As a fitness tracker user for several years, this is the first time i have had one with color display. I do love the flexibility of charging, which means as long as you have a usb port (like laptops, phone charger. ), there is nothing you need to worry about. Not to mention this tracker can last for at least one week of normal use. I bought a letsfit tracker three months ago, it is comfortable, light-weighted and still working great but without heart rate and a large color screen. That’s the reason i gave this brand another try. Again the product impressed me and i will definitely recommend this tracker to others.

I wanted to get a fitbit but don’t want to spend a lot of money ( and some are not even waterproof that i need for swimming), i purchased this to give it a try due to the budget price, it does the same thing. Charged fast and the battery lasts long. Getting another for my daughter.

I like this fitness tracker, however it does have a couple faults, but i’m sure many fitness bracelets have the same issues:issue #1 if you regularly walk pushing a baby stroller, shopping cart, wheelchair, etc. Here’s how i know:day one i went grocery shopping with my family. I frequently, but not always, push the shopping cart. I registered over 2400 steps in the 2. Day two we went to a huge train collectors/hobbyist show. We walked for 6 hours with only one small break to eat, me pushing a baby stroller most of it, only swapping off with my husband a couple times. The tracker registered a little over 1800 steps. Day three we went to a local mall. A started out pushing the stroller. After it registered about 1500 steps, i tried walking about 200 feet while pushing the stroller, and looked at my steps again. It didn’t even register one step.

I purchased this watch for my sister-in-law. I had a hard time syncing it. I finally installed the app on my cell phone and after a 1/2 day i was able to sync it. I was a little frustrated about that. Also the view does not show in the sun. I tried changing resolution and could not do that. My sister-in-law is so happy with it. The only thing she wants to do is measure her steps and it does that perfectly. You can charge it using a regular electrical socket as long as you have the plug-in cord.

I purchased this watch to monitor my heart rates. It is multi functional for measuring my daily footsteps and also it synchronized easily with cell phone for accurate time and dates. It doesn’t need batteries, and charges through my cell phone charger. Overall i am very satisfied with this watch. It’s like my exercise partner.

I was looking for an affordable fitness tracker with a watchface option when i found this. I had a different tracker before and was allergic to something in the device or band, and had to find something different. I didn’t want to spend a lot if there was a chance i’d be allergic again. Thankfully i am not allergic to this one. I like that it tracks my steps steps and heart rate accurately, and the watch options. The app works fine recording the data from the tracker. I like that i can read my text messages on the tracker, as long as they are sms, it does not receive mms messages, and i can see who is calling without digging my phone out of a pocket or purse. The alarm set up is wonderful. It’s also nice that i only have to charge it once a week or so. The only major dislike i have is the sleep tracking, which is very inaccurate.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker Color Screen, IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker, Pedometer Watch Sleep Monitor Step Counter for Kids Women Men, Android iOS Smart Phones

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Premium Design with Color Screen: 0.96″ bright LCD color screen with weather forecast on display; IP68 waterproof allows wearing when swimming, showering and up to 3 meters diving; built-in USB plug enables easy charging, no cable needed
  • Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring: Wrist-based heart rate monitoring 24/7, helping you better understand your heart health and optimize your effort
  • All-Day Health Assistant: Tracks your steps, calories burned, miles covered and active minutes in the daytime and sleep quality at night; see your daily stats and progress on wrist
  • 14 Sports Monitoring & Connected GPS: Records exercise data of up to 14 sports such as running, hiking and riding more accurately; use your smartphone GPS to see real-time pace and distance
  • Caller ID Display & Message Push: Real-time call and message notifications with gentle vibration, helping you stay in contact with pressing work matters
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I have tried heart rate monitor fitness watches before and was extremely disappointed. Charges quickly, holds its charge for a long time. The watch fits snugly and makes the heart rate monitor function well. You can even input target heart rates. The paired phone ap is great and easily changes screen brightness and allows you to personalize. I’m very happy with this purchase.

I like the sleek, pretty design and multiple colors for this fitness tracker. The charging is a little weird since you have to pull off the bands, but it’s not problematic. I bought it for my mom who is getting older but is still trying to stay very healthy and active. Synching with my mom’s smartphone was very simple. Just scan the qr code and downloaded the app to set it up. All new technology can be intimidating but this is a very straightforward and quick to setup device. I highly recommend, especially for someone like my mom who is a little intimidated by technology.

When i bought it, i didn’t really think much. I just want something that can monitor my heart rate during workout. However i discovered that it has so many functions.I just have wear it every second.

Got one for my dad for father’s day. So glad this arrive on time. It’s good looking, well made.

I received this letsfit fitness tracker model id130plus color hr in green and charged it via the usb connection for 2 hours to ensure a full charge. It is now 6 days later & i still have 49% battery life left on this initial charge. Removing the wristband to get to the usb tab was a bit of a challenge in that it is a very secure connection. This is important to ensure the watch stays water resistent to approximately 1. The app veryfitpro is easy to navigate through once you pair it with your smartphone. There are different activities to synchronize your watch to & the display is clear & bright. It might be nice to have a feature to select how long the display lasts on the screen, but you can activate the screen easy enough to bring up the the display again. The heartrate function appears accurate. The watch has the capability to receive alerts for incoming calls, texts, email etc. Depending on which ones you’d like to be alerted to. There is a reminder alert that really comes in handy to give you motivation to get you up & moving. I’m still figuring out how to add different sporting activities to the settings & remove the one i will not be using. All in all it’s a great value for the money. Very comfortable to wear & looks stylish.

I’m very pleased with my purchase. Letsfit is everything it claims to be, love the compact design. Small with a thin band that works well for my wife’s small wrist. Easy to set up, this is my first exercise tracker of any kind. I purchased it for wife as a way to encourage her to exercise more and also to track her sleep. I didn’t want anything too bulky and also wanted something that could blend with the rest of professional wardrobe. The app is user friendly, a plus to this product. Nice and clear color display make it more enjoyable.

My friend bought one for her daughter and so i got one for my daughter. It tracks all of her movement and it’s cute and lightweight. Also, convenient to charge pretty much anywhere you have a usb. The color isn’t really true to photo so the coral is more like red but we still love it.

Charging in under 2 hours lasts for days. Great for walking ,biking ,jogging. Safe to use while swimming and general sports of all kinds bands fully adjustable from child to large adult.

This device is perfect to monitor my activity in fitness. Well, evenmy daily life too actually. I know how much i walked and how much calorie i burnt very easily. Also my heart rate monitor is helpful too. I love to wear this device every day. I feel like i have a personal trainer with me all the time and check if i am doing enough activity for my health with no pressure. I think this device is very good.

I sent it to abroad to my sister in nepal. It reached to nepal on saturday evening. She was very happy with the gift. Specially the color of the band. According to her she charged it to full and is using it since one day and the charge is still full. She is happy tracking the text messages and calls in the watch. The watch is water resistant and very comfy and light. The bluetooth connectivity is good. The user manual is very well worked so it was easy to set up. The app veryfitpro is very easy to use.

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I love all of the features this offers. It only takes an hour to fully charge the battery lasts about three days. In addition to tracking your steps you have the option to add three more activities. There is also an app for your phone that sincs to it. The app tracks and retains your stats for a year. My favorite feature is the sleep monitor. It allows me to not only see how long i sleep, but i can see how much deep sleep or light sleep i had overnight. It also lets me know if i woke up at all during the night. I highly recommend the letsfit tracker.  letsfit waterproof fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, color screen fitness watch, smart band with sleep monitor, step counter, pedometer watch for kids women and men.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker Color Screen, IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker, Pedometer Watch Sleep Monitor Step Counter for Kids Women Men, Android iOS Smart Phones : Is fairly accurate for steps. I don’t like that i have to make sure to sync it to my phone to upload info. I don’t use the workout features much, because i was somewhat annoyed with the syncing aspect that messed up sometimes. I would lose all info during syncing and would make the tracking pointless. At this point i really use the watch to monitor my steps overall during my day. This is a great beginner “smart” watch to begin with to see if you really want to take the plunge and spend the big bucks. In the end i’ve found this watch is the most i want to spend on a “smart” watch. For me it doesn’t really change my workout for the better or worse.

I bought my son and he really enjoyed this fitness tracker. This is lightweight and easy to use. I definitely buy this tracker one more for meupdate: my son love this tracker.

I purchased this for one of my aunts that are really health and fitness driven. With a history of heart failure, and other ailments, she finally starts to look at improving her health. She is not one of the most tech savvy individuals, so set-up was done completely by me. She loves the crystal clear display, and the options from heart rate monitor, to the pedometer, to different exercise modes. What makes it even better is the call notification option, so she doesn’t miss phone calls while working. Also with the wrist watch she doesn’t have to wear a watch just to keep up with time, without looking at her smartphone. She loves the battery time as well. Going around 3 to 4 days without needing to charge is a great advantage over others. Great value, and helps to keep up with your help even better. The option to set your daily steps goals are something to admire.

I really like this fitness tracker. I’m so glad i bought it not the more expensive version. Works great for tracking my sleep patterns running walking any exercise that i do. Very comfortable to wear and it doesn’t make my arm itch when i get sweaty. I can’t really honestly tell you the difference between this and the more expensive brand. Easy to set up an easy to charge.

I absolutely love this device. I use it more for a watch but love to track my sleep. I also like to try to beat my last days worth of steps making me walk more often. Easy to charge and also charges quickly to use again. I would like to purchase another one for my oldest son because i think he would enjoy it’s features as well. I highly recommend this if you are looking for something easy to use and not too expensive.

I bought this tracker for my son who wanted to track both his sleep pattern, steps, and exercise results. I really would have given this 3. 5 stars not 4 or 3 because of some good things and bad things with this device. Pros: fits good, light, easy to charge, great pricecons: could not sync with my son’s tablet (had to use my phone), hard to navigate the screen. Overall this device works and is a nice to have for someone who is wants to try out a fitness device, but does not want to spend a lot of money to see if it is for them. This device is definitely an entry level fitness device, but it is good for a beginner.

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This thing is absolutely great for the price. I was looking for a pedometer and came across tons of these watches. I certainly didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a fitbit, so i researched a ton of off brands and decided to try out this brand based on their good reviews. So far it’s been pretty awesome. My only complaints would be that the mobile app is a little strange and definitely not super accurate with tracking sleep. Also, the watch is supposed to light up when you tilt it towards you and although it worked when i first received mine, it no longer works. That’s really annoying because that was one of the features i really wanted and made sure was included in the watch i chose. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal for most users, but i have 2 kids and more often than not i don’t have an extra hand to tap my watch. Other than that, it’s been a pretty great purchase and i’ve recommended it to a bunch of people already.

I like the color screen and heart rate monitor. It’s really easy to charge and doesn’t require a special charger. However, i primarily needed this device for tracking my activity when swimming and doing water aerobics. It is great that i can wear it in the water, but it seems that the water hitting the screen keeps stopping the activity tracking. So it’s basically just a waterproof watch for swimming. If you don’t need to track water activities it’s a great alternative to the more expensive fitness trackers.

It’s impressive for the price. But now that i’ve been using it for a week, i’m finding issues:1) the battery lasts 2ish days without doing any exercises and with alarms and alerts off2) it charged just fine until the other day. The red light didn’t come on when i plugged it in. I checked on the watch the next day and it had 50% more charge than when i plugged it in, but it still wasn’t charged. It was plugged in for almost 24hrs. 3) i’ve never set alarms on the watch, but i suddenly have a 615a alarm. It goes off at 615a and a few times during the day. I check the app, but there are no alarms set up and i can’t remove the alarm from my watch. Wtf?4) i was happy about the watch and recommended my sister get one. She bought the gray one (which is blue.

Wanted to get something similar to the fitbit without the price tag and looks like i found it. So far it seems good from testing it out. Will update moreupdate: it isn’t the best watch for swimming. It is hard to track anything except the time as well as hard to navigate once the watch is wet. Sometimes it freezes as well but that settles pretty quickly after awhile. Still it is pretty good for the price.

This is not only a great fitness tracker but also nice watch. I dislike bigger watches and want a simple/lean watch. This is a perfect one for me. I bought this following my friend’s recommendation. I would recommend it to other friends as well.

I have been using the fitbit for about 2 months now. I love this thing, first of all it is accurate at a fraction of the cost. It helps me to moniter my activity and keep me moving, as i am a senior citizen, it would be much easier to just sit around and not be as active. But knowing that is not good for a person, this devise helps to give me a pep talk. Thank you for a great product.

I bought three of these in my nieces favorite colors. So far they have worn them though everything they do. Skate boarding, swimming, dancing, etc. They’ve hailed up so far my sister hasn’t told me anything about them breaking or going bad. My sister and my brother-in-law like that they can track them. The one thing that was a disappointment was they you had to have a social media account to receive messages on it. My sister wishes she could sent them a message to the when they are out with friends.

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