shows the fitbit on the left and the letscom tracker on the right. You can see that this tracker is of a sleeker design and actually looks better on my wrist. What really surprises me is the quality of the tracker. It feels just as heavy and sturdy as the much more expensive fitbit. I am trying it out before giving it to my grandson and it has been working perfectly. I have not noted any inaccuracies and it is on par with the readings on the fitbit. It even displays notifications from my smartphone. If you of been wanting a tracker but think the price is too high, then give this one a try.

I am definitely digging the use of this item. They are a price conscious option for a fitbit alternative. The fitness tracker has all the functions one would need, from activity monitoring, sleep monitoring and heartbeat sensor via green light lenses on the underside of the band. It wears comfortably and the app is easy to sync and set up. I found that over the day i was checking it often and definitely put more time in focusing on getting more steps in throughout the day. It’s a good sleek product that is a great option for those on a budget. Only issue i have with this product is the app component. The navigation and all the parts of the app definitely gets good scores, however, it is a slow sync. The navigation can also be slightly slow when you confirm options and move back and forth in menus. It is not enough to break the user experience but is definitely something for the developers to take note of.

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