I use it for tracking my steps, as a watch, for heart rate, and for reminding me to get up and move (i have a desk job and sit for long periods sometimes – this will vibrate and show an image of a moving stick person as a reminder – i was able to tell it how frequently to remind me and between what hours to do it). I did not use any of the phone call or texting features. I never had any trouble syncing it with my samsung galaxy 8. I have been pleased with it.

It’s not quite as accurate as my android phone as far as steps and distances goes, but it’s close enough for what i need it for. I’m very happy with the purchase. I get exactly a week of use and it’s easy to charge. It looks every bit as good as a fitbit that costs 3x as much and the smartphone features work very well (text notifications, meeting reminders, phone calls, etc. I even like the sleep and alarm functions on it.

For the price, i don’t think it could be much better. I have wanted a fitbit for a year or so. . Just couldn’t justify the cost. Most of my friends have an iwatch. I have used one of theirs for a week and ended up buying this. Here’s what i think:the good:-you cant beat $30. -touch screen is responsive. It might be slightly slower than an iwatch or fitbit.

My husband and both got one and we love them. Didn’t want to spend a lot on another one. Was skeptical at first since i never heard of this brand, but it surprised me. Turned out to be a really good tracker. Usually pretty accurate with my heartrate too. It was easy to set up, and i’m already using it to track my steps. Watches and bracelets typically bug me, which is why i never got something like this before, but this is very lightweight and i barely realize it’s there. I really like that i can check my heart rate with it and customize which options i want to see. For instance, i don’t run or ride a bike, so was able to remove those items using the app, and was able to add a workout option instead.

Great fitness tracker that’s just the right size, easy to use and fast to recharge. It works great after then quick setup. It takes about 10-15steps before it start tracking correctly just read the manual and the app is very cool and easy to use / link / connect.

This monitor is a accurate clock and seems to capture steps, but only as a funciton of arm swings, not steps or distance per se. It claims to be a sleep monitor, but it misses going to sleep time by 1-2 hours and awakening also by an hour. I don’t know if the depth of sleep is any better. Maybe i’m missing something; if so, please comment, and i will update this rating. Update: 9-20-18; since my negative comment i have been contacted twice with the offer to both replace the unit and refund my purchase price. They have also made suggestions about how to modify settings which i will try when i get the new unit. I will update and adjust stars when i see whether the new system works better.

  • After comparing the iWatch, Fitbit and this.I’m happy.
  • Great price! Excellent Fitness Tracker!
  • Great fitness tracker!!!

Bought my husband and myself same. I noticed he would have almost a thousand more steps than i each day. We set them together and went for a walk on a walking trail, staying together the entire time. When we returned to the car, compared, and he had walked over 1000 more step than i on the same trail, at the same time. Neither syncs with phones to gage sleep time.

Updated review:last month the company reached out to me in regards to my dissatisfaction and wanted to make sure i was happy. Number one, i had no idea the device has a warranty. Number two, i recieved incredible customer service after responding to their email. They replaced my original device (even gave me the choice of which band i wanted- went dark with purple to avoid the same issue) and was given a complete refund for my other one. The device does a decent job. I wish sleep could be scheduled instead of it guessing, and it would be more convenient to charge the band facing the opposite direction (downward in a usb drive on a laptop- doesn’t work without propping the laptop up some), using a charging brick for cell phone charger is best. Overall i recommend the device. The data, other than sleep, is accurate and the app (veryfitpro) is simple to use. Not many companies would go out of their way this far from a review, i recommend them. Original review:does the job, however the bands discolored and looked filthy after a short time (maybe two weeks).

This attractive, modern-looking watch shows the date and time on the main screen, which was one of the key features we wanted. The other essential feature is a heart-rate monitor. The only time bluetooth or phone has to be connected is for initial settings, but after that it doesn’t really matter, which is fine by me. I just wanted a nice-looking watch with a few essential functions, not necessarily a watch that replaces my phone or has to be connected to it all the time. Charging is easy and battery easily goes for a week on stand-by.

I wanted to get motivated to start working out and track my steps but fit bits were out of my price range. Well i found this fitness tracker and it was reasonable priced. I am happy to say it’s just was i needed. Its light weight on my wrist. The app is user friendly and the tracker easy to charge. I am definitely happy going with a reasonably priced tracker. It does everything i need it to do. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start tracking their steps without making a major purchase.

This is the first fitness tracker i have ever bought. It was the result of a long search and study of the different types of activity trackers in the market, or at least many of them. I looked from the simplest to the more complicated and expensive ones. All do basically the same, with more or less ‘show’ and complications, but all of them get to the same results in the end. This one is really a good one. It is simple yet sufficiently complete. In combination with the app required to download in order to see its full functions, this fitness tracker has everything you need and lets you see your exercising activity, as well as your lack of it and, keeps a record. I very much highly recommend it.

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Features of LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Activity Tracker Watch with Sleep Monitor, Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Waterproof Pedometer Watch for Kids Women and Men

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • VERSATILE FITNESS TRACKER: Tracks your daily activities and sleep quality, helping you stay motivated and healthy; notifies you of call, message, emails, and social network notifications and reminds you of important dates, helping you stay connected
  • 24-HOUR HEART RATE TRACKING: Monitors your heart rate at the wrist 24/7; quantifying the intensity of your fitness activities, providing better credit for your efforts
  • DAILY FITNESS MONITORING: Records your steps, calories burned, miles walked, intensity minutes and more; view detailed data on our comprehensive app “VeryFitPro” for better understanding of your everyday progress
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Be notified of important texts, calls, social messages, e-mails and more right from your fingertips in time
  • OTHER FEATURES: Multi-sport tracking, connected GPS, sedentary alert, alarm alert, remote camera shooting, cable-free charging, 0.96 inch OLED screen, long battery life and more

From the manufacturer

LETSCOM fitness tracker
activity tracker

Highlight Features

sleep monitor

smart watch

sport watch

24-Hour Heath Manager

24-hour automatic heart rate monitoring, automatic sleep monitoring, all-day activity tracking, all to help you keep good habits and stay healthy.

Reminders to Move

Every step counts for your fitness. You can set a sedentary reminder on the app to keep you active all day for a better health.

Multi-Sport Management & Connected GPS

Records up to 14 exercises like walking, running, and riding. See real-time run stats like pace and distance, and record a map of your workout route by connecting to your phone’s GPS.

Essential Features

fitness band


smart bracelet

step tracker

Wide Compatibility

Use with ‘VeryFitPro’ app, which is compatible with most smartphones whose OS are iOS 7.1 or later / Android 4.4 or later, and Bluetooth 4.0 or later.


Set alarms on app and the tracker will vibrate at scheduled time, helping you keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Call and Message Reminder

Caller ID, texts and social media messages are displayed on the tracker screen so that you never miss important calls and messages. Hang up calls on the tracker.

Waterproof and Sweatproof

Never worry that rain, splash of water, and sweat will damage the tracker, waterproof feature gives you the freedom to work out in most occasions.

fitness tracker fitness tracker fitness tracker fitness tracker fitness tracker fitness tracker
ID130PlusHR ID115PlusHR ID115UHR ID130PlusColorHR ID115PlusHR ID130
All-day Activity Tracking
Step Counter
Calorie Counter
Sleep Monitor
Call & Message Reminder
Sedentary Reminder
Heart Rate Monitor

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

So for this watch/fitness tracker is working amazinglyi bought one for myself and one for my mom and let’s just say her and i are very rough on these kind of things. I’m a cook at a kitchen and so far this thing has held up to (not a lot) but a decent amount of water, being bumped on a lot of different things and even being exposed to small levels of heat. The only thing is that sometimes i can’t get it to connect to my phone. If you are looking for a simple cheap fitness tracker this is the one.

Everything works pretty decently except for step counting. I checked the manual because my steps kept disappearing. Apparently if you don’t take 40 steps consecutively then those steps are not counted. I take a lot of short trips at home and at work so this made my steps very inaccurate. When comparing costs to a fitbit though it’s not a bad value. I am returning though and am just going to spend the money on a real fitbit.

It’s pretty simple to use and the phone app isn’t super-annoying. The hardest thing for me was figuring out how to get the strap off so that i could charge the device, i was afraid that i would break it (i didn’t). The charge on mine lasts about 2 weeks. The time display is easily visible and even sometimes too bright in the middle of the night but it’s in no way a dealbreaker. It is not waterproof for swimming or showering.

I think this is an affordable watch you can buy on amazon. For the price, this has a great feature i. E heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, activity tracking (walk and run). I like the fact that i don’t have to carry a separate charger to charge the watch. You even get to set alarms, you get vibration on watch if you get a call (of course you have to connect it with the app and turn on your bluetooth). Battery for me last for about 4-5 days average. When not using this to track activity it could last up to 6 days.

Well i just received mine late yesterday and i have to say i am very very very impressed with it already. It does so much for the cost and is very sturdy on my wrist. I just lost my fit bit and this band seems like it would stay better. I highly recommend getting this tracker. I love it so much that i will be purchasing the assorted other colored bands. And with amazon prime it makes life so much easier. So if you think this is a hoaky device it’s not.

The heart rate monitor stopped working after 3 weeks but the company quickly replaced it. Haven’t linked it to my phone (not enough room for apps on mine) so i can’t change the time or reset yet.

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VERSATILE FITNESS TRACKER: Tracks your daily activities and sleep quality, helping you stay motivated and healthy; notifies you of call, message, emails, and social network notifications and reminds you of important dates, helping you stay connected

Nice fitbit substitute for lots less money. Works well at counting steps. Does a decent job recording sleep. Pulse rate monitor is not accurate. There are times when i am running / breathing hard and look down to see that my pulse rate is 78. From past experience with chest strap monitors i know from feel that i am at least double that. App that accompanies the watch is very basic but records the main aspects that i am interested in. My primary use is as a pedometer and i am pleased with that aspect of the watch. Sinc is super easy on my apple se. Does take a bit of coaxing to get data to transfer at times.

The reasonably affordable watch offers everything has perfected for runners, in compact form. The tech timepieces come with a slew of lifestyle functions and perks that you’ll use long after you kick off your running shoes. It’s good to purchase it if you want a device to tracking your fitness progress in affordable price.

I bought this one for my son who is 13 years old, try to motivate him to exercise more, not on his phone all the time. It is working at least for now. He has been putting in 20-30k of steps a day. He also likes to play with heart rate monitor and try to run really fast to get his heat rate up. One day he jumped in the swimming pool for a while without realize he has the tracker on. Once he realized what happened, he was really shocked that the tracker is still working 🙂 i like how the display is in large text, easy to read with quite a few options.

See update below:it has all the features and a nice,easy to use app, but the heart rate monitor doesn’t work. When my pulse is steady at 165 (according to my pulse oximeter and my elliptical machine) this band reads varyingly anywhere between 85 and 150, usually sitting around 110. Update 11-11-18: the company sent me a refund with a replacement band. The heart rate reading is better with the new one, it is accurate most of the time, but it still reads about 10-20 beats per minute off part of the time during activity. (i’m wearing it appropriately. )this tracker is still a great value, especially if you don’t need a perfectly accurate heart rate reading. (i have a medical condition for which i prefer a more accurate reading, and so i am using another device to track that. ) they also have great customer service.

I mainly bought this because i was curious as to how many steps in a day i take & also wanted it for the sleep monitoring feature. It’s also handy while i’m at work and i can look down to read a text to see if i need to grab my phone instead of carrying it all over with me. I’m not quite sure how accurate the heart monitor is but i also think sometimes i have the band too loose so i’m not getting an accurate reading. The only thing i do not like about this watch is i ordered it in the coral band color & i have only been wearing the watch since weds, yet the band is already discolored from a black sweatshirt rubbing against the band. This is a great product for the price. Also shipping was very quick, the watch itself was easy to set up, & the battery on it is amazing. I charged it wednesday night & the battery is currently 3/4 full.

I’ve used another, well known, brand of fitness tracker for a couple of years now. This unit is just a good but costs so much less. I’m not quite as happy with the software used to track the data on my phone. I am able to log activity in my other tracker software, but i haven’t figured out how to do that with this. But that is a minor thing compared to how well this works and the savings involved. I love that i can directly plug it into a usb port for charging and i don’t need to keep track of a proprietary cable for charging. And, it charges really quickly.

24-HOUR HEART RATE TRACKING: Monitors your heart rate at the wrist 24/7; quantifying the intensity of your fitness activities, providing better credit for your efforts

I am very please to get a good tracker at a decent price. The app was easy to find, i struggled a bit getting it synced but that was due to phone issues. Being able to track my steps and heart-rate have been awesome. Those two features alone make this purchase well worth it, i also love that it comes with color options and that’ it doesn’t need anything to charge it. You just slide it right into the usb port and voila. One less adapter to keep track of.

I love my new fitness tracker. The parts i use work great, especially once i understood that the step sometimes are delayed showing up on the screen, but they catch up pretty quickly. I don’t use the phone feature, so i don’t know how that works. I haven’t had any of the ad problems noted in other reviews. I am very happy with my less costly fitness tracker. I would not have spent the dollars for the big name brand one.

Bought it as a cheap and low profile watch for 5th grader. You can’t set the watch without downlloading an app, which is fine, i did that. But the metal bar that hooks into the holes that keeps the watch on already broke rendering the unit useless. **update on july 18, 2018**i upgraded my rating from 2 stars to 3 stars because the seller reached out to refund my original purchase and then sent me a new one. I always appreciate a vendor when they try to make it right. If the watch lasts for more than 6 months, i will come back and update the review.

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I bought this watch in august 2018, and now, 5 months later it no longer works. When it was working i did like it. I had ordered it specifically for a 3 week trip to europe as i knew i would be doing a lot of walking and wanted to track my steps, and keep an eye on my heart rate too. I have a fitbit blaze, but was only taking a backpack with me, so i needed something small. Pros: stayed charged for a long period of time, no additional equipment to charge it because it plugs directly into a usb port, seems to be fairly accurate, small footprint, and inexpensivecons: stopped working after 5 monthsoverall: i did like the watch, while it worked, as a “spruced up pedometer”, but i wouldn’t rely on it for heavy duty training. I am disappointed in the longetivity. Had it lasted longer i would totally recommend it, but 5 months is just not long enough, so i say pass on this one.

I wanted to wear it for a bit before reviewing just to get a feel for it. I dont exactly have small wrists, but it’s comfortable and not too bulky. It linked perfectly with the app, which also seems to link decently well with the google fit app. I actually prefer the veryfitpro app, but thats personal choice. While i have noticed a little more battery drain with the app, it’s not a painful drain and very well could be from google fit as well. The step counter occasionally goes a little high, but i am also guilty of talking with my hands a lot. The heart rate monitor seems accurate and was the main reason i wanted it. I haven’t worn it while sleeping yet, but will probably do so soon because i think i have some odd sleep stuff happening. All around, i’m happy with this purchase and will probably get another one for my son, who’s been begging for 3 months now.

I received my tracker 5 days ago. First of all, the charge is amazing. I charged the battery on my tracker on the 16th and five days later, there is still 3/4 left of a full battery.I’ve only taken it off to shower and i’ve worked out with it six times and walked several times. All i do is long press on the tracker for whichever exercise i’m doing. There’s walking, running, and biking. So, when i’m walking on the treadmill to keep track of my steps, i will long press the walking so i know exactly how many steps i took just on the treadmill. This tracker always counts steps and shows your heart rate, which is important to me. The heart rate is spot on with the equipment i use at our gym.

It has been several years since i wore a wristwatch so it took a little while to get used to having it on my wrist. At first i had the band too loose and that affected the heart rate detection. Once i figured out the proper adjustment of the band the heart rate detection worked fine. It is comfortable on my wrist and after 1 day wearing it i don’t even realize it is there until it vibrates to tell me i have been sedentary too long. I have a desk job so that is a very handy feature. I went on a couple of long walks this past weekend and it seemed to be accurate both in steps and distance. The main reason i bought this was to monitor my sleep. I have only had this a few days – it will be interesting to see how my sleep varies over the next month. Considering the price, this item is a great value especially compared to the well known name brands.

DAILY FITNESS MONITORING: Records your steps, calories burned, miles walked, intensity minutes and more; view detailed data on our comprehensive app “VeryFitPro” for better understanding of your everyday progress

Watch info says it has an alarm, but you cannot hear the alarm unless your ear happens to be right next to the watch when it rings. In the ‘answered questions’ information it indicated that the watch has a ‘stop watch’ feature. There is no stopwatch feature. I went through the instructions, and even dialed the number given on the website and then spoke with two different heavily-accented helpers on the phone, who also could not find any stopwatch feature or instructions for a stopwatch feature for the watch. Overall, it is very nice looking and easy to re-charge. But beware you have to engage both your arms to know what time it is, that is, you have to hold your wristwatch arm still and then bring the other arm over and touch the watch face (sometimes very briskly) in order to know what time it is.

We buy this activity tracker to count the steps and it works correcty. I compared it with my fitbit and its showing same count. It didn’t have different types of workouts that we have in fitbit but for this price it works great. It connect to the app prefectly thought bluetooth from the iphone.

I have worn this a week now very comfortable and it does what it says in the description. Paired quickly with my phone. Great product and much cheaper than fitbit.

For this price point, for basic tracking of steps, running or biking workouts, and app based trends of steps and sleep, this product is a great value for what you get. The only real cons i would say are:1. I feel like it underestimates the distance, which then increases the calculated minute per mile. I say this, because i was running on a quarter mile high school track, and after two laps it said i only ran 0. So i feel like it’s about 25% off. I wish it had an export feature, so that i could graph and track my statistics on my computer in a spreadsheet program.

SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Be notified of important texts, calls, social messages, e-mails and more right from your fingertips in time

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