I wound up sending them back as i sent the watch back. The letscom fitness tracker hr that they go with would not let me leave a review since it was only a 1 star (hmmmm). The tracker is not waterproof as advertised and my phone was not compatible with their yoho sports app, but the bands are great.

This product (5 pack color replacement bands) was a gift for my grandson who received a letscom fitbit bracelet for his birthday. He was very excited to see that he had a choice of what color to wear. He especially loved the red to go with his red converse shoes.

It’s the fourth fitness band i bought, i’ve used microsoft band, fitbit, xiao mi etc in the past. This one is the best for its price, it look a little like my early fitbit alta but has a much better price and even more functions. I think this fitness band has a much better and reliable way to charge than fitbit alta. My fitbit alta cannot connect correctly to the charger clip after 1-year use. Hope this band will last longer.

Bought one for my bf and one for myself to work on getting in shape. So easy to use and integrate with a smartphone. You can even get notices lf phone calls and text messages. Not perfect at detecting sleeping hours, in fact it usually tells me i awoke earlier than i did. Also, english isn’t perfect, but i could easily figure out what the instructions say. I guess i can’t ask for perfection for the price, but it’s very good. I do wish there were more band colors.

They said they would fit but didn’t i only needed the little piece to hold the strap in place so i removed it that piece is terrible i have broken that piece 3 times now.

LETSCOM Replacement Bands for Fitness Tracker ID115PlusHR

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【NOTE: Just for the model of ID115PlusHR】Designed specifically for Letscom fitness tracker ID115Plus HR
  • Made with premium TPU, soft and comfortable to wear; durable to go with your for any challenges
  • Adjustable bands fit wrist size from 5.4 to 7.6 inches
  • Come with a stainless steel buckle on the band and a band holder to fasten your wristband more securely, preventing the bands separating and falling off
  • Simple to install and remove, NO tools needed

First of all, i simply love the fitness tracker and having different color bands is icing on the cake. I broke the strap on the original one and ordered the replacements. I can change my bands with my outfits. And it’s very easy to do so.

This was a gift for my 7 year old. She wore it a few times when she received it then let it sit for quite some time. It worked okay for a child to use. The battery died so we plugged in to charge & it won’t charge. I tired 3 different usb ports so it has to be a device issue. Unfortunately we are past the return window so we are out that money. **updatei received a replacement. The customer service was very good. The replacement device works good and charges fine. This is a good device for the price.

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I liked the variety of colors that these bands giver me. Men may not care but us ladies like style.

Product is same quality as original band, which is fine but purple is not the color in their photo. It is a very dark purple that almost looks chocolate or off-black.

This was purchased as a replacement for an older model that fell off my wrist somewhere unknown. I love the waterproof feature on this one. The watch style closure is more secure. The way the bands attach to the watch seem more secure as well. I haven’t manually activated any of the measuring modes; -bike, walk, run- but it still tracks my basic steps automatically.

These are perfect for the letscom id115plushr. I’m so glad i went ahead and got the 5 pack. The bands are exactly like the original that came with my hr monitor. My original bkuenis still kickin but getting a lil ragged looking. These fix that up perfectly.

Bought these for my mother who wears her tracker every day. She is having fun with matching her band to her outfits.

Works perfectly for the watch listed – fits and changes smoothly. Arrived quickly, the seller reached out to see if i need anything (seller gets a 5/5 star). Only reason i am keeping a star is because the pink in the image is not what came in. I understand that different monitors/screens show colors slightly differently, but i looked at this item on two different phones and a desktop before ordering. The ‘pink’ is very much so a ‘salmon’ or a. Was very disappointed on that front, but will just have to buy more colors so it doesn’t matter. I will take the colors with a grain of salt next time and not get so excited about one specific color.

I love this watch a lot and literally never take it off. The only thing i am unhappy about is the fact that i only had this watch for 2 days and it already turned orange on me. I have no idea why this happened, and it won’t come off no matter how hard i scrub it down. I have tried everything and nothing works. The watch itself works great though, i had to send it back to get a new one.

The bands arrived quicker than i expected. I wasn’t sure if they would fit my g19 smart bracelet from banggood, but it was a perfect match. Since i was in a hurry to get the band (didn’t want to be without my ‘off-brand’ fitbit, i didn’t realize that you get all three colors, what a bonus. Anyway, they arrived ahead of time, fit the device that i had, and it was a good price for 3 of them.

I have been looking at getting a fitbit for a while now. I just couldn’t spend that much money on one. I liked all the features on it though. Then i found this watch listed on amazon. It does everything it says it will, it holds a charge (mine hasn’t actually died yet, so i don’t know exactly how long it lasts), it’s super light-weight, and it’s only $30. This may not be the mainstream brand that everyone is rushing out to get, but it looks and acts the same. I would recommend this if you are looking to get a fitness tracker and do not want to spend a lot of money.

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LETSCOM Replacement Bands for Fitness Tracker ID115PlusHR : I’ve had this watch for almost 4 months now- it is very comfortable for me- i have a bigger wrist (180lbs) and tells me the time and date which i need. It counts my steps and does my heart rate which is nice. It can sync to my phone and alert me when calls come through but occasionally fails to ring through. I also set it to show my text messages- it doesn’t always show the whole message but i can usually get the first part to see if it’s important and then i check my phone. If these features are more necessary for you i would choose a different product. I do wish it had a stop -watch feature which i would use for work and running but it doesn’t. All that being said, i do love this watch for the price and wear it happily everyday.

Liked having other colors besides just black and blue, wish there were more, such as white, pink, yellow, especially for the summer and wearing short sleeves.

Sturdy, stylish, and affordable. I actually have a different brand of fitness tracker, aiex, and replacement bands were no longer available when my old one wore out. These ones looked identical to the one i had so i ordered them to try and it fit my tracker perfectly. My guess is they’re all made by the same company in china. So don’t be afraid to buy if you have a different brand tracker but think these will fit.

I bought this for the sleep tracker only, i don’t use it for any of the other features. The sleep tracker tracks awake, light sleep, deep sleep. It seems accurate for the deep sleep portion, but not for the light sleep or awake periods. I am frequently awake but the tracker continues to show only light sleep most of the time not in deep sleep. If i get out of bed and walk far enough (like out to the living room not just to the bathroom) then it will register an awake period. A coworker has a fitbit watch and he showed me his sleep graph, which he said is very accurate. He is frequently awake but doesn’t get up, and the fitbit registers it accurately. I guess it’s true, you get what you pay for. For all the other features it has, like activity and heart rate monitors, for the price point it is probably worth a try before getting a high end device.

I’ve only been using it for step counting because i don’t need my sleep monitored, and i don’t think the heart rate monitor is particularly accurate. I’ve become much better at making sure i reach my step goal everyday since i’ve started wearing this thing, so that’s a big plus. The app is easy to use and synchs quickly, and the watch works for well over a week between charges. I bought the purple strap, which is a dark plum color, and the whole thing is lightweight and comfy.

Well i wanted a fitbit for long time, but did not want to pay almost $200. And the true i wanted only to count my steps. The heart rate it’s not acured but the text future and the rest of the stuff works. Battery it’s pretty good i got it on thursday or friday and have not charge it since then and i put in on every day. So far it’s working well for the price. I’m very happy with my purchases.

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Fits great, easy on and off. Comfortable and i can change colors everydayi recommend them as a well made product.

I like the watch and the steps and heart rate monitor. How ever i have had this product less than a month and disliske the discoloration of the band. I have tried everything to clean it from general cleaners to rubbing alcohol to ammonia. That is the only draw back to this watch. And it doesn’t always connect to their app for the heart rate. If it lasts for a few more months i may just break down and buy some replacement bands and hope they don’t do the same thing. . But they made it better by sending me a new watch band.

The device is comfortable, light, and as fashionable as its much more expensive counterparts. It syncs with your smartphone using an app called veryfitpro but have noticed that you don’t need a smartphone to simply count steps and take your pulse. It does what i suspect other more expensive trackers do, it counts steps and takes your pulse. The app allows users to track different activities and workouts but i have yet to master the app’s functions. And that is where i get to the 4 star rating, since it is a very good product at a reasonable price. The gripe i have is that the app is a little hard to follow but it could be simply because i am old and have a hard time understanding the stuff. It could be that over time it gets easier.

The purple is much darker almost brown looking. They fit yes i would recommend.

So after my initial review i was sent a replacement which works. I had none of the initial issues with binding the unit to my phone and it syncs automatically. What i did notice which was a plus the step or pedometer function will not activate unless i am actually walking so the info is quite accurate.

Watch bands stay securely in place. Third set that i’ve purchased but these finally fit.

Got this for my daughter for her birthday. Its got all the functions of the (other big brand with the big prices), for way less money. No, there isn’t a charger, because it fits into any usb port to charge up. I would definitely buy this brand again. Probably will be buying a few more for the grandkids for christmas.

These replacement bands have worked perfectly for my lestcom tracker. Previously, i purchased other brands that did not stay connected to the tracker, but these have stayed on very well while still being easy to remove in order to charge the tracker. The price was right and they were delivered on time. I only wish this company would make more colors to choose from.

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