Works as described and can’t beat the price. Enclosed instructions awful but i knew that going in because of other reviews. Look up instructions for use under one of these reviews. Spot on and fixed everything. It does take a very long time to arrive so order well before you need it (i mean like a few weeks). Item will show as shipped almost immediately but will arrive weeks later so be patient.

Works just fine, and yes the instructions are in chinenglish and a little hard to understand, so here’s how to do everything: – to change the time, click mode until the seconds are flashing. Split moves on to hours, days, month, and finally day of the week (which doesn’t quite line up with the graphic on the face, but who cares?), with the start button adjusting each item as necessary. – to change the alarm, click mode until the hours are flashing. Once again, start sets the hours, split moves on to minutes. – to turn on/off the alarm, click mode until you’re on the normal clock (not the setting time or alarm modes). Press and hold split, then press start. It will beep to acknowledge the change, and a little icon appears/disappears in the upper right to indicate if it’s on or off.

Functioned simply, display was large, and button position made these easy to operate.

It was great for it’s intended use until i lost it. Did not replace though, going to buy a shot timer instead.

Needs a on/off switch to save battery.

It was so cheap, it’s no wonder it comes in a cheap little box and looks, well. It took forever to arrive by mail. It looks like it came directly from china. I’m pretty sure i mis-read the shipping description and it came a month later than expected. But that’s what you get when you spend only a few bucks. I can’t give it five stars but i feel like every thing else about should have been expected.

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LuckyStone Digital Professional Handheld LCD Chronograph Water Resistant Stop Watch Sports Stopwatch Timer with Alarm Feature for Sports Coaches Fitness Coaches and Referees

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Displays date, time, alarm and calendar
  • Double count timer mode for multiple times
  • High quality stop-watch measures your time down to the millisecond
  • Color: Black
  • Comes with adjustable wrist strap for self timing while running

This simple to use stop watch is used 5 days a week and has made it through downpours unscathed.

Although i have used it only a few times, it seems to do the jobonly downside is the instruction manual is printed on the box which is only 3 1/4 by 2 1/4′. Very hard to see and should be printed on a larger font. Shipping was quite slow from china. It is sold with a large variation of prices. Look for the best and go for it.

I was disappointed it wouldn’t allow me to time multiple athletes at once like the description implies, but it worked well otherwise.

I’m not disappointed, you get what you pay for. For under four bucks you’re just not going to get a rolex chronometer. This is cheap, this is plastic, this is made in made in china, but it works. The screws holding the case together are really tiny, so i’m not sure if the battery can be replaced. Then again, why bother with battery, for the price it’s a throw away.

Worked, easy to use and convenient. Only issue was that one quit working 3 days into having it. Needed them to time/judge a fitness competition. To be fair though, they were exposed to texas heat. That’ll cook about anything.

Had to buy these as some of our production workers like taking longer breaks than they are allowed. The stop watches allow us to accurately monitor breaks.

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I was really really skeptical, that as cheap as these are, they would work well, or for long. Use them every day at work, dozen or two times a day, and not problems. It seems they must of been ‘ cold ‘ ??. As when i got them initially they didnt seem towant to work, the face numbers were all screwy. I left them in my office ( it was quite warm when the a/c was off ) and voila, i checkedboth of them a day or so later, and now they work. And have worked every day since. So had to be sensitive to temperature extremes. Easily one of the best buys on here.

This product works, but it is so poorly made. When holding it, it feels so light and flimsy. I probably would have not purchased this knowing how cheap it was made. I still have not figured out how to turn it off but it’s still going.

The only reason i gave this three stars is because it does work well in stopwatch mode, which is what i bought it for. Unfortunately, it has several other modes which are impossible to use, unless you want to spend a long time figuring them out on your own. The instructions were clearly written by someone for whom english is a secondary language, and were pretty much incomprehensible. I had to open up the back and disable the speaker to stop the alarm from going off every day, as the provided ‘instructions’ could not even adequately explain how to turn off the alarm mode.

Use this for timing new police recruits on the driving track. Perfect fit, not too big or small. Has everything needed for the time and recording times. Couldn’t believe the price – will be buying more for next years class.

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I expected a simpler timer device, but this one is a little bit complex. One has to refer to a manual to set the timer and there is no manual except some instructions at the back of the package. If anyone has used a digital watch, the instructions are similar. I wanted a timer, where i can set the time and then the device tells me when the time is up. But this one does not have that feature. But for the price, i am sure i can find some use of it.

LuckyStone Digital Professional Handheld LCD Chronograph Water Resistant Stop Watch Sports Stopwatch Timer with Alarm Feature for Sports Coaches Fitness Coaches and Referees : Consistent with others so 3 stars since i was warned, there is an alarm that goes off and is difficult to figure out how to turn off. About the time i think i have it figured out, it goes off again. Works as outlined but the alarm feature is not needed.

I used this everyday in the pool to track my time swimming. It took the job to task and did awesomely.

The instructions for setting and using the various functions are pretty much worthless. Took me 20 minutes of messing with the 3 buttons to finally get the time set. But, now my wife can use it to time her runs. Well worth the inexpensive price.

It is really hard to find in stores – even big box stores. I needed at least two of these stop watches and as they will be used in all types of weather, they had to be made sturdy. Got what i wanted at a good price and delivered to my door.

Gift for 8 yr old who loves to run. He times how fast he walks the dog, rides around the block, races his friends. Simple, inexpensive, well made gift for the pro or lil pro.

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