Com so they got in touch with me. Another round to try and get blue tooth to work. . I’m updating to 4 stars, tech support is working on the lifestone bluetooth problem. . Sasha/lifestone aftersales support person has been very responsive smile. After tech support ‘worked on the problem’ i was able to connect to the device with my old samsung note 3 cell phone. I just tried to connect to my huawei p20 pro and it worked as well. Smile thanks sashai do want this lifestone device to work smile. Great idea (i think) i hope it works at a 5 star level smile, i do not know enough about vital sign testing to be able to review this lifestone device’s functionality. In fact i am looking forward to reading reviews from people in the health care field, doctors and nurses, smile. The app is clean and seems to be very good. Smile after the shaky start with the blue tooth problem this might have been a good purchase smile.

I’m going to start with what i didn’t like. I feel that the company may have been going for a 7 in 1 device and stopped along the way. Next to the power port, there is a slot with a symbol representing what i assume to be a blood drop with the letter g inside of it. My thinking behind this is the 7th feature was to be a blood glucose monitor. If this use is added in a future update i’ll give the product 10 stars, however without this feature, no mention of why the slot or symbol is on the device and it being included, i feel the product is unfinished. They should of removed it completely, or offered an explanation as to its purpose/ future purpose. Aside from that i think the product is really cool. I like having the function of many devices in one. I did not have any problems setting up the device with my smartphone as others have described. While i did not have another blood pressure machine to compare the results, the reading it provided fell within my norm.

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Too big to fit on my skinny daughters arm. App worked well and all other functions seemed accurate. Support was great and tried to help me trouble shoot.

The lifestone 6 in 1 fitness tracker is an excellent device that i use to check my vital signs almost daily. It works as advertised and i have not had any issues getting accurate results when i compare it to manual vital sign checks.

This product works well and is very compact and convenient for all it does. I tested it against other heart rate and blood pressure devices i have and it was right on target.

So i have been both ems professional 30and now a patient who suffers from guilliaun bare’ syndrome ci.

lifestone 6 in 1 Fitness Tracker with Home ECG EKG Monitor Blood Pressure Arm Cuff SpO2 Heart Rate Infrared Forehead Thermometer Respiration Rate Portable

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A gadget with 6 functions: EKG/ECG monitor, mini sized upper arm blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen saturation monitor, heart rate monitor, body temperature monitor, and respiration rate monitor.
  • Easy to use & read. App is totally free. Compatible with most Android & iOS smartphones. Multi-user mode available. You can keep track of your own health and your family members’, and share the health data with your doctor in lifestone app. Exported or printed data not supported.
  • The advantage of lifestone infrared forehead thermometer: no contact and healthy, convenient for children. Great Christmas gift idea for your loved ones who have health issues or it could simply be part of your general home health care with multifunctions.
  • Warranty: 2 years. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and detachable upper arm cuff (random color) included. Please NOTE that the measurable upper arm perimeter size is 8.75″-13.75″ (22-35cm). It may not work for too skinny people or small children.
  • Any problems in using lifestone, please refer to the support on manual cover. NOTE about Bluetooth: Just turn on Bluetooth. No need to enter Bluetooth PIN number. More problem shooting and notes, please refer to our product decription page.
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I proceeded to get this for my father, because he wanted to have an ekg monitor, but this one does so much more, and does not have a monthly fee to access the information, like a popular one out there. I was glad with the fact that it did so much more than just a few small tasks, and it was simple for him to set up (even with a few phone calls with me). The only issue he ran into is the cuff for blood pressure monitoring, he doesn’t have large arms, but he still finds it tight, so maybe that could have been an option. So far though, it seems to be working far beyond to his expectations.

lifestone 6 in 1 Fitness Tracker with Home ECG EKG Monitor Blood Pressure Arm Cuff SpO2 Heart Rate Infrared Forehead Thermometer Respiration Rate Portable :