The lukawit fitness tracker gps running watch is a pretty good fitness watch with a ton of features that are typically only found in more expensive watches. It’s typically pretty accurate with my steps and heart rate, and it actually seems to do a better job tracking my sleep than my fitbit flex 2 has been. The different exercise modes are a nice addition if you have a regimented exercise program in place, although i haven’t used them very much. Battery life is good and it charges quickly. The screen quality is pretty good and notifications are easy to read unless i’m in direct sunlight. Build quality initially seemed a bit on the cheap side, but after a couple of months of almost constant use, it’s still looking good and doesn’t smell like a sweaty shoe yet. The only real weak point is the app, which doesn’t seem to run all that well and is necessary to get the watch up and running. Fortunately, most of the data seems to be automatically available to the apple health app, so i haven’t really had to use it. This isn’t the greatest fitness watch out there, but for the price, it does a pretty good job of giving you an idea where you are and how you can up your activity to get to where you want to be.

This watch has a lot of functions and bells and whistles. I am primarily using it for the hear monitoring functionality. My cardiologist saw it at my last appointment with him and was impressed with all the information it gives on my heart. He even showed me a few things that i didn’t even know were in there. I have no qualms about recommending this highly just for that reason alone. I am not a techie kind of person but if you are i know you will be astounded by all the things that this watch does. Highly recommended to runners, walkers, folks with the desire to monitor their hearts etc etc.

Fitness tracker gps running watch, activity tracker with heart rate monitor, hrv analysis, pedometer, sleep, steps tracker with multi-sports modes, ip68 waterproof bluetooth smart watchthis is a full size men’s watch activity tracker with a 1. It comes with a short usb charging cable with magnets to hold it to the back of the watch to charge it. Be sure to load the iwonfit pro app on your smartphone and upgrade the firmware on the watch before you start using it. This device has many different walking, running and sport modes (such as walking, running, cycling, mountaineering, ball-games, swimming, and other sports). Unlike other activity trackers, this one actually has a built in gps function. It also has a heart rate and single-lead ekg function. The device also will pass data points to the ios health app on apple smartphones. You can also set the device to notify you of messages from texts, email, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, and other popular smartphone apps. The iwownfit pro app itself also has an zoom-able user manual within the guide if the paper manual’s text is too small to read.

It works well and the gps comes on line quickly. Aside from the time of day, the display is a little small for my 63year old eyes to see while running. If you take your heart rate before viewing the results of the run, you lose the data from the run. You have to install the app on your phone to get the unit working. Its inexpensive though and does a basic job.

Have been using this watch for a few days now. I brought it after recommendation from a close friend. Though he was suggesting i liked the design of this watch and thought of taking my chance with the unbranded model. However i am more than pleased with the functionality and ease of access of the important metrics. The touch screen swipe functionality allows to switch between different modes very easily. I mostly use the hear rate monitoring during gym activity and also steps counter during day time. It easily syncs with the app iwownfit pro on my phone which is also very convenient and easy to use with its intuitive interface. The app allows to easily record my progress. Using the app i can simultaneously track the progress for running calories consumed, heart rate and other metrics.

The only fitness tracker that i’ve used consistently is a fitbit, until i lost it. I’ve had two others since then that i didn’t like because they were too bulky/uncomfortable, so i gave up on the whole idea. I’m happy to say that i like this one. The watch arrived mostly charged and once i downloaded the free app on my iphone, i was able to synch them via bluetooth. Lots of functions here, most of which i don’t use, but they’re available for you to pick and choose. Accuracy seems pretty spot on, especially heart rate which i compared to readouts on my other devices, such as treadmill. Battery life is not quite a week; i usually can go for 6 days without recharging, but occasionally i need to recharge after 5. The only negative is the watch gets a little uncomfortable on my wrist when i perspire, but overall, a good buy.

This does work but setup is pesky and the overall function not all that precise especially if you happen to have thin wrists. This may work better on men than women due to the small wrist and lack of consistent readings. Forget running or bumping around, it tends to drop or give erroneous readings.

Gift for my son for cc and swimming.

This fitness tracker might be a less known brand, but it offers a surprising abundance of features and looks great. All functions (mileage, heart rate, steps, sleep quality) work quite well. The lcd display is easy to read, and the band is comfortable.

I’ve used a few fitness trackers in the past few years and i enjoy learning about various brands and features. This p1 fitness tracker is a decent tracker. To be sure, it’s not a smartwatch. You can’t connect to the internet, download apps, or listen to music. But it does have gps, it does have a hr & hrv monitor, and it does track various fitness activities. Here are my thoughts after using it awhile:pros: it seems to be built well. It is light but doesn’t feel super cheap and it’s not too bulky. It also looks decent and the band is pretty comfortable, although it could be a bit more flexible. The screen is bright and clear. It is also has a pretty easy to use interface and it’s not glitchy at all.

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Charges fast and battery last a long time. I’ve gone over a week without recharging. Gps isn’t linked to phone like most fitness trackers. It’s comfortable and the straps design resists that funky smell watches can get. Only con is that it sometimes it doesn’t track my sleep.

You will need to download a free app in order to use this watch. The pairing and set up is super simple and it took me just a few minutes to do so. The watch is comfortable enough to wear all day, light weight and user-friendly. This watch has a pedometer, fitness tracker with different sports and running modes, tracks heart rate, ecg and fatigue. Speed is decent considering the price point. Battery life is great, i’ve been using it for 3 days after fully charging it and it’s still going. I didn’t sync my calls and text messages, so i’m not sure how this feature works, but i have been getting emails, which are easy to read. Compared to a ticwatch pro, this is not as good, but it’s very reasonably priced.

I bought this watch for my son, who asked for this gift since last year. The apple one is way too much expensive, this watch is really good replacement for it. It has a squared bigger screen and the band is so comfortable to wear. It is easy to set up and the battery life is very decent. My son did wear it to swimming, so far the waterproof is really good. With this watch , i can see he excise more, and try to catch the goal he set up by himself, also the feature of check the email and the call and message is so convenient. Over all i am happy about this purchase and my son enjoys it. Here are the specifications for the LUKAWIT Fitness Tracker GPS Running Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor – – Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring improves accuracy of real-time heart rate monitoring. Show different heart rate status and send warning reminders (zones include warm-up, fat-burning, aerobic, anaerobic and extreme).
  • 7 Running Mode & 17 Sports Modes – – There are freestyle, distance mode, duration mode, energy mode, fat burning, endurance and CPET. Multiple sports modes: running, cycling, basketball, mountain, swimming, etc.
  • Call & Message Notification – – Connect the tracker to the “Zeroner Health Pro” APP on your phone via Bluetooth, then the tracker will vibrate and display relevant information when calls and messages come in .
  • Built-in GPS & GLONASS – – P1 can receive GPS & GLONASS satellite signal, the deviation is less than 3 meters, not only show your optimal speed and average speed, but also the maximum pace rate and average pace.
  • More Functions – – 1.3 inches, high-resolution color touch screen You can clearly see the screen whether you are under bright sunshine or in a dark room, 12 different dials with your steps, calorie burn, heart rate, missed calls and messages.

My husband has been slow to get comfortable with this fitness tracker watch but now he is positively a 5 star fan. The watch has the ability to perform way above the level of what my husband wants but the features he uses he now depends on throughout the day. Once you load the app you can utilize the *help* screens to discover how to have access to all the different things the watch can do. The operating manual that came with the tracker is almost useless to those of us who can’t read ant footprints any longer (tiny type) so you are going to want to use those help screens right from the beginning. The watch has a very short charging cable so options for where to place the watch while it is charging are a little limited. Plugged into your computer via a usb port seems to be the manufacturer recommendation but we’ve rigged up our own place on the kitchen island using an electrical outlet. The charge lasts a long time considering how many functions are taking place, about 22 hours for us. The time is displayed so prominently on the watch face, in such dynamic colors that just a glance is all you need to see the time and other read-outs you are looking for. The black plastic band is comfortable and the watch face is vivid and multi-colored. Hubby has set his watch to give him the information he wants concerning bpm range when he’s exercising as well as steps.

I purchased this product for my son who is a runner and pole vaulter, i didn’t want to spend too much on a gps watch and this one is perfect. He has used it for running, cycling and hiking and it works very well. It is one of the better water resistant models that i have found and it is easy to set up.

Being a gadget aficionado of course i jumped on the fitness watch bandwagon early and now have a shoebox full of those things. Unfortunately i stopped wearing wristwatches a long time ago, about the time i started carrying a smartphone with me almost 24/7 that told me everything i needed to know about everything. I still don’t like wearing anything on my wrist and i could count off several reasons for that but the one at the top is that they are usually too big and too heavy, which perfectly describes almost every fitness tracker watch made. I really wouldn’t even wear an apple watch if they gave me one. But that applies to wearing a watch all day, every day. I made an exception when it applies to wearing a specialized device on my wrist while working out or to track certain activities, which can sometimes include certain sports, or sleeping or doing other things. So yes i still am looking for one wearable that i like more than the shoebox full of ones i don’t like. Downsides of fitness watchesone thing that is also close to the top of the list of reasons i don’t consider fitness watches to be something i could wear all day every day is that with most of them the battery life is abominable, often measured in hours. I want a watch that i can wear for weeks or months without thinking about the battery, or at least something that doesn’t have to be charged once a day or more. Also near the top of that list are displays that are tiny and dim or difficult to read, which describes almost all of the early fitness watches including apple.

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Great customer service and prompt responses to any questions.

I didn’t have high hopes for this watch. It was so inexpensive — figured hey, a fitbit with a hr, ok. First, i can read the watch face and it stays put. It is low profile — slim — i don’t hit it on anything. It does send me text messages from my iphone. And it has that ability to do the ekg thing — are you kidding me?. It doesn’t play music and do a bunch of other apps — but it does the basic functions on a watch. What’s the heart rate, how many steps, who just sent me the text. There are other modes that use gps (running, cycling), but i use more robust apps on my phone. Simple, easy, no brainer to use.

Cliff notes: great battery life even when recording workouts and gps data plus it has a good companion app that provides a lot of workout information. I wasn’t expecting a ton from this as i’ve moved from pebble to android wear and every no-name fitness band in between but the inclusion of gps intrigued me. I ended up being able to get almost exactly 96 hours out of a charge and that included several different workouts while recording heart rate, one 30 min hike with gps, and constant heart rate monitoring throughout the day. I did have the screen turning off when not using it but it comes to life with a flick of the wrist or a press of the big green button. The gps is very accurate to the point that i saw little squiggles at one point on the map and i realized that was where i stepped a few feet to the side to look at something. The only issues i had were with the app thinking i slept 149 hours one day and the ekg function being hard to get going. You can report bugs right on the app pages and really the ekg is a novelty to me so not a deal breaker. It seems to be fairly accurate when working as there’s a clear sinus rhythm but id doesn’t start until you press your fingers to the outside of the case and sometimes it just refuses to recognize mine. The app does very well at providing all the information on your workouts and best of all it syncs with google fit and strava. Heart rate graphs don’t seem to be sent though so they don’t sync with the map.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Extremely useful in Gym
  • pretty good fitness tracker
  • Good outdoor watch for outdoor activities

Watchthe features on this fitness watch are pretty good for the price. You get a ecg sensor, pedometer, heart rate monitor, gps, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, alarm reminder, and various activity modes. The screen is sharp and bright and touch sensitive. The rubber strap is garbage and a lint collector but not replaceable. Batterythe battery life is good, one charge will easily last a week. Will need charging sooner if you keep gps on. Appyou can pair the watch to your phone and use the app to get notifications for sms, phone calls, email, or any other app you have on your phone. The user interface for the app is not the most intuitive and getting access to historical data is cumbersome.

Fitness tracker gps running watch, activity tracker with heart rate monitor, hrv analysis, pedometer,24/7 heart rate monitor would be a wonderful gadget if it delivered all these things all the time. It has 7 running modes and 17 sports modes. There are freestyle, distance mode, duration mode, energy mode, fat burning, endurance and cpet. Multiple sports modes include running, cycling, basketball, mountain, swimming, etc. You can connect the tracker to the ‘zeroner health pro’ app on your phone via bluetooth, then the tracker will vibrate and display relevant information when calls and messages come in. P1 can receive gps & glonass satellite signal, the deviation is less than 3 meters, not only show your optimal speed and average speed, but also the maximum pace rate and average pace. 3 inch high-resolution color touch screen. You can clearly see the screen whether you are under bright sunshine or in a dark room. Unfortunately it is so small that while you can see it you cannot necessarily read it.

I got this watch in and while looking for it, discovered that the original iwownfit name has changed. It says that it is water resistant, but from previous experiences with water resistant watches or smartwatches, water resistant is good for if you get it wet for a few seconds. I wouldn’t swim in the watch. The display is nice and big looking and there are 17 modes. You can use this with android or ios operating systems.

I purchased this watch almost a year ago. However, several of the functions did not work. I was contacted by the company who offered to send me a new watch (no questions asked). I have worn the watch now for about 1 month and all functions are working and it keeps perfect time. I now give this watch 5 stars, not only because of the quality of the watch, but also the quality of the company who stood behind their product. We need more companies like this.

This was super easy to set up and use. I pulled it out of the box and it was fully charged. I connected it with bluetooth to my iphone after installing the app. I created my account and tested out the functions. This gave me imessage notifications. This easily tracked my heart rate and electrocardiogram. For the price, i like this way better than my apple watch.

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 this is a basic fitness tracker with all of the expected features. You can navigate using the three buttons on the sides and/or by swiping and scrolling on the touchscreen. The watch itself is very easy to navigate, and very easy to figure out, but it does come with a manual. The app is not as easy to navigte and not nearly as attractive, and there are no community features to share with or challenge friends and family, but it stores a lot of data. There’s a history for activity and health info. The eight most recent notifications are listed in the messages section, and there is a list of apps you can opt-in/out of receiving notifications on the app; however, fortunately i also receive notifications for apps that aren’t on this list (e. Nest and my home security system’s app, etc). There’s a notification for calls, and you can answer by long pressing. You’d still have to talk using your phone or a headset connected to your phone.

The wristband is comfortable, but it would be neat if it came in different colors. Like that it’s touch screen and has the option to change the watch face. Wish it had the option to extend the time it’s lit up, before the screen goes black. Would be nice if the screen lit up just by tapping the screen, or once you bring the watch closer to your face. I like how it gives you so many exercise options to track. Very convenient that it can be used while swimming, or in the shower. Overall the iwownfit watch is more high-tech then any of the other watch trackers i’ve owned.

This was a gift for our son. He loves the extended battery life.

The unit came with everything i needed to start. The battery was already around 75% charged. Downloaded the app on my iphone, paired it using the bluetooth. Started the app (like many chinese made electronics the default measurements are in metric units rather than imperial. It can be changed in the app after the setup completed. There are several pre-programmed watches displays that you choose. Here are what i do like about this watch:• relatively big screen• good battery life (depends on level of activities it can last between 4-10 days on a single charge)• easy setup (pairing and use the app)• the band is comfortable even when sweat• syncs up to my iphone every time without any issues• having a gps on the watch enables me to map my activity without carrying my phonethe areas that need some improvements:• the screen should be clearer. It is a good size, but the texts and graphics are not very clear. • the touch screen is too sensitive• unable to reply to a text message from the watchall together a good watch and activity tracker considering the price. Amazon doesn’t allow partial rating, but my rating would 3.

I got this for my son to try. His biggest complaint is the band, actually, since it’s huge. But beyond that, it doesn’t seem quite as accurate as his other fitness watch was. Numbers are a bit off, and it doesn’t do as well with cardio either. But he does like that it has the displays and information about activity on his phone for calls and such. Display is bright and easy to read, which is the real benefit of this over his other one. But his other one displays the time when the wrist is turned, much like an apple watch does, and he really likes that feature since it’s something he does all day long, and that feature isn’t here.

This is a great looking watch, and it works well for tracking workouts, steps, calories. Also records swimming workouts. Battery life is about 5 days, so you can track your sleep well, too. I have been very happy with it.

I find it odd that i can customize the face of this watch/tracker from the watch settings, but can’t seem to find a way to get the sleep tracker to work. It’s an overly complicated tracker that seeks to do too much, offers terrible directions on how to operate it, and isn’t all that accurate. As i indicated, the sleep tracker didn’t work at all, the step tracker was only moderately accurate, and it counted all the arm waving i did when folding laundry or doing dishes, but not when i was walking up and down the aisles in the grocery store. I will say the charge lasts a long time, but i finally gave up wearing it to track my sleep, not only because it never did, but because no matter what i did, i couldn’t get it to stop lighting up in the middle of the night. Now i don’t even remember to put it on in the morning. I tried that right out of the gate when i was feeling dragged through a knothole, and it told me i was in terrific shape. Then maybe this thing will be worth the price.

I just got the watch today and i cannot wait to try the product. So i used it to the gym rightaway. Here are my review of the watch: the design of the watch is simple, light and the size is just perfect to use it during workout routine. With its water resistant features, you can clean the watch easily. Apart from those, this watch has 7 different running modes features which makes this watch a great calories tracker for someone who likes to run outside. This watch also able to see incoming calls and text messages without taking out your phone, have a gps that is operate independently without your phone. I used it today to run and workout for 2 hour and playing with its feature for another 2 hours and surprisingly the battery of this watch still on the 92 percent. Overall i think this is a great product for someone who likes hiking, running, swimming or any other outdoor activities.

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