I bought this for my fiancé as an early christmas gift and he loves it. We weren’t expecting much, but are definitely impressed. He has been wanting a fitness tracker for awhile that gives heart rate and has sleep tracking, and this is perfect. It comes with an app to track heart rate, activity, sleep, etc. We love it and highly recommend it.

This is the color version of letfits tracker, the screen is bigger and brighter. Battery life is a bit longer than others, but the it does not last as 7 days as advertised ( only 5 days for frequently workout activities). Nice designed, the battery charging time is amazing, only 1 hour. Good connection with phone, good water resistance, you can wear it while bathing or swimming.

Two kids later and finally trying to get back in shape. This watch has been perfect to keep me motivated. It is nice to be able to track how much i am moving and exercising and push my self a little more each day. It was very easy to set up and very easy to use. I have had some watches in the past that i did not care for as they were hard to navigate and/or to simplistic in the functionality. The heart rate monitor and sedentary reminders are very cool. Working a desk job – i easily can let hours pass without getting up. The reminders help me to stay active and get up and move more often. Very impressed with the functionality of the watch but yet very easy to use.

I have bought other fitness watches and they have all failed within a year or less and this watch had great reviews plus it is so similar a fitbit minus the price tag. The watch is a perfect size and fits great overall plus it is very user friendly and took minutes to setup with the app, plus the instructions are very clear for the user. Overall i’m very impressed with the battery life and can go two weeks before having to charge it. As for the app i can’t complain either plus the watch doesn’t kill your battery while connected either, as a stand alone watch or smart watch it is great and would recommend it to anyone wanting a budget friendly fitness watch.

I recently joined weight watchers freestyle and needed an accurate way to track steps as i do not carry my phone with me at all times. I am a woman who is partial to dresses so no pockets and not very professional looking to shove the ole cell in the bra. This fitness tracker works just as advertised, easy to sync and i love that when i do dedicated evening walks i just click on the walk option so it tracks distance, kcals and average heart rate so i can assess the various trail options for optimal caloric burn. The sleep tracker is so interesting and was nice to discover which sleeping position affords me the best deep sleep. Battery lasts quite a long time. I turned off the automatic screen light up with wrist turn. I just push button when want to light up the face so this may be why is lasts so long. I am allergic to running so i can’t speak to the accuracy or benefits of that option but i am just really pleased that it is easy to use, appears accurate and wears well at a fraction of the price of other big name companies version of fitness trackers.

I’ve owned more expensive fitness trackers/watches and this one has been my favorite so far. Don’t let the cheaper price fool ya, it has all the bells and whistles and then some. Some of my favorite features are: alarm functions, heart rate monitor, easy go-to specific activity trackers, waterproof, and phone notifications. It does have to be charged about once a week but it charges quickly. Also, it plugs directly into an usb port so no need to carry extra cords. The device is the band itself so no need to worry about it popping out of the band and losing it.

Keeps accurate step counter2. Lost 5 lbs in a week making sure i go over 10,000 steps.

This little device has been accurate and the app that you download for it is very good i think it beats the polar flow which i’ve had for years and the price is incredible. The battery lasts and you don’t have to plug the device into the computer except every 4 or 5 days and you don’t have to deal with a separate app on the computer you just pull it up on your phone and look at all your information very convenient and nice look to it. My favorite thing is that you don’t have to wear a strap heart rate monitor any more yay.

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It charges quickly and lasts a very long time (it’s been almost a week and hasn’t run out of battery yet). Clock, stopwatch, heartrate monitor. All these things work as they should. Had it on for both sleeping and working out without any issues. It was comfortable and and didn’t loosen up or slip at all. Also, i got the neon green accent and it definitely looks cool to have that contrast.

I can track so much with this-i have been tracking my steps and i now know i am not walking as much as i thoughtso i have been parking further away to get more steps ingreat item and a great price.

I’ve been looking for something like this to keep track of my health since i work from home and have not been keeping up with exercises. This fitness tracker has the features i needed with the price i can afford. It fits nicely on my wrist and looking stylish. The whole item is sealed and waterproof so i do not have to worry about it getting wet.

Pros:works while swimmingnotifies of messages and calls and can set alarmssuper long battery life (5-7 days in my case)love the way it charges. No need to keep track of a cord. Very convenientpedometer can be set for your step length to be more accurate on mileage travellednot hideously expensivecons:screen is very fragile for something worn in a high risk location like a wrist. Mine scratched in the first couple days. Heart rate detection is absolute garbage. According to this watch, i had a higher heart rate watching tv on the couch with my husband than i did while on the elliptical at the gym. Because i cant trust the heart rate detection, it also calls into question the sleep tracking. The heart rate monitor on the back of the watch will leave an indentation on your wrist if laid on or worn to tight. Overall, i really like this watch.

 i wish they made the actual smart piece a little more rounded. This took me a few days of wearing to get used to the feel. Since i have tiny wrists there was a little bit of a gap even though i have it clasped on the 3rd hole. My favorite feature of this is definitely the sleep tracking and the heart rate monitor. If you go into the app you can see when exactly you were in a deep, light, or waking sleep. The pedometer was accurate and the device stayed put throughout several activities which included basketball, jogging, walking, and. What’s nice is it charges really fast and will vibrate loudly and have a green indicator light so you know it’s finished. My very first charge lasted 6 daysthe first few times i took off the band i was scared to break it. Now i just kind of yank it downwards without thinking twice about it. Here are the specifications for the Letsfit Fitness Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Intelligent Fitness Tracker: This fitness tracker records your all-day activity including your steps, calories, miles covered and active time, helping you understand your activity and make changes that mater
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor: Monitors your heart rate automatically and continuously to help you do exercise scientifically; tracks your sleep status so that you can adjust your routine for a better sleep
  • 14 Sports Tracking: Tracks your sports data in up to 14 sports such as running, riding, hiking, basketball and more; you can also see pace & distance during runs or rides by connecting to your phone’s GPS
  • Call and Message Reminder: Receive call and message notifications of your phone on the tracker; you can hang up calls using the tracker and view message contents on the tracker screen without reaching for your phone
  • What’s More: IP68 waterproof allows showering, swimming and up to 3 meters diving; clear color screen with brightness adjustment; up to 7 days use with one full charge; built-in USB plug enables cordless charging
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I was interested in this fitness tracker because of its size. I was not interested in large screens or fat bands. I have tiny wrists and some of the competitors are too big and bulky or not comfortable at all. I’ve tried some of the “popular” fitness bands and some are so heavy the screen rolls over. I would have had to wear that too tight. This has a nice, comfortable fit. The screen is just right, and it tracks everything i need – for a much more budget friendly price tag. I recommend this if you are looking for simple to use, non-invasive, and budget-friendly tech for your tracking.

I’ve never owned a fitness tracker, so this isn’t a comparison to my experience with anything else. I really wanted to like this tracker. I even got one for my husband with hopes i would like it. It has good reviews, except the ones that aren’t. Which i didn’t want to take as word bc there are so few. That being said, this company offers products to people for free as long as they leave a review. Called “seed” reviewers, or something of the sort. Planting a seed,watching it grow. I think the lower star reviews are probably more honest.

Great watch for fitness and checking your messages or phone calls when your not near your phone i would recommend it over the fitbit.

After reading many reviews on numerous products i decided on this tracker after my vivismart hr broke. Replacing the vivosmart was expensive so i sought an alternative as i only needed steps and heart rate. This cheaper alternate proves you get what you pay for – inaccuracy. Overnight while sleeping i ‘walked’ 612 steps.When i tested it by walking 150 continuous steps it indicated 238 steps. If i am working on paperwork, each time i process a report, and turn my wrist to flip the paper, it counts it as a step. If you’re looking for accuracy, or close to accurate, this is not the tracker to buy. The one pro is it was nice to have a usb charger for the tracker, much nicer than the specialty chargers other trackers require. Update 1-16-2019 increasing rating to 3 stars from 2. Because this company did finally reach out to me and offered to send a new fitness tracker free. They do sincerely seem to want to make customers happy and that earns a star from me. Upon receipt i tested that, and a garmin hr tracker on the same arm at the same time. After walking 150 actual steps the letsfit was off 30%, the garmin was off 20%. I’ve talked to others who wear a variety of trackers and they all report the same type of issues.

This thing is nicer quality in terms of looks than my wife’s fitbit charge 2 (or whatever model it is. )the battery life is more than exceptional. It works great for step tracking, which thankfully is my primary purpose for it (which leads me to the docked star issue. )unfortunately, when working out under normal condition the heart rate tracking is extremely poor. It was tracking a rate of around 80bpm while the machine i was using was reading over 170. I was told by the company that this is typical and that i have to set it to exercise mode each time i want to track my heart rate during a workout. This seems very counter intuitive and i don’t feel like doing extra buttons every time i work out. So i keep it on my shoe now when i work out.

My son has been wanting a fitness tracker that provided notifications from his phone, and so i gave this one a shot. Prior to giving it to him, i was curious about how it compared with the results i got from my samsung galaxy watch, and would say its within about 5% margin for the pedometer and heart beat. I’ve always have been hesitant to know which devices to trust when it comes to these things, so i view it as something that works and if i didn’t have my smartwatch wouldn’t be adverse to using this one. The other piece that is nice, is that it does show basic notifications from the phone, which keeps my son aware when we try to reach him, so all in all a good purchase, would recommend it.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works great for a fraction of the price
  • Keeps you motivated!
  • Stylish and has features I needed at the price I can afford

My husband has heart issues and i wanted something for him to be able to track his heart rate. He refuses to pay the expensive price for the big brands. I saw this and so far i am pleased with the product. Easy to indersrand manual charges great (arrived fully charged). Although i have not linked it to my phone yet to check out those features, i am surprisingly pleased. The only negative is that the band is very stiff.

With all the new gizmos and gadgets out, i was just scrolling for something simple that would just track the basics. This was a perfect choice as it tracks your steps, heart rate and sleep. You have the added options of tracking your walking or running separately, but you’ll probably keep using whatever workout tracking app you have currently. I actually have this linked to my apple health and strava. It was exactly what i was looking for until i take the plunge into the apple watch. Which hopefully i can put off as long as possible.

This is my first fitness tracker and so far i love it. It plugs directly into a usb port to charge. I do lots of walking, so the walking option will probably be the most used, but there is also a running, cycling, and heart rate tracker. Considering getting a few more for holiday gifts.

First of all, being an older sleep deprived, tech challenged broad, i thought i was missing the charging station or cord. It didn’t come with either. To me it didn’t look like it would fit in my iphone adapter. Then i had trouble getting it to pair with the ap. More help from customer service to explain. I wouldn’t have needed that either had i downloaded the correct ap. Once i did that it was so easy and immediate. I’ve read some reviews on how an ad pops up every time you hit a button. I too had that problem but only because i had the wrong ap.

Perfect fit for my wrist and works well with the app. Love how it tracks everything especially the steps. Will be helping me get back in shape so i will definitely keep this in mind when i’ll be buying more fitness watch for family members.

I love this fitness tracker with hr. Firstly, it could be charged with usb port, without any cable, i can insert on my computer. Secondly, this tracker has hr monitor and run, bike and walk monitor functions, you just touch and slide the monitor surface, screen will be switched between thouse functions, easy and convenience. Thirdly, the battery is so powerful that i used for 4 days and now 80% power left.

This device works great comparable to my other fitness tracker, it works the same if not better. It is comfortable to wear and easy to use with my mobile device.

Wanted a heart rate monitor/tracker for when i use my treadmill. I notice it had good reviews so i bought one. I didn’t read much about the watch, after i got it i was blown away at what all it could do. I downloaded the ap and now i get text messages from my phone to my wrist. Apparently i can take photos with it via my phone too. I used the alarm that i didn’t know it had, and the alarm works better at waking me than my phone, tracks my sleep, my footsteps and most of all my heart rate. Really impressive watch and the ap is simple and not clunky. What a deal and a pleasant surprise.The only negative i could give is the frame is not flexible (understandably) and will hit my wrist bone, so sleeping with it has been a bit of a challenge to get used to.

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