Worked ok but a few things where not in english with no way to change. Maybe worth $311/12/2018 update: seller replaced fitness watch at no cost and this one seems to be working perfectly. So far it has been about 1 week of testing and my wife is much happier with this replacement. If you purchase this watch and have issues with it, contact the seller at [email protected] Com and they will work with you to make it right. If i find issues with this watch in the near future, i will update this review once again.

Bought this for my mother-in-law to keep track of her heart rate walking she loves to walk, seemed like a good device functions work well but within one day the band broke i had ordered a second one for my son because he wanted to know how come grandma got one but he didn’t im watching to see if his is also defective its been day 2 since he has it on. I hope the first one was just a bad band.

Got this to help get me a bit healthier by tracking my heart rate and steps. Fitbit is a bit too expensive, so this was a good option in its place for now. It’s pretty cool to be able to track all these things like heart rate, steps, and sleeping habits. The only things that are really kind of annoying are that the pedometer doesn’t really kick in right away nor is it super accurate and the battery life doesn’t last too long. I think i can get about almost 2 full days on a full charge. Now, i’m not sure if i’m doing something to drain it so much or i just got one of the wonky devices or if this is just normal but it’d be really cool if i could get a day or two more on the charge. With that being said, charging it up is easy and doesn’t take long to get it at full charge. So, it’s not too much of a problem, just a minor annoyance.

***update***i figured out why it was only having a charge for about 2 days on average. It was the heart rate monitor. I turned that off and he hasn’t needed to charge it now for almost a week. I got this for my 9 year old. It says in the title that it’s waterproof, but it’s actually water resistant. That’s ok because my kiddo can pull it up pretty far to wash his hands. He wanted one that was just like mine, but i wasn’t willing to spend $100+ on one that could likely get lost or ruined. The app isn’t that user friendly. I mean it’s ok, but i wish that it would give you more details about the day than it does. The charge so far has lasted only 2-3 days, when it claimed to be longer.

Finally able to check on my health better. Ehlers danlos is my life and this will help me document what my heart and blood pressure do daily. I️ need to help my drs help me. The bands pop off and the device plugs into any usb port .I️ used my iphones charger block and downloaded the app off of appstore.

I bought this one fr my daughther (of course it’s pink 😊). She is 11 yo, and active and loves to bike. She is very happy with this fitness track. She set up everything by herself, it’s easy. Its been 2 weeks she wore this fitness track, and i didn’t see any complain from her. And i like this fitness track because it’s slim and fir for my daughter.

  • Small and get the job done
  • Comparable to the FitBit Alta HR
  • What a gem! Letsfit Fitness Tracker

Low budget highly effective- step counter- calorie counting- most importantly will ask you to be active if you have been idle for a while. Why pay 300-400 usd for watch that can give you the results for under 30 bucks.

This is easy to set up and use. After charging it (simple to do; it plugs writing into a usb charger), i downloaded the app and had it set up in about 5 minutes. The app is easy to use, as is the fitness tracker itself. I like that the band is thin and not bulky, so it doesn’t look overly huge on my wrist. When compared with the step tracker on my phone, this seems pretty accurate. I’m really looking forward to using this to keep track of how many steps i’m getting in each day to reach my goal of at least 10k steps each day. This fitness tracker syncs with other apps on my phone, but the only drawback i can see over using a more popular fitness tracker is that this one doesn’t appear to have a ‘friends’ or social feature, which is fine with me, as i wasn’t using that feature of my former fitness tracker anyway.

I bought two of these for my kids since they wanted a tracker but i didn’t want to spend $100+ due to their age. So far they are working fine. They charged up pretty fast and after 3 days usage still had 80% or more battery, which is better than my fitbit. At first i was concerned about it not counting steps, but then read the instructions 🙂 the manual clearly states that it will not start counting steps until 10 or more steps are taken so it doesn’t erroneously count arm movement. This is most likely why some people are getting such a difference from their fitbit. Their true number of steps is probably in the middle somewhere. There are times i rack up 100 steps on my fitbit just typing on my computer, so the 10 step rule isn’t terrible. I like that it charges on any usb, but i am a bit concerned that the band will eventually wear out from taking it off for charging and not stay on. One draw back is i can’t figure out how to link them both to my phone.

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I got this for my daughter to track her steps this summer in exchange for screen time. I like that a separate charging cable isn’t needed. The battery lasts quite a while, but when it does get low she can plug it into the charger in the car, a laptop, wall plug, the usb port built into the sofa. Pretty much anywhere & there isn’t a special charger to worry about loosing.

I have been looking to buy a fitness tracker for a long time. I’ve tried the wii u fit meter and that was quickly a frustrating attachment to my front pants pocket. Constantly getting in the way and then eventually getting lost. I’ve priced out some of the more popular options and my eyes bled at the cost. I tried a really cheap pedometer from walmart and it didn’t seem to count my steps even if i deliberty stomped. Someone told me about this one and i thought it was worth a shot. Very inexpensive, i didn’t get my hopes up. It doesn’t keep track of sleep as well as it could.

Features of Letsfit Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Slim Activity Tracker Watch, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Waterproof Smart Band Kids Women Men

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    by entering your model number.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitors your heart rate all day with graph in the app, allowing you to better understand your rest heart rate and heart rate while working out
  • Quantification of Movements: Records your steps, calories burned, miles walked, active minutes and more
  • Sleep Tracking: Tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake sleep so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of your sleep quality
  • Intelligent Reminder: Vibrates to notify you of incoming calls and messages; reminds you to move after periods of inactivity and important dates, helping you stay connected
  • Build-in USB Charging: Gently pull bands off the tracker host and insert the built-in USB plug into a USB port for charging; 1-2 hours’ charging allows up to 5 days’ use❤Requires iOS 7.1 & later or Android 4.4 & later, BT4.0 & later

From the manufacturer


Highlight Features




Activity Tracking All Day:

Get a more accurate view of your performance and all-day steps, calories burned, miles covered with continuous heart rate monitoring.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

Monitors your heart rate during exercise and resting heart rate for a holistic picture of your heart health.

Auto Sleep Tracking:

The tracker tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake sleep. Get the most out of your nights with sophisticated sleep tracking.

Essential Features




Call and Message Notifications:

Receive full suite of smart notifications, which include email, call, text, social media alerts and more, all from your wrist.

Waterproof Design:

Never worry about damaging the tracker when you wear it running in heavy rains, washing hands and sweating. Do not wear it when showering or swimming.

Cordless Charging:

The tracker comes with a built-in USB plug and no USB charging cable is needed when you charge the tracker. One full charge enables up to 7 days’ use.

131C PK 115UHR PL 130HR BK 115Plus Color HR 115PLusHR 130Cpl
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Heart Rate Monitoring
24H Activity Tracking
Connected GPS
Sleep Tracking
Call & Message Notifications
Alarm Alert
Reminders to Move
Multi-Sport Tracking
Waterproof Rate IP68 IP67 IP67 IP68 IP67 IP68
Color Options 4 Colors 5 Colors 5 Colors 3 Colors 6 Colors 6 Colors

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I’ve had a fitbit alta hr for a couple years now and i swear by it, i cannot and will not leave the house without it. Unfortunately, after two years it finally gave up. Since the holidays are coming up, money is pretty tight so i figured i’d give this a try. It’s very similar, has a lot of the same features. I feel like the battery life is actually even better (for reference the charge on my alta hr would last about 4 days. I’ve gone 5 or 6 days without charging this). I got the navy blue band because i know myself and i get everything dirty lol, but i wish there were options to replace the bands. I’m not sure how long this watch will last, but for the time being it’s a good placeholder.

 not sure if it is just me or not but the display is sideway which is kinda hard to look but then i figured it out through the app. Beside that, everything else performs great and the charging is fast. The wrist sensor sometimes work but sometimes doesn’t.

You download the veryfitpro app on your phone, turn the bluetooth on and connect the watch to your phone. It shows the heartbeats, you can set it for when you start working out, counts the steps you make, calories burned, how many miles you walked and the time consumed for it. It the app it shows also how many hours you sleeppretty good for the price. Not worth to pay high dollar for a fitbit.

I wasn’t expecting as much as you get for the price. It does everything the much more expensive fitness trackers do. It has given me a new awareness of my activity and sleep. I have begun making changes to get more activity and sleep better. I was shocked when i learned how little deep sleep i was getting. Prosinexpensivecomfortable band and fits easily on my big wristlove the display which i can customize using the app – so i can see and track time for other activities like dancing and working with weightsbest of all – i can sync it to my smartphone so i know when i have a call coming in or a new text message. This is great for me because i never have the ringer up on my cell phone, especially when i’m working. My tracker lets me know i have a call coming in and who it’s from with a slight vibration. Love, love itconi usually have to charge it more than once a week.

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Had trouble getting it to charge the second time, but then it decided to cooperate – after i had put in for a replacement. Then the original device seemed to have trouble finding my phone, which was, honestly, second only to tracking my insomnia in importance. But it does actually work – within 16 ft (5m) and only if you have a direct line of sight. Nothing, repeat, nothing, can get in the way, then it will usually work. So run around the house pressing the find button, watch the tiny lights light up one at a time. If it goes dark after 1 or 2 lights, keep moving. If you have 3, you are close, 4 you are closer (probably within +/-15 feet) , if you have a direct line of sight it should ring the phone on the first little light. Forget it if you left it in the car and it fell between the seats or if it is in your purse or backpack. I have not found a way to turn off the ring when i find my phone. Sleep is not fully accurate.

This works reasonably well, now that i’ve learned the secret to getting it to ‘bind’ to my phone: don’t pair it to bluetooth first. I got it to bind right away, but then couldn’t connect it again. I had already filed a claim to return it when i read through reviews of the veryfitpro app, and someone mentioned the bluetooth issue. It seems to do a good job on reading my heart rate, too. I do have some issues with it, however. The sleep tracking is absolutely wonky. It tells me i’ve averaged 1-3 hours of sleep per night. I have narcolepsy, and it’s more like 10 hours. Also, when i put in all my different alarms, i hit the back button and it lost them all.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitors your heart rate all day with graph in the app, allowing you to better understand your rest heart rate and heart rate while working out

I purchased this for my wife and she absolutely loves it. It has been like a week since we got it and fully charged it. And it’s still got battery life so far were blown away by this fitness trackers battery life. It charged pretty quick too. It is very light weight and silk u almost forget that you are wearing it. It tracks your steps accurately and syncs to your phone. The phone app could use some work but just in layout. It connects to your watch tells you how many steps u took how well you slept and your heart rate. We couldn’t ask for a better fitness tracker.

Im pretty happy with this one. I had to buy another activity tracker because the last two i bought, my kids have managed to take them from me. This one is an upgrade though. It has a heart rate monitor that the others did not so thats a bonus. This one also allows to to say what type of activity you are doing yo accurately measure productivty. This is helpful because i bike and it doesnt show an accurate movement count when im on the bike. Just the right amount of girly.

I did not believe how many steps this tracker claimed i was getting in while i worked so i checked and triple checked. Every time i check the step counter, the meter is 100% accurate. I can’t always get the ‘sleep screen’ to activate but its very convenient anyway. By now, my watches have all become rusted or dysfunctional due to how often i wash my hands so i am super happy this one is still going strong.Its very convenient to charge through the wristband and the charge lasts me a long time (about two weeks). Only con so far is that i could not get this device to work with the app on my iphone 5c (it connected but won’t upload information). Since this was not a selling point for me, i am happy to give this product five stars.

I bought this tracker for my wife, who wanted to have one with watch and slim design. After going through trackers in amazon, i decided to buy this one. It costs fairly reasonable price compared to so called big name brand with the same functionality. What my wife loved is the design and simple operation. Tracker and heart rate info seems accurate and way of charging is easy enough and quick to full charge. I recommend this to whoever wants simple and basic functional trackers.

What i like: i’ve had mine for a week now, it seems to count steps fairly accurately (it’s not counting wrist movement or anything like that) i love how light weight it is. I’ve been hesitant to buy a tracker because i hate wearing bracelets, but i hardly notice this at all. The battery lasts about 3-4 days between charges, but i don’t have it synced to my phone all the time. I usually sync at night because it will also drain the battery on my phone. I like the alarm feature, and the custom activity reminder. I work a desk job so its nice to be reminded to get up and move every so often. I have not used the call features, since i don’t have it on blue tooth often. What i don’t like: the keeper did break by the 6th day, so i’m using a hair tie to hold the excess strap down. There is a little wear on the band around the edges that attach to the actual tracker. But you’d have to look pretty closely to see.

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I was looking for something that would tell time and count steps while at work. Not enormous on my wrist and not hard to install the app or understand anything at all. I’m not a gadget person and like the simplicity of this item. It has the option to set the screen to horizontal or vertical display. It vibrates when you get a text message and will display the first few words of the message before the screen turns off. I wanted a fitness watch that would tell me when i get a message and let me view it as well. There is no option for sending messages from the watch, mind you. All in all, i’m satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this product.

Quantification of Movements: Records your steps, calories burned, miles walked, active minutes and more

Update: 8/15/2018the more i use this, the more i like it. The accuracy is on par with the 130hr. For the past week, it tracked the same sleep time as the other tracker. The step is a little bit off between 5% – 10% lower, but i found that motivate me more to be more active and walk an extra mile or so. Some might not agree with me. I my chase, this is now my daily tracker. —————————————————————————————————i am currently using 130uhr color and was looking for a smaller form factor. After trying the tracker for couple days, i have to say that it is a very nice once. Here are what i like and dislike about this fitness band:like:- it is smaller and less noticeable. – watch style band and the loop has a stopper prevent the loop sliding forth and back- sharp display.

I was looking for a replacement for my ua band which i was very attached to. Yes it’s very basic and different from the beloved fitbit but i loved it so i was very sad when after 2 years of enduring my hard love, it finally crapped out. A friend suggested the fitbit so i begrudgingly looked into those but couldn’t find one that had everything i needed and as little of what i didn’t need as possible. I found this one and almost passed it up (i mean how good could such an affordable watch be??) but its purple.And i could always send it back if i didn’t like it so i ordered it. First thing i noticed was the color. I soon realized ‘they didn’t send me the charger’. There was not even a cable let alone the charger. But then i figured out that it doesn’t come with a charger.

My mom did not want an expensive fitness tracker and this was a great option. It tracks her steps, calories burned, sleep habigs and best of all its water resistant. Sometimes she forget to take off her watch when going swimming so this works out for her.

This is my first fit-watch and i really loved it. The band is so pretty and doesn’t feel cheap or hard, and can be changed in to other colors. Definitely worths every penny.

I bought this for my 9 year old daughter. It worked great while it worked but it broke after 45 days, just outside the return window. The design to charge it is bad, you have to pull the watch band off of the head and there is a charging port. Doesn’t last long until the other side pops off and the wires bend. Spend the few extra bucks and buy a base model fitbit. Update:the company contacted me and offered a free replacement or a full refund as they have a 12 month warranty on their products. The customer service was prompt and friendly. I chose a refund bc i had already ordered a different tracker. I appreciate them reaching out to me and standing behind their product. They asked me to remove my review which i will not do but i’m happy to update to keep it honest and fair.

This is my third tracker after two mio (fuse & alpha 2). So, i’m not too newbie :)the functionality of it either the same or even better with one exception: you can really swim/dive with alpha 2. So, if you just take a shower, you don’t need it. The price is many times bellow alpha 2 and half of fuse. The app is really good and works i think better/faster than mio. The size is just perfect – i barely feel it, it’s like not thereso, if you don’t need to dazzle everyone with your expensive gadget, but instead you are concentrated on your health and need an accurate monitoring unit, get letsfit and enjoy it.

Sleep Tracking: Tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake sleep so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of your sleep quality

Intelligent Reminder: Vibrates to notify you of incoming calls and messages; reminds you to move after periods of inactivity and important dates, helping you stay connected

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